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The Hendrix Community

How many students are enrolled at Hendrix?
Approximately 1,500. Hendrix receives close to 1,600 applications each year for approximately 420 spots in the freshman class.

Where do Hendrix students come from?
43 states and 14 countries are represented in the student body.  More than 50 percent of our students come from outside of the state of Arkansas.


How are applications for admission evaluated?
Admission decisions at Hendrix are based upon academic competence and preparation, dedication to learning, and motivation to participate fully in the Hendrix community.  The College seeks students who possess varied interests and talents and who represent many social, economic, and geographic backgrounds.  Hendrix expects students to demonstrate their seriousness of purpose by participating in a college preparatory curriculum throughout high school.  Particular attention is given to the level of challenge in an applicant’s previous course of study and to trends in performance.  The Admission Committee also gives close consideration to an applicant’s leadership abilities, special talents, and record of involvement in school, church, and community. 

When should I apply?
Students are encouraged to apply for admission during the fall of their senior year.  Applications are reviewed as they are submitted.  Offers of admission are made on a “rolling admission” basis beginning in October and continuing until the class is full.  For more information, visit www.hendrix.edu/apply.

Should we visit campus?
Yes! This is the best way for you to get to know the College.  You may schedule an individual visit any day Monday through Friday when classes are in session.  During the course of a visit, students may attend a class, tour the campus and residence halls, eat lunch with current students, and meet individually with members of our faculty and admission staff – just to name some of the options.  Campus walks are also available for prospective students and their families during the summer when classes are not in session.  For more information, visit www.hendrix.edu/campusvisit.

Financial Aid

As students and parents consider ways to finance their personal financial investment in a Hendrix education, we understand there will be questions about sources and types of financial aid.  One hundred percent of Hendrix students receive financial aid in the form of grants or scholarships to reduce their costs with a great many families using various programs to finance the portion that becomes the family responsibility.

Information about scholarship and financial aid opportunities is available on our Financial Aid website.

Please feel free to contact the financial aid staff at student_aid@hendrix.edu or phone at 501-450-1368 if you have any additional questions.  Or, if you’re in the area, stop by our offices located on the second floor of Ellis Hall.

Who is eligible for scholarships at Hendrix?
To be eligible for academic scholarship consideration, students should have a minimum 3.0 GPA on college preparatory subjects and a score of 25 on the ACT or 1140 on the SAT.  Hendrix academic scholarships range from $4,000 per year to full tuition, room, board, and fees.  The following criteria are considered in the awarding of academic scholarships: academic performance in college preparatory classes; standardized test scores; leadership abilities; extracurricular and co-curricular activities; and recommendations.  Priority consideration for academic scholarships is given to those students who apply for admission prior to December 1 of their senior year.  Odyssey Honors and Distinction Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s accomplishments and activities during high school.  Hendrix also offers Performing and Fine Arts Scholarships in art, music, and theatre arts and dance; Miller Center Service Scholarships; Leadership Scholarships; and UMYF Scholarships for selected participants who are leaders in the United Methodist Church.

Are there other forms of financial aid?
Yes.  We strongly suggest that students apply for need-based financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Hendrix will review the FAFSA information the government returns to the College, commonly called a Student Aid Report or SAR, and will then construct a financial aid package.  One-hundred percent of the 2010 entering class received financial assistance, with an average award (includes federal, state, institutional and private funds) of $24,430.  The priority deadline for submitting a financial aid application is February 15.

How much does Hendrix cost?
Expenses for the 2010-2011 academic year are as follows:

Tuition:  $31,740
Room,* board** and other fees:  $9,006
TOTAL: $40,746

* Costs are higher with single occupancy or suite options.
** This figure assumes the 15-meal per week board plan.  An unlimited plan is available for an additional $380.

Is there a monthly payment option?
Tuition Management Systems' Monthly Payment Plan is an easy, affordable way to pay for an education.  With a first payment due in late June and no interest charged, this program allows interested families to make payments on the amount due over the course of 10 or 12 months.  You pay a one-time enrollment fee to participate in the plan.  To participate, call Tuition Management Systems at 1-800-722-4867 or visit www.afford.com/hendrix.

Hendrix also allows families to pay semester by semester and offers parent loan programs.

Academic Advising

I understand I will have an academic advisor at Hendrix.  What is an academic advisor and how will we work together?
Each student at Hendrix has an academic advisor whose role is to support and facilitate the student’s academic progress and success by providing appropriate academic advice and assistance throughout the student’s Hendrix career.  Your academic advisor will work with you in all areas related to academic planning, academic curriculum, and degree requirements of the College.  More generally, your advisor will assist you in developing a course of study in the liberal arts and sciences that is consonant with your goals and values, including the selection of an academic major consistent with your interests and abilities.

Who will be my academic advisor at Hendrix?
All academic advisors at Hendrix are full-time faculty members.  When you are admitted to Hendrix, your initial advisor is assigned to you and is a member of our Council of New Student Advisors (CNSA), a group of faculty who work particularly with new students.  Although you may change your advisor at any time after your first course registration process at the College by completing a simple form in the Registrar’s Office, most students stay with their CNSA advisor 1-2 years, until their major is determined or confirmed through explorations and early coursework, at which point they choose a faculty advisor in their major.

How can I find out more about the advising process and about working with an academic advisor?
The Hendrix Guide to Academic Planning and the Hendrix Catalog are available online through the Academic Affairs page of our site.  These documents are the two principal academic resource documents of the College.  They contain expanded information about the advising program and Hendrix, the roles of advisors and advisees, and specific information on academic programs and requirements, including appropriate sequencing of courses in each major.

Multicultural and International Student Services

What kind of programming is offered for international and exchange students?
The programs provided for our international and exchange students give them broad exposure to American society, culture and institutions, and provide them with an opportunity to share their language, culture and history with Americans.  Program initiatives include an International Ambassador Program, International Awareness Week, International Potluck and Displays, and trips to unique Arkansas and southern attractions.

What kind of programming is provided through Multicultural and International Student Services (MISS)?
Diversity acceptance is essential to a liberal arts education.  The office strives to provide multicultural programming that facilitates intellectual and cultural enrichment which educates students on the importance, role and value of diversity, and supports the needs of a diverse student body.  The MISS Office works closely with the Hendrix multicultural student organizations to provide diverse programming throughout the year. Program initiatives include Diversity Discussions, Heritage Celebrations, Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday events, and trips to culturally relevant attractions in Arkansas and the South.

Human Resources

How can I find available positions at Hendrix College?
Available positions are posted on our Web site.  You can also visit the Hendrix campus for a listing.  The positions are posted in the lobby of Fausett Hall across from the Business Office window.

How can I apply for an available position at Hendrix College?
You can email your resume, cover letter and references to humanresources@hendrix.edu. You could also send your resume, cover letter and references to the following address:

Director of Human Resources
Hendrix College
1600 Washington
Conway, AR  72032

Business Office

How do I get billing information for a student at Hendrix College?
You may contact the Manager of Student Accounts at (501) 450-1333.

Event Planning

How can I find out information for booking an event on Hendrix Campus?
You can contact our Events Coordinator at (501) 450-1428

Is it possible to have a wedding at Greene Chapel on Hendrix Campus?
Weddings are booked year round on a first come first serve basis.  If you would like more information please call (501) 450-1428.

Counseling Center

What should a parent or student do if a student needs counseling?
Students are asked to call (501) 450-1448 to set an appointment to see a counselor.  Counseling services are available to all Hendrix students free of charge.  The records kept by the Counseling Center are confidential.

How do students with disabilities go about obtaining classroom accommodations?
Students must be evaluated by a qualified professional outside the College within the past 3 years.  Students should give the Coordinator of Academic Support a copy of their evaluation.  Evaluations must state a diagnosis and recommendations as to how the student can be accommodated (e.g., extra test taking time).  Students are asked to make an appointment with Academic Support (phone 501-505-2954) to set up their accommodations and to sign releases of information for their faculty each semester.  

Career Services

What assistance is provided by the Office of Career Services?
Starting in their first year, we can help students to:

  • learn more about themselves through career counseling and interest inventories,
  • learn about what options are available with different majors,
  • arrange informational interviews (talking with professionals about their careers),
  • meet representatives at our Graduate School Expo or Career Fair,
  • search for summer and part-time jobs,
  • participate in trips to shadow professionals,
  • develop job search skills including resume writing, interviewing and networking, and

Starting in their sophomore year we can also help students:

  • arrange internships, possibly for academic credit,
  • With all of the bullets in the previous section.

Starting in their junior year: 

  • investigate graduate or professional schools,
  • learn about post graduate scholarship and travel opportunities, and
  • register for graduate school entrance exams.

Starting in their senior year:

  • prepare for interviews with organizations for professional positions,
  • start the job search process, and
  • prepare graduate school applications including guidance on writing personal statements.

How can parents and employers assist the Office of Career Services?
Are you, your employer or organization interested in providing internship or job opportunities to Hendrix students?  Or would you like to attend our Grad School Expo or Career Fair?  If so, please utilize theZone at www.hendrix.edu/career to post job and internship openings at your organization or call our office at (501) 450-1440.

Hendrix OneCard

What is the Hendrix OneCard?
All students are issued an ID card called the OneCard.  This card has multiple uses on campus. The OneCard can be used to purchase beverages in the Veasey, Couch, Martin, Raney and the Burrow Coke machines; to purchase food and beverages from the Burrow as well as the dining facility; to purchase clothing, class supplies, dorm supplies, toiletries, books and more from the book store.  Upon graduation or withdrawal any remaining funds added to the student OneCard will be returned to the person who made the deposit.

How can I add funds to my OneCard?
Students and employees of the college may placing additional funds on the OneCard. This can be done easily from the Hendrix website.  Look for the link at www.hendrix.edu/onecard and enter your ID and password to add funds from a credit card or your debit card.

Or, you may add money to your card in person by stopping by the Cashier’s office located in Fausett Hall with your OneCard and deposit funds by cash, credit card or check.

Can family and friends add money to my card?
Yes, all they need is your Hendrix Student ID number and go to www.hendrix.edu/onecard.  Once there, click on the link on the left side of the page “deposit money into an account” and they can use a debit card or credit card to add funds to your account.