Economics and Business


Learning Goals

In fulfilling the requirements for a degree from the Economics and Business Department, students:

  • Master the foundations of accounting principles and economic theories.
  • Develop the depth of knowledge appropriate to their choice of specific major.
  • Understand the fundamentals of business and economic problem solving with application to contemporary social and political issues.
  • Employ discipline specific tools of critical analysis and problem solving.
  • Learn technology skills appropriate for use in economic and business analysis.
  • Effectively communicate financial information orally and in writing to people with various levels of business acumen.
  • Practice working effectively individually or as members of a team.
  • Master those fundamental tools of these disciplines that are necessary to succeed in graduate and professional school as well as in a professional career.
  • Learn experientially through activities such as simulations, internships, and undergraduate research in order to apply the theories they have learned in the classroom.
  • Have opportunities to develop networks and relationships with alumni and local business leaders and participate in seminars and round table discussions.

We use the following tools to assess how well we have achieved our learning goals.

  1. Outcomes from senior capstone courses and results from the comprehensive exam
  2. Departmental GPA overall and by major courses
  3. Research and internship participation by students in the major and minor
  4. The results of the yearly survey of graduating seniors
  5. The post-graduation destination of each student
  6. Feedback from the alumni that we regularly invite back to campus to discuss the impact of their education in their post-graduation work