Sustainability at Hendrix

In the Classroom

  • Environmental Studies major: This interdisciplinary major combines classes in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. The major requirements prepare students for graduate work in environmental studies or related fields.
  • Environmental classes: Ten departments offer classes with “green” emphases, from POLI 315 Environmental Policy and Management to ENGL 360 Creative Writing: Exploring Nature. This year’s offerings include:
ANTH 330 – Human Impact on Ancient Environment
BIOL 104 – Environmental Biology
CHEM 101 – Chemistry of the Environment
ECON 340 – Environmental Economics
ENGL 360/ SOCI 306 – Creative Writing: Exploring Nature
ENVT 497 – Environmental Studies: Senior Seminar
HIST 220 – American Environmental History
POLI 315 – Environmental Policy & Management
RELI 270 – Ecotheology: Religion, Animals & Earth
SOCI 340 – Food, Culture, and Nature
  • Green focus: Many classes without "Environment" in the name still focus on green issues. Students in POLI 260 Political Economy, for example, spend a few weeks discussing the “power down” movement. Several German language and culture classes cover the German attitude about the environment, including the popularity of the Green party and the sophisticated recycling initiatives the Germans have undertaken. Basic chemistry classes, many of which are taken by non-majors, teach environmental topics and green chemistry practices to instill a life-long “green ethic” in students.
  • Summer Semester in Costa Rica: Learning about the environment doesn’t stop for the summer. The Summer Semester has a distinct focus on sustainability. BIOL 105 Neotropical Biology focuses on conservation. SOCI 235 Nature, Culture, and Ecotourism in Costa Rica considers what “ecotourism” means, and how feasible it is. While in Costa Rica, students live in the Ecolodge San Luis, a field station with a heavy emphasis on sustainability. About half the students’ food was grown by farmers near the Ecolodge, or in the lodge’s own gardens and plantain grove.