German Program

German Degree Requirements

The following degree requirements are those reflected in the fall 2014 course catalog.


9 courses above the basic sequence distributed as follows:

  • GERM 210 Intermediate Composition and Conversation
    GERM 310 Advanced Composition and Conversation
  • GERM 320 or 330 Survey of German Literature and Civilization
  • GERM 420 Senior Seminar in German Literary History
  • 6 other German courses of the student’s choosing, of which only one may be a 200-level course

Senior Capstone Experience

The Senior Capstone Experience for the German major consists of three examinations taken in conjunction with GERM 420 Senior Seminar in German Literary History. The examinations cover German history, literary analysis, and literary history, respectively. Senior majors are also offered the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of the language by taking an internationally recognized Goethe Institute language achievement test offered by the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in April of each year.


The minor in German consists of at least five courses at or above the 200-level. A maximum of two 200-level courses may be counted toward the minor.

Study Abroad

While not specifically required for graduation in German, a significant study abroad experience clearly adds greatly to the linguistic skills and cultural awareness of our majors and is very strongly recommended. The most popular vehicles for study in German-speaking countries are the Hendrix-in-Graz and the ISEP programs, both of which permit the use of the student’s Hendrix financial aid.