Flexible Work Arrangements

Hendrix College, Human Resources
Policy # 09300
Effective: Sunday, August 14, 2022

Hendrix College recognizes the diversity of organizational staffing needs, the challenges of recruiting talent in a competitive marketplace, and individual employee needs for work-life balance. 

Flexible work arrangements may increase productivity and employee job satisfaction, while also preserving the personal interactions between staff, students, colleagues, and visitors that characterize much of the College's work.  

Hendrix will consider flexible work arrangements in situations where the College's business/operational needs may be equally or better met while allowing the employee to balance professional and personal responsibilities. 

Supervisors are encouraged to work with staff and the senior leader of their administrative area to develop effective flexible work arrangements that support the functions of the department and College.  

The Office of Human Resources will provide guidelines and partner with departments to coach and guide supervisors, as well as eligible staff, through the process. 

Additional Authority
Responsible Party

 Vice President of Human Resources

1. Statement

  1. Hendrix is committed to offering and supporting flexible work arrangement options as identified by Human Resources in the Guidelines for Flexible Work Arrangements where possible for eligible staff. 

  1. Employees are assumed to conduct their work on-site and during regularly scheduled work hours unless a flexible work arrangement is otherwise arranged either during the recruitment process (new employees) or post hire with their supervisor (existing employees). 

  1. The eligibility and availability of flexible work arrangement options vary by department and position based on business and operational needs. 

  1. Flexible work arrangements may not be suitable for all employees and/or positions and are not considered an employee benefit. 

  1. The College expects and requires no reduction in service, quality of work or productivity due to the implementation of flexible work arrangements. 

  1. The College reserves the right to approve or deny any flexible work arrangement and to modify or discontinue such arrangements once approved. 

  1. Flexible work arrangements will ordinarily be the subject of mutual agreement. 

  1. The approval or denial of a request for a flexible work arrangement is at the supervisor and senior leader's discretion. 

2. Maintenance

This Policy will be reviewed by SLT each year, or as deemed appropriate based on the needs of the College, to address any unintended consequences of the policy, such as disparity or inequity issues across divisions of the College. 


Date Change
8/14/2022 Initial adoption