Hendrix Diversity and Inclusion

Hendrix Diversity Committees

Committee on Diversity and Dialogue

Advises the campus on the promotion of a welcoming and diverse community that supports the inclusion and belonging of every member. In collaboration with a range of college offices, facilitates dialogue through a variety of programming, offers advising about relevant programs, and serves as a resource for the community at large. 


  • Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion (Baoua)
  • Multicultural Development Committee Representative 
  • Committee on Gender and Sexuality Representative
  • Director of Academic Success (Brown)
  • Director of Student Activities (Hale)
  • 3 Faculty-at-large Taylor, A. Shutt, Miyawaki (Chair)

Trustees' Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion provides oversight for matters relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion at the College. The Committee works to ensure that the College meets the diversity mission through its regular review of campus data, including climate survey results and priorities, both current and long range.


  • Ruth Bernabe, Chair
  • Carolyn Miller, Vice Chair
  • Rev. Mark Norman
  • Kesha Baoua, Staff Liason