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Project Application

Thank you for your interest in completing a CSFC Project Application! We are excited to help you in this process. Please feel free to contact at any time with project application questions. We encourage you to read instructions carefully to avoid having a project declined or deferred because of problems with submitting the application. You are encouraged to seek alternate funding sources as well as credit from the Odyssey program for your project. 

Included below is documentation helpful to the student, faculty, staff, alumni, or member of the Hendrix community interested in applying for project funding. You must use the most current versions which are all included below:

CSFC Project Application Guidance Video  (Seven minute video to introduce any community members to the CSFC and our Project Application process.) *Video Correction: All applications are due 2 weeks before the next CSFC meeting.

CSFC Executive Summary (One page document describing the CSFC and our Project Application process.)

CSFC Bylaws 11-10-16 (Please refer to the Bylaws to answer questions about which projects qualify for funding.)

CSFC Project Application 9-24-20 (Form to complete to apply for funding.)

CSFC Project Status Report 5-21-15 (For funded projects: must be submitted each semester.)

CSFC Project Completion Report 3-11-16 (For finished projects: must be submitted along with a final Project Status Report.)


  • Applicant reviews information contained on the CSFC website, especially the Bylaws and contacts the CSFC if help is needed.
  • Project Application is submitted to the CSFC:
    • Project applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to a CSFC meeting in order to be discussed and voted on at that meeting. Meeting dates can be found to the right under the Meeting Notes tab. If multiple project applications are received before a scheduled meeting then the applications will be reviewed in the order in which they were received. 
  • The CSFC Chair receives the application, reviews it, and assigns a member of the CSFC to serve as the application coordinator.
  • The application coordinator reviews the project application carefully and answers questions members of the CSFC may have. The application coordinator is responsible for communicating with the applicant.
  • A CSFC meeting occurs. The applicant is welcome to attend. The application will be motioned to:
    • Approve. The application is approved and the applicant will receive further instructions in the Project Acceptance letter. Approved applications are subject to extensive monitoring.
    • Decline. The application is declined and the applicant will receive a letter stating reasons for the decline in the Project Decline letter. The applicant may re-submit a revised application only if all changes suggested by the Committee are considered by the applicant. A denied application may be appealed once.
    • Defer. The Committee may defer an application to get more information from the applicant or others. The applicant will receive a Project Defer letter, and the application will automatically be reconsidered at the following CSFC meeting.
    • The CSFC Chair may approve loans or emergency capital requests on an as needed basis.
  • Each semester, the applicant must submit a Project Status Report on all approved projects to the Committee.
  • At the conclusion of the project, the applicant must submit a final Project Status Report and a Project Completion Report to the Committee.
  • The finished project continues to benefit the Hendrix community for the foreseeable future!