“Conversations that Matter”–Jessica Pettitt, Hendrix Alumna and World-Renowned Speaker

Thursday, September 14, 2017
Staples Auditorium, 11:10 am - 12:00 pm

"Let’s face it; there are people and topics that at some point are just off limits. You just can’t do it–or them–right now. Even worse, often it is a difficult topic that you have to bring up with a difficult person. What if you could engage in these conversations with more confidence, humor, and ease?"

With a background in stand-up comedy, Jessica Pettitt frames even difficult subjects in an engaging and welcoming way. She leads audiences down the path to understanding they are good enough to make the changes they seek.

"No matter the person or topic, you are your best tool for conversations that matter. Once you know who and how you are, you are having better conversations and fuller relationships with those around you. I promise–it is that easy."

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