Hendrix College tries to become financially attainable for Arkansas students

This story originally aired on Dec. 9, 2014, on KATV

By Elicia Dover, Reporter

CONWAY (KATV) -Arkansas High School seniors could add one more college choice to their list next year because a new program at Hendrix College is aiming to make school more attainable for all income levels for entering Arkansas freshman. 

“So if you have a 27 on the ACT or 1200 on the SAT and a 3.6 GPA, Hendrix will guarantee we will meet your full financial aid for your time on campus,” said Hendrix President William Tsutsui.

During the time of a recession and a poor economy, private colleges everywhere have seen a decrease in attendance and diversity. 

“Over the last decade as higher education has gotten more expensive and as families have struggled with the economy, it's been harder for folks to afford the kind of education we offer here. But with this program, we're going to go back to our heritage of making Hendrix available to all,” Tsutsui said. 

Hendrix College  costs an estimated $50,000 a year to attend and live on campus. Students will still have to gather up already existing financial opportunities from state and federal aid and once that is all stacked together, Hendrix will meet the student's remaining demonstrated financial need to get that student to 100 percent. 

“I think that they're trying to come up with creative ways to diversify their student population and help Arkansas students understand that Hendrix is an affordable option,” said Shane Broadway, director of Arkansas Department of Higher Education.

Tsutsui says they want every qualified student to look at Hendrix as attainable.

“I'm hopeful folks respond to this, you know. This is really about increasing diversity on our campus and serving the Arkansas community, but I wouldn't mind if it brought a few more talented kids to campus as well,” he said.

Hendrix leaders hope through donors and internally they'll be able to fund the extra costs.