Hays Memorial Scholarship

The Hays Memorial Scholarship Program seeks students with outstanding potential for intellectual vitality and academic success, whose records of achievement – both in and out of the classroom – predict leadership and initiative to enhance life at Hendrix and in the world beyond.

The Hays Scholarship, awarded to four entering students each year, provides full tuition, room, board, and mandatory fees for four years of study at Hendrix. Students who wish to compete for the Hays Scholarship must:

  1. be a senior in high school;
  2. achieve at least a 3.6 GPA in high school college preparatory classes; and
  3. score a minimum ACT "super score" composite of 32 or a minimum SAT Critical Reading and Math combined "super score" of 1410.

Additionally, students need to have completed an application for admission to Hendrix via the Common Application or the Hendrix Application before applying for the Hays Scholarship. (Information about applying to Hendrix is available at To qualify, the application for admission should have been submitted by our Early Action I deadline. 

TO APPLY: The following Hays Scholarship application must be submitted by February 1. This application includes the submission of a personal statement that will help us understand the contribution you would make to Hendrix as a Hays Scholar. Finalists must also participate in an on-campus competition on March 2 and 3. Hays Scholars are announced in late March.

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Your Personal Statement

Through Hendrix's Odyssey Program, every student has the opportunity to design engaged learning activities and seek funding to support their projects through a competitive application process.

Most students discover projects they would like to design after taking courses at Hendrix and talking with faculty and classmates. Sometimes project ideas are generated from local, national, or international new stories about scientific discoveries, global conflicts, or creative accomplishments. Hendrix students have the freedom to identify Odyssey ideas throughout their four years of college.

However, we are asking you, as a candidate for the Hays Scholarship, to develop the idea of an Odyssey project now. Imagine that you were given the opportunity today to design and carry out an Odyssey project. In the area designated below, please write an essay (approximately 500 words) in which you describe the Odyssey project you would like to complete. Be specific about the activities you would do and why you would do them. Explain how doing this Odyssey project would prepare you to contribute to your future community. Please note: we don't expect this to be one of your actual Odyssey projects at Hendrix, although it certainly could become that if your interest in the project is sustained. 

Upload your essay using the box below. Please see the requirements above for your topic. File must be less than 2MB. Accepted file types: Microsoft Word Document (.doc, .docx), Adobe PDF (.pdf), Text file (.txt)

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