• Living Large

    The Miller Creative Quad will include two new residence halls on the second and third floors of the Quad's two buildings, featuring single and double rooms, common lounges, and classroom space. The new student living space will support the College's engaged learning mission and will be a catalyst for the long-term revitalization and update of the College's six heritage residence halls.

  • The Windgate Museum of Art

    The new Windgate Museum of Art will be the focal point of the Miller Creative Quad's north building, ensuring that the arts are a fundamental part of the residential liberal arts experience at Hendrix. It will also be a tremendous asset for the Conway community and artists throughout the region. The museum will:

    • Give all students an opportunity to live with art as part of their daily lives, as well as offering a deeper art experience through classes, Odyssey projects, and internships
    • Create an interdisciplinary resource that serves Hendrix art students, faculty, and alumni, while engaging with and enriching all disciplines, from the humanities through the sciences
    • Engage the artistic community in Arkansas and the South, offering a venue for traveling exhibitions, emphasizing residencies and commissions that allow artists to engage with students, and enabling partnerships with other museums and other arts organizations in the state.
  • The Sound of Music & The Big Screen

    The south building of the Miller Creative Quad will feature music practice rooms, music faculty offices, and music classroom space with modern technology to enhance our students' engagement in the many musical opportunities available at Hendrix.

    This building will also feature a 990-square-foot auditorium with an industry-standard film screening room. This space will accommodate guests for special events connected with the museum, such as artist talks. It will also serve classes in the College's growing film studies program, as well as film events organized by student clubs and organizations.

  • Rich Life in the Center of Campus

    "Just imagine walking across campus on a Friday afternoon, and in the distance you hear strings or jazz or voices raised in song. As you venture into the Creative Quad, you will be surrounded by activity and caught up in the energy: there is the art museum, with an exhibition hung and a gallery talk underway; across the quadrangle, an ensemble plays in open air; in the new auditorium, a film is being screened in state-of-the-art facilities; beyond the archway are actors bringing a scene to life."

    William M. Tsutsui

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