Explorations Class

Liberal Arts for Life — one course.

Explorations: Liberal Arts for Life is a one-semester common course required of all students enrolled in The Engaged Citizen in their first semester at the College.

Explorations is designed to foster an ongoing engagement with the liberal arts experience, to facilitate the transition of new students to the Hendrix community, and to enhance students’ potential for success in their collegiate studies. The course meets once a week and carries one quarter (0.25) course credit.

Areas of study in Explorations include higher education and the liberal arts, the aims and expectations of the College, engaged learning, academic and career explorations, and self-inquiry and personal development. Engaged learning experiences parallel the areas in the Odyssey Program. Additionally, the seminar focuses on refining student knowledge, perspectives and skills requisite to successful academic work and integration into the Hendrix community.

Each new student is enrolled in a section of Explorations. Explorations may not be dropped. In each Explorations section, an Explorations Peer Assistant (EPA) is available to provide student perspective and assistance. Transfer students who are exempt from The Engaged Citizen are also exempt from Explorations.

Explorations Learning Goals

Explorations goals are

  1. To assist first-year students in making a successful transition to academic and student life at Hendrix.
  2. To assist first-year students in developing their capacity to reflect critically on their values, interests, and abilities as related to academic and student life at Hendrix.