Mail Services

Hendrix College Mail Services is responsible for providing accurate, secure, and timely mail delivery for campus. We look forward to assisting students, faculty, and staff with their mailing needs.

Contact Us

Hendrix College Mail Services

1600 Washington Avenue

Conway, AR 72032-3080

Phone: (501) 450-1394


Please contact us directly to discuss:

  • General questions about mail, packages, or services
  • Mail Forwarding (Click here for more information about forwarding mail)
  • Special Packages or Alerts (Submit a Special Alert)
  • Assistance with a Post Office Box
  • Designate or Change a Department/Office Contact
  • Report a Lost or Missing Package

Business Hours and Location

Mail Room Window (Package pickup and mail service)

The mail room is located on the first floor of the Student and Life Technology Center (SLTC).

Monday - Friday 

Fall-Spring (academic schedule): 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Closed from 12PM-1PM for lunch)

Summer: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday


Mail and Post Office Boxes

Incoming mail from the U.S. Postal Service is delivered to the mail room Monday through Friday. Mail is processed as it is received and sorted to the appropriate post office box. Post office boxes are accessible whenever the SLTC is open.

Students may request a personal post office box at the service window during regular business hours. A post office box can be assigned to campus departments by contacting Mail Services. There is no cost for a campus post office box. If you need assistance with a post office box including a forgotten combination or lost key, please contact Mail Services.

Campus mail is processed and sorted into appropriate post office boxes throughout the day, or if no post office box is assigned, then mail will be logged as a "package" and available for pickup from the service window (see "Packages" below).


Typically, incoming packages from couriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, Amazon) are delivered to the mail room Monday through Friday between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. When a package is received for you, a notification will be sent via email. You may also request text message notifications from Mail Services. Please note that notifications from the courier do not necessarily mean that your package has been received and processed by the mail room. Only notifications from Mail Services indicate that a package is ready for pickup.

Packages can be picked up from the mail room window during regular business hours. Signature is required to pick up packages, and staff may request valid photo ID or a copy of the package notification.

General Guidelines:

  • Due to storage limitations, please be sure that you or someone else will be available to pick up a shipped item within 1-3 days. Otherwise, please consider delaying the delivery. 
  • Packages that are unclaimed after 14 days may be returned to sender.
  • Be sure and save shipping information such as courier name, tracking number, estimated delivery date, etc.
  • Unless you live in campus housing, do NOT have personal items shipped to campus.

Special Packages and Alerts

If your shipment meets any of the following criteria, please alert Mail Services staff before the shipment arrives in order to better serve you. You may contact us or use the link provided below.

  • Perishable or time-sensitive items
  • Bulky or heavy items that will require a work order to move
  • More than five (5) packages at one time
  • Extremely fragile or valuable items
  • Any items that will require special handling or may contain hazardous materials
  • Live animals
Submit a Special Alert to Mail Services

Address Format

U.S. Postal Mail:

Full Name (name on record with the college)

Box # OR *Department/Office Name (if applicable)

1600 Washington Avenue

Conway, AR 72032-3080

*Faculty and staff may include their department or office name in the address.

Courier Deliveries:

Personal Deliveries (notification sent to name listed)

Note that personal package deliveries are reserved for those living on campus.

Full Name (name on record with the college)

1600 Washington Avenue

Conway, AR 72032


Business/College-Related Deliveries (*notification sent to department/office listed)

Department/Office Name

Faculty or Staff Name

1600 Washington Avenue

Conway, AR 72032

*To designate or change a department/office contact, please contact Mail Services.

Campus Mail:

To: Recipient's Full Name

Recipient's Department/Office

From: Sender's Full Name

Sender's Department/Office

Date: Send Date

Improperly addressed mail and packages may be delayed or returned to sender.

Outgoing Mail and Packages

Outgoing mail for the U.S. Postal Service will be accepted if properly addressed and correct postage is affixed. Stamps are available for purchase from the mail room window. U.S. Postal Service mail is picked up from the mail room Monday through Friday by 10:00 AM. Any mail received after 10:00 AM will be picked up the next business day. Campus mail is processed throughout the day.

The mail room can now create shipping labels or provide packing materials for outgoing packages for a small fee. Packages that are ready to be picked up by FedEx, UPS, or the U.S. Postal Service can also be accepted and picked up by the appropriate courier at their next scheduled delivery. Packages that are ready to be picked up must have pre-printed or pre-paid labels affixed.