• Hendrix College

    List of Clubs

  • Here are some of the clubs and student organizations you may get the chance to interact with during Embrace the Orange!

    Social Committee (SoCo)

    SoCo is responsible for hosting creative, social events on campus. These range from themed parties to recreational events and film screenings.

    Environmental Concerns Committee (ECC)

    The ECC aims to serve as a campus advocate and teacher of environmental justice. We hold events and campaigns on campus that encourage studetns to think globally about their impact on the world, such as the weekly Free Store, the Earth Day celebration, glass recycling, and much more!


    The Hendrix College choir is open to all Hendrix students by audition. The Choir performs throughout the year. In the fall, we sing for Fall Family Weekend and for Founders Day. At the end of the semester, we present the traditional Candlelight Carol Service four times on campus before touring the service throughout Arkansas and the surrounding states.

    Chicken Club

    Chicken Club members take care of the Hendrix Hens, a small flock of egg-laying chickens housed behind the Public Safety building. The goal of Chicken Club is to make the Hendrix community more aware of agriculture and the forms it can take.

    Campus Kitty

    Campus Kitty has been a part of Hendrix College since 1949 as a non-profit organization that raises money for local charities. Campus Kitty plans and implements a week-long series of charity fundraising events geared toward the entire campus every spring. Campus Kitty Week is one of the most popular times of the year at Hendrix, and culminates in the most anticipated night of the year--the Miss Hendrix Pageant. In its first year, Campus Kitty raised $800 for the Conway community and has since continued to grow and help Conway charities meet their goals and needs by providing for the citizens of Conway. Last year, Campus Kitty raised more than $50,000 in money and goods, providing for 10 local charities.

    Culinary Club

    The Culinary Club is a student-run organization that brings Hendrix foodies together to share their interest in cooking. Twice a month during Culinary Club's meetings, members prepare Saturday dinner together in the cafeteria's kitchen. The Culinary Club also caters various events, including The Red Brick Film Festival, Toga, and the Hays Memorial Scholars Dinner.

    S.I.G.N. Club

    Signing is Gabbing Noiselessly (S.I.G.N.) hosts weekly activities and programs to promote and teach sign language. The club learns vocabulary together and reinforces what they learn by playing games and having silent meals together called “SIGN Dining.”

    Climbing Coalition

    The Hendrix Climbing Coalition is for students of any experience or skill level who are interested in rock climbing. The group uses the climbing wall in the Wellness and Athletics Center to practice and sponsors trips to rock climbing destinations in the nearby Ozark Mountains.

    Sword Club

    We seek to entertain both ourselves and others through a myriad of games and events featuring fake weapons made out of foam and duck tape. We meet Fridays in the Pecan Court at 3:30 every week, and we welcome anyone and everyone who wants to join us.


    Hendrix College Quidditch aims to give all students the opportunity to be involved in a sport based on JK Rowling's Harry Potter series and to foster the International Quidditch Association's goals of creativity, community, and competition. It promotes an environment that encourages physical activity, teamwork, and love of literature while allowing students to connect with students from other colleges across the country and the world.

    Student Senate

    The Hendrix College Student Senate is your student body government! We're here to help you make Hendrix into the best place it can possibly be. We fund campus events such as SoCo 54, Toga, DAO Week, and more. We find new programs and services just for you like TurboVote and The Unsung Hero Award. We help you voice your opinions to the administration and make sure they are heard, whether its regarding your residence, the environment, your safety, or a cool new idea you have.


    Hendrix' student run radio station KHDX provides an outlet for student radio DJs to broadcast as well as books music for select campus events.


    Unity is Hendrix's organization for queer students and their allies. We focus on community building, activism, and education in equal parts. Unity has weekly meetings and several major (and majorly fun) events on campus every year.

    Film Society

    The Hendrix Film Society provides regular screenings of classic and contemporary films from around the world. We frequently host film series that explore particular themes (Spaghetti Westerns, Romance, Children in Cinema, Halloween Horror) but we also occasionally show individual films without an accompanying series. In addition, sometimes we host larger events — a campus visit from a cinema scholar or filmmaker, group outings to Market Street cinema in Little Rock, and Oscar Parties — but our main focus is providing an outlet on campus for students interested in harder-to-find films, world cinema, and cinephilic culture in general.

    Tea Society

    Hendrix Tea Society is a semi-formal social entity that explores cultures of tea, the influences that have propagated tea in modern culture, and to provide a clam, leisurely environment for socialisation.

    Dance Ensemble

    Dance ensemble is where creative minds come together to produce amazing pieces and build lifelong friendships. This group is focused on strengthening dance skills and exposing dancers to new styles in an open environment. Dance ensemble produces two concerts a year, the first choreographed by our director Brigitte Rodgers and the second is a series of student pieces.

    The Aonian

    The Aonian is Hendrix's student run and student published annual literary magazine, publishing and awarding both visual arts and creative writing.

    The Profile

    The Profile is the student-run Hendrix College news magazine, which covers campus life, issues, and events, along with sports, arts and entertainment. The magazine provides students with experience in writing, photography, design, and copyediting.


    The Troubadour is the award-winning Hendrix College yearbook. The 2011-2012 Troubadour was submitted to the American Scholastic Press Association for review and we received First Place for the overall quality of our publication and was one of two yearbooks to receive the Best Copy Special Award.

    Hendrix Biological Society (HBS)

    HBS is an organization designed for all students with any interest in biology. We host lectures, go on field trips and perform service projects around campus and in the community. There are also several other activities throughout the year to keep students informed and entertained, such as movie nights!

    American Chemical Society (ACS)

    The Hendrix student chapter of the ACS is active in promoting meritorious activities and research in chemistry. Hendrix Chemistry students have attended national conferences sponsored by ACS and are able to graduate from Hendrix with ACS certification.

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

    FCA is a student-led ministry at Hendrix college. It is a Christ focused interdenominational ministry to athletes. FCA has sponsored cookouts, Bible studies, small groups, fellowship times, caravans to Hendrix games, and more!

    Multicultural Development Committee (MDC)

    The MDC plans programming to encourage intercultural dialogue and campus cohesion, while advocating for student organizations under the Multicultural and International Student Services office- like Students for Black Culture, Asian Cultures Club, UNITY, and more.

    Beekeeping Society

    Hendrix Beekeeping Society teaches students beekeeping basics through hive trips and informational meetings as well as raising awareness about human-hunnybee interaction in agriculture.

    Comic Society

    Hendrix Comic Society is a club currently being formed at Hendrix College. The Goal of HCS is to help introduce Hendrix students to the medium of comics and create a forum for events and discussion.