• Tuition-Free 5th Year

    "We know that 2020 has been challenging for students and families, but we hope that a tuition-free fifth year will be of benefit to those students who choose to pursue this opportunity."  -President Ellis Arnold

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Hendrix College recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the full Hendrix experience. In response, the College will offer a Tuition-Free 5th Year (ninth and tenth semesters) to students who were enrolled full-time during 2020 or Spring 2021 and who have not yet graduated. Scroll down for information on general eligibility, and for questions related to academics, student life, and financial aid for those who pursue the Tuition-Free 5th Year.

  • General Eligibility

    Who is eligible for the Tuition-Free 5th Year?

    Undergraduate students enrolled full-time (and successfully completing at least three course credits per semester) during the Spring 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021 semesters will be eligible to complete a fifth year (ninth and tenth semesters) of study with a full tuition waiver. Students will be responsible for paying for room, board, and fees. 

    When can students begin to pursue the Tuition-Free 5th Year?

    Fall 2021 is the first semester students can enroll in the Tuition-Free 5th Year program. The Tuition-Free 5th Year must be pursued directly after completing the eighth semester of college. For example, a student who completes the eighth semester in Spring 2021 will be eligible for the Tuition-Free 5th Year during the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters. 

    Must students be continuously enrolled to be eligible for the Tuition-Free 5th Year?

    No. While we encourage students to maintain continuous enrollment for eight semesters, it is not a requirement to take advantage of this opportunity. However, as stated above, the Tuition-Free 5th Year must be pursued directly after completing the eighth semester of college.

    Can the Tuition-Free 5th Year offer be applied to the Master of Arts in Accounting program?

    No, the Tuition-Free 5th Year is designed for students pursuing undergraduate coursework during the ninth and tenth semesters.

    How does the Tuition-Free 5th Year apply to a study abroad or internship experience during the fifth year?

    A student on the Tuition-Free 5th Year may study abroad or undertake an internship. An internship may be done for Odyssey credit only or for Odyssey plus academic credit (however, only two academic internship credits may count toward a Hendrix degree). The Tuition-Free 5th Year waiver is only transferable to Hendrix study-abroad exchange programs; students on such programs will pay Hendrix room and board during the away semester. For all other study-abroad programs, students will be responsible for all fees—including tuition—set by the program provider.

    Are students who transferred into Hendrix College eligible for the Tuition-Free 5th Year?

    Yes, students who transferred into Hendrix College will be able to receive the Tuition-Free 5th Year. Depending on what year a transfer student enters Hendrix, there will be varying levels of remaining financial aid eligibility. The Tuition-Free 5th Year will be awarded for the two additional semesters directly after established financial aid eligibility has ended. 

    How do students declare an intent to pursue the Tuition-Free 5th Year?

    Students who will have completed eight semesters this spring who are interested in pursuing the Tuition-Free 5th Year will make their intent known by completing this form on the CampusWeb checklist (you must be logged in to CampusWeb to view). The form will be available through December 1, 2020. All other eligible students will be able to express interest in the Tuition-Free 5th Year by completing a separate form that will be available on the CampusWeb checklist. During the fall of their senior year, they will also declare their intent to participate.

    Must students enroll for a full year of the Tuition-Free 5th Year?

    No, students may choose to only pursue the ninth semester; however, students who choose not to enroll in the tenth semester directly after the ninth will not be able to re-enroll at a later time and be eligible for the Tuition-Free 5th Year.

    If I declare an intent to pursue the Tuition-Free 5th Year, are there any consequences if I change my mind?

    If you change your mind and no longer wish to enroll in the Tuition-Free 5th Year, you should let the registrar know no later than Friday, April 9, 2021, which is the last day of pre-registration for the 2021-2022 academic year. If you notify by us by this date and you have completed all of your graduation requirements, you would still be able to attend the May 2021 commencement ceremony. 

    Can a student who has earned a Hendrix bachelor’s degree after four years (eight semesters) take advantage of the Tuition-Free 5th Year?

    Yes, but students will not be eligible for federal student financial aid if the degree has already been completed. The Tuition-Free 5th Year will cover the cost of tuition. Room, board, and fees will be the responsibility of the student.

    Are students required to live on campus and have a meal plan while pursuing the Tuition-Free 5th Year?

    Yes. Because the residential experience is central to student life at Hendrix, students taking advantage of the Tuition-Free 5th Year must live on campus and have either an unlimited access meal plan or a 10-meal-per-week plan during the ninth and tenth semesters.

    Are international students eligible to take advantage of the Tuition-Free 5th Year?

    International students may participate in the program only if they have not completed the undergraduate degree. International students must take at least three Hendrix course credits per semester.

    Will 3-2 Engineering students be eligible to take advantage of the Tuition-Free 5th Year?

    Yes, students in the 3-2 Engineering program will be eligible to receive the Tuition-Free 5th Year. Interested students should discuss their plans with their academic advisor and the faculty liaison for the 3-2 program, Dr. Ann Wright.

    How does the Tuition-Free 5th Year align with Hendrix College’s four-year graduation guarantee?

    Hendrix College does have a four-year graduation guarantee and students are still encouraged to complete a degree and graduate in four years. The Tuition-Free 5th Year is designed to provide an additional one or two semesters of educational and co-curricular benefits.

  • Academics

    How will course registration for the fifth year be handled?

    Students will register during the normal registration period in the spring of their 8th semester.

    How many classes must be taken during the Tuition-Free 5th Year?

    Students pursuing the Tuition-Free 5th Year opportunity must be enrolled for at least two course credits per semester, with a maximum of four course credits allowed.

    Can the Tuition-Free 5th Year be used to re-take courses?

    Yes, students may re-take courses as part of their course load during Tuition-Free 5th Year semesters, if they have not yet completed their undergraduate degrees.

    Can I take courses for credit only during a 9th or 10th semester?

    You may take courses for “credit-only” as outlined in the college catalog. See this link for details.

    Can I audit courses during a 9th or 10th semester?

    You may audit courses if you are a full-time student during that semester and the instructor gives permission. Courses with enrollments limited by space or equipment availability such as applied music, studio art, laboratory courses, etc., may not be audited.

    Will I be able to participate in commencement in May 2021 if I will not be finishing my degree requirements until my fifth year?

    No, you will not be able to participate in the May 2021 commencement. However, you would be eligible to participate in the May 2022 commencement once you completed your degree requirements. 

  • Student Life and Activities

    Can students pursuing a Tuition-Free 5th Year participate in campus activities?

    Yes. Students are encouraged and expected to participate in the rich co-curricular student life that Hendrix offers.

    How will students taking advantage of the Tuition-Free 5th Year select on-campus housing?

    Students who remain on campus for the Tuition-Free 5th Year program will select housing on the same timeline as the rising Seniors. Details about the housing selection process are sent to students during the first week of February. 

    Will student-athletes be able to compete during their Tuition-Free 5th Year?

    Athletic eligibility is subject to NCAA guidelines. Students exploring varsity athletic participation during the Tuition-Free 5th Year should consult with the Director of NCAA Compliance in the Hendrix College Department of Athletics.

  • Financial Aid

    What Hendrix institutional financial aid is available for the Tuition-Free 5th Year semesters?

    The Tuition-Free 5th Year will cover the full cost of tuition. No additional Hendrix College aid will be offered for the costs associated with on-campus room, board, fees, books, or travel.

    Will federal financial aid be available during the fifth year?

    Federal regulations mandate that federal aid cannot be awarded for classes that do not count toward a student’s academic program. All coursework enrolled in the fifth year must be part of the degree plan if a student wishes to benefit from federal financial aid. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) should be completed and submitted to Hendrix for federal aid consideration. Students qualifying for federal aid will have these funds applied toward room and board costs.

    Will Arkansas state grants be applied during the fifth year?

    No, state funding is granted for a total of eight semesters assuming continuing eligibility requirements are met.

    Will a student be able to have on-campus employment opportunities during the fifth year?

    Students who are enrolled full-time and demonstrate financial need, as determined by the FAFSA, and are awarded federal work study may work on campus under the Federal Work Study program. Full-time students, eligible to work in the United States, may participate in the Hendrix Work Program.  

  • Other Questions

    Students who have questions not addressed above or who are seeking clarification for their particular situation may email inquiries to hendrix5@hendrix.edu