Economics and Business

Master of Arts in Accounting

Prerequisites for admittance into the Masters program include majoring in Accounting, Economics, or Economics and Business and consent of the faculty. Because CPA Exam requirements vary by state, students should be informed of the prerequisites required by the state in which they plan to take the CPA Exam. The State of Arkansas requires 30 semester hours beyond the Hendrix B.A. in order to obtain a CPA license to practice. This fifth year Masters of Arts in Accounting program may be used to fulfill this requirement. Interested students should contact the department chair by the end of their sophomore year or for information regarding programs offered to qualify to sit for professional certification examinations.

Master of Arts in Accounting

8 courses distributed as follows:

  • ECON 530 Management Science
  • ECON 550 Managerial Economics
  • 6 courses from the following list including at least 4 business courses:
    • BUSI 500 Taxation for Business Entities
    • BUSI 510 Advanced Cost Accounting
    • BUSI 520 Seminar in Advanced Accounting
    • BUSI 530 Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting
    • BUSI 540 Advanced Auditing
    • BUSI 550 Business Law
    • BUSI 570 Auditing
    • BUSI 590 Accounting Information Systems and Database Management
    • BUSI 598 Independent Study or BUSI 599 Internship in Accounting
    • ECON 500 Econometrics and Forecasting
    • ECON 570 Industrial Organization
    • ECON 590 Economic Research
    • ECON 599 Independent Study in Economics

No more than 2 of the 8 graduate course requirements may be satisfied by BUSI 598, BUSI 599 and ECON 599.