• Well-Being at Hendrix

    At Hendrix, we take well-being seriously. In addition to providing a transformative educational experience, we want to help you build important life skills that will allow you to care for yourself and others as you navigate life's slings and arrows.

  • What is Well-Being?

    Well-being refers to feelings of satisfaction and engagement with life, personal fulfillment, and resilience. At Hendrix, we are making well-being an institutional priority by continually building upon our existing programming to make Hendrix a place where everyone can thrive.

  • Well-Being Initiative

    The Hendrix Well-Being Initiative is a student- and faculty-led effort to promote mental health and well-being throughout the Hendrix community. The Initiative launched in August 2017 and is gearing up for its second phase. Stay tuned for more information and reach out to Dr. Lindsay Kennedy ( kennedy@hendrix.edu ) to share programming ideas and suggestions.

  • Well-Being Coalition

    The Hendrix Well-Being Coalition is a group of 8 students who coordinate with faculty, staff, administrators, and other students to offer regular well-being events on campus. Now in its third year, the Hendrix Well-Being Coalition has great plans lined up for 2020-2021. Look for more details in Hendrix Today and on the WBC Instagram (@hdxwellbeingcoalition) as events approach!

    Dates Forthcoming:  Grief Workshop

  • Mental Health First Aid

    At Hendrix, every member of our Residence Life staff and SOAR team is trained in Mental Health First Aid, a course designed to help individuals recognize mental health warning signs in others and provide assistance in crisis and non-crisis situations. Over the next few years, we will be working hard to expand this training across campus.

  • Get Involved!

    Want to join the Hendrix Well-Being Initiative team and effect meaningful change in our community? We want to hear from you! 

  • Wellness_Emily Pickering_2

    Emily Pickering '22

    Major: Biochemistry
    Minor: Religious Studies
    Favorite Ways to Practice Well-Being : Meditating, napping, and working out on the elliptical!


    Wellness_Jackson Sims_2

    Jackson Sims '21

    Major: Psychology
    Favorite Ways to Practice Well-Being: Taking to time do nothing.



    Haley Chunn '21

    Major: Psychology
    Favorite Ways to Practice Well-Being:

    Caring for my plants, keeping an organized agenda, calling my friends, and watching Criminal Minds with my roommate!


    Caroline Tackett

    Caroline Tackett ‘22

    Majors : Health Science and Psychology

    Favorite Way to Practice Well-Being : Exercising, making sure I stay organized to avoid stressing myself out later, and listening to music! 

    Ilana Svartz

    Ilana Svartz ‘22

    Major :

    Favorite Way to Practice Well-Being :

    Cooking or baking myself something and listening to a good podcast!


    Jessica Lehman ‘22


    Favorite Way to Practice Well-Being : Spending time outside, playing around on the piano, and going to therapy!

    JP Veal

    Jon-Patric Veal ‘21

    Major : Psychology


    Favorite Way to Practice Well-Being : I have several ways I enjoy maintaining my well-being. The first one is taking power naps and sleeping, which is relatable for most people. The second is cooking because I find it enjoyable and very relaxing. I also like to write stories or poems and read. The last consistent thing I do to practice well-being is take nature walks.



    Paige Arthur '22

    Major: Biology

    Favorite Way to Practice Well-Being:

    Exercising, taking baths, and going outdoors!