German Program

Extracurricular Activities

German Coffee Hour

Kaffeestunde is held every Friday afternoon from 4 to 5 over at Panera Bread. German speakers of all levels get together and chat informally auf Deutsch.

German Club

We welcome anyone interested in the cultures of the German-speaking countries: no language skills required. The German Club hosts events such as

  • Oktoberfest
  • A German Christmas celebration
  • German Game Night / German Music night / German Movie Night
  • Fasching / Karneval Party

German House

This year, fourteen students and a native-speaking house director are living on-campus in German House: they cook and eat together, host weekly German-related activities (movies, cultural presentations, games, etc.), and speak lots of German!  And the weekly activities are open to all.

German Immersion Weekend

The German Program and the German Club plan a weekend retreat each spring. We hike, make s'mores, cook good food and play games together, alles auf Deutsch!  But keine Panik: you don't need to be even vaguely fluent, just willing to use the German you already know!

German-language Films

The Media Center (in Bailey Library) has a great selection of subtitled German films you can borrow. We also have a collection of popular English-language movies  (Harry Potter,  Wall-E, Up, etc.) and even some US  TV shows you know and love (Buffy, Friends, the Simpsons) dubbed in German!

Hendrix-in-Bonn Summer Study Abroad program

Again in 2018, the German Program will conduct a four-week program of on-site exposure to the language and cultural.  Dr. Oudekerk will take eight students to Bonn, Germany, where they will enroll in intensive German at the Goethe Institute and explore Germany together: excursions will include a trip down the Rhine, a visit to Cologne's great gothic cathedral, viewing Trier’s incredible Roman ruins, and a home stay with a German family. All costs except airfare and spending money are covered by the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation!

Study Abroad Possibilities

Students can attend ISEP partner schools in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for one or two semesters. At least two years of college German is generally required, but some programs provide reasonably priced intensive language courses at all levels.  Checkout the materials in the International Programs Office in the SLTC or see Dr. Oudekerk if you'd like more information.  

Contact Dr. Wayne Oudekerk ( for details on any of these activities.