Sustainability at Hendrix

At the EcoHouse

  • Living green: The half-dozen residents of the EcoHouse, located a block away from campus, take sustainable living to a new level. They put their values into action by recycling, composting their food scraps, buying in bulk to reduce packaging waste and using cloth bags at the grocery store, rather than plastic or paper. In order to live in the house, students must propose a green project to work on throughout the year.
  • ECC dish loan: The Environmental Concerns Committee, a subcommittee of Student Senate, created a dish loan program several years ago. Rather than buying paper plates and plastic forks for on-campus events, organizations can borrow sets of reusable dishware, which are stored in the EcoHouse and can be borrowed at any time.  
  • Organic garden: EcoHouse residents have taken charge of the college’s organic garden, which was started as an Odyssey project in early 2007. The garden is free of pesticides and petrochemical fertilizers, and the soil is enriched by compost made by the city from Conway’s yard waste. While the garden is not a main source of food for EcoHouse residents, it gives them – and other student gardeners – a feeling of deeper connection to the earth.