Hendrix College Offers New Scholarships After $26M Donation

This article was published in the online edition of Arkansas Business on October 6, 2015


By Arkansas Business Staff

Hendrix College said Monday that it will offer new scholarships to cover the full cost of attendance for Federal Pell Grant-eligible students from the Arkansas Commitment program, Little Rock Central High School, Little Rock Catholic High School for Boys, and Mount St. Mary Academy.

The Federal Pell Grant Program provides need-based grants to low-income students to promote access to postsecondary education.

Hendrix will cover tuition, fees, on-campus housing and meal plans, for up to four students from each program. The college will also provide academic support services to ensure the recipients graduate in four years.

The new scholarships are part of the Hendrix Aspire Scholarship program established in the spring.

Through the Hendrix Aspire Scholarship program, Hendrix has partnered with the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) to provide scholarships for Latino and Latina students and with KIPP Delta Public Schools to provide scholarships for students from the Arkansas Delta.

"These scholarships are so important to us because they help us keep Hendrix affordable and increase the diversity of our student body," Hendrix President Bill Tsutsui said. "These partnerships reflect our shared mission to change lives through education, and we are excited to work together to make a liberal arts education at Hendrix possible for their students."

In August, Hendrix College received a $26 million donation from the estate of Mary Ann Dawkins. Tsutsui said at the announcement of that contribution that much of the money would be used for increased scholarships, in particular the Arkansas Advantage program.

"We are grateful to our new partners for their confidence and trust in Hendrix and to our donors for their support to make Hendrix accessible and affordable to these students," David Knight, chairman of the Hendrix board of trustees, said. "The students who benefit from these scholarships will enrich our campus throughout their four years at Hendrix, and they will be great ambassadors for Hendrix as alumni and leaders in their communities and in their professions."