First-Year Experience


The addition of a new class of students to the Hendrix community each August is a major celebratory occasion in the ongoing life of the College.  The first year of college is an important growth year for all new students—academically and personally.  We invite each first-year student to engage the year fully with a commitment to making it a successful one.  The individuals and programs of the College are here to support new students in that process. 

The academic First-Year Experience program at Hendrix is designed to facilitate college transition and success in the critical first year.  Its various components address recognized needs for first-year students, and connect students with multiple resources that will be helpful both in their initial year and throughout their Hendrix career. 

Special to each first-year student:
Your personal initiative and commitment to making the most of your first year at Hendrix is the most important dimension affecting your ability to be happy and successful here.  The central dimension of that commitment for all of us at Hendrix is to the academic enterprise.  Hendrix faculty, staff, students, programs and services are at the ready to assist you in your first-year transition process.  The keys to your success lie in taking advantage of the academic mentorship, support and assistance that these individuals and programs make available to you.  Don’t wait for us to notice you need something!  Don’t be shy; don’t be hesitant.  Rather, be proactive in your own behalf!  

The purpose of the Hendrix First-Year Experience program is to provide in systematic ways opportunities for each new student:

  • to cultivate self-authorship, habits of critical thinking, and informed decision-making—both in academic and personal dimensions
  • to be self-motivated and thoughtful in the design, implementation, and pursuit of academic and personal goals that will lead to success and satisfaction at Hendrix and beyond. 
  • to develop a network of Hendrix academic mentors and programs to support your goals—faculty, academic advisors, student peer mentors, and academic staff and services.
  • to identify and utilize in appropriate ways the curriculum, resources, and programs of the College to enhance academic and personal planning and growth.


  Nationally, strong First-Year Experience Programs are characterized by intentional initiatives in the four core academic areas listed below.  Please click on a link below for more information.

  • Academic Advising
  • Academic Support Services
  • Common First-Year Academic Courses
  • Academic Peer Mentoring 

    Collectively, these four core dimensions of the academic First-Year Experience Program provide first-year students with broad-based support and resources for success and satisfaction in their first college year.  All first-year students are responsible for engaging these elements in ways most beneficial to their needs and goals, with the support of faculty, academic advisors, student peer mentors, and academic staff and services.  

    Questions and other inquiries may be directed to any of the following individuals:

    -Julie Brown, Director of Academic Success, (; 501-505-2954)
    -Charnley Conway, Assistant Director of Academic Success, (; 501-450-1482)