• Well-Being at Hendrix

    At Hendrix, we take well-being seriously. In addition to providing a transformative educational experience, we want to help you build important life skills that will allow you to care for yourself and others as you navigate life's slings and arrows.

  • What is Well-Being?

    Well-being refers to feelings of satisfaction and engagement with life, personal fulfillment, and resilience. At Hendrix, we are making well-being an institutional priority by continually building upon our existing programming to make Hendrix a well-being campus.

  • Well-Being Initiative

    The Hendrix Well-Being Initiative is a student- and faculty-led effort to promote mental health and well-being throughout the Hendrix community. The Initiative launched in August 2017 and is gearing up for its second phase. Here are some of the exciting plans we have lined up for the coming year:

    Well-Being Community

    A living-learning community in Market Square South that will bring well-being programming to your front door! Rising sophomores will be able to apply to live in this community during the Spring 2020 housing cycle.

    Well-Being Road Map

    Beginning in August 2020, all students will be offered a comprehensive four-year plan for maintaining and enhancing their well-being at and beyond Hendrix.

    Well-Being Welcome & FareWell Packages

    Admitted students can look forward to receiving a Well-Being Welcome package from us and soon-to-be-graduates can look forward to receiving their FareWell-Being Package in Spring 2020.

    Well-Being Workshops

    New to the 2020-2021 academic year, Hendrix community members will be offering regular well-being workshops on topics ranging from mental health literacy to financial literacy. Keep an eye out for initial offerings of these workshops during Spring 2020!

  • Well-Being Coalition

    The Hendrix Well-Being Coalition is a group of 10 students who coordinate with faculty, staff, administrators, and other students to offer regular well-being events on campus. Now in its second year, the Hendrix Well-Being Coalition has great plans lined up for 2019-2020. Look for more details in Hendrix Today as events approach!

    September 23, 2019:   Rock Painting relaxation event

    October 10, 2019:   Interfaith Community Meal on Well-Being

    Dates Forthcoming:  Well-Being Around the World

    Dates Forthcoming: Mental Health Week

  • Wellness_ZackGray

    Zach Gray '20

    Major: Psychology 
    Favorite Ways to Practice Well-Being:
    Drinking lots of water, meditating, and exercising.


    Wellness_Emily Pickering_2

    Emily Pickering '22

    Major: Biochemistry
    Minor: Religious Studies
    Favorite Ways to Practice Well-Being : Meditating, napping, and working out on the elliptical!


    Wellness_Stephanie Leake_2

    Stephanie Leake '20

    Major: Health Sciences
    Minor: Business Minor
    Favorite Ways to Practice Well-Being:
    Letting myself slow down and be okay with resting, praying, cooking new meals, working out, and listening to podcasts!

    Wellness_Nicole Henry

    Nicole Henry '20

    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Business
    Favorite Ways to Practice Well-Being : Taking time for myself and doing spa-like activities.


    Hannah Henderson '20

    Major: Psychology 
    Favorite Ways to Practice Well-Being: Exercising, "hygge" nights in (aka cozy nights!), and to stop studying 30 minutes before bed to prioritize good sleep!

    Wellness_Jackson Sims_2

    Jackson Sims '21

    Major: Psychology
    Favorite Ways to Practice Well-Being: Taking to time do nothing.


    Wellness_Haley Chunn_2

    Haley Chunn '21

    Major: Psychology
    Favorite Ways to Practice Well-Being:
    Planning out my time every week to prevent stress and maintain a regular sleep schedule (also lots of Mario kart)! 


    Wellness_Rachel Shepherd

    Rachel Shepherd '20

    Major: Psychology and Religious Studies
    Favorite Ways to Practice Well-Being:
    journaling, listening to a spiritually nourishing book or podcast, and exercise


    Wellness_Reagan Kilgore

    Reagan Kilgore '20

    Major: Psychology 
    Favorite Ways to Practice Well-Being: Exercising, doing anything outdoors, and listening to music!

    Wellness_Hannah Eldred

    Hannah Eldred '20

    Major: Psychology 
    Favorite Ways to Practice Well-Being: Working out, journaling, listening to music, and art!

  • Mental Health First Aid

    At Hendrix, every member of our Residence Life staff and SOAR team is trained in Mental Health First Aid, a course designed to help individuals recognize mental health warning signs in others and provide assistance in crisis and non-crisis situations. Over the next few years, we will be working hard to expand this training across campus.

  • Get Involved!

    Want to join the Hendrix Well-Being Initiative team and effect meaningful change in our community? We want to hear from you!