Education Department

Education Department Goals

Science Class

Title II - Hendrix College

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation 

  • 1.A. Demonstrates knowledge of content and pedagogy
  • 1.B. Demonstrates knowledge of students in terms of learning needs and diversity
  • 1.C. Sets instructional outcomes
  • 1.D. Demonstrates knowledge of resources
  • 1.E. Designs coherent instruction
  • 1.F. Designs student assessments

Domain 2: Classroom Environment 

  • 2.A. Creates an environment of respect and rapport
  • 2.B. Establishes a culture for learning, keeping in mind the diversity of student learners
  • 2.C. Manages classroom procedures
  • 2.D. Manages student behavior
  • 2.E. Makes the physical environment as safe and conducive to learning as possible

Domain 3: Instruction 

  • 3.A. Communicates clearly with students, keeping student diversity in mind
  • 3.B. Uses effective questioning and discussion techniques
  • 3.C. Engages students in learning
  • 3.D. Uses assessment in instruction
  • 3.E. Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness

Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities  

  • 4.A. Reflects on teaching and demonstrates a sense of efficacy. (Is tenacious in helping students achieve learning objectives and is mindful of diverse needs)
  • 4.B. Maintains accurate records
  • 4.C. Communicates with families
  • 4.D. Participates in a professional community
  • 4.E. Grows and develops professionally
  • 4.F. Demonstrates professionalism
  • 4.G. Grammar and Mechanics