Conduct Records Policy

Hendrix College, Student Affairs
Policy # 11120
Effective: Thursday, November 8, 2018
Additional Authority
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1. Statement

2. Conduct Records

Notice of conduct action may be sent to update parent(s) of students who have been declared dependents on the parents' last federal income tax return. The final decision to send notification to parents will be made by the Dean of Students Office. The Office of Student Affairs will maintain records of conduct action. The use of these records is governed by the College policy concerning confidentiality of student records. A student's conduct record will be reviewed by a hearing body in the process of determining sanctions after responsibility is established. Decisions of suspension and expulsion will remain permanently in the student's file. All records of major violation conduct action or conduct probation will remain in the student's file and will be kept by the Dean of Students office for three years past graduation date. All student records of minor violation conduct action will be expunged after the student graduates. However, all disciplinary records of students continuing in the graduate program at Hendrix will remain available to Hendrix hearing bodies until graduation from the graduate program.


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