Employee Handbook

Hendrix College, Human Resources
Policy # 09900
Effective: Friday, January 1, 2021

The Employee Handbook is to provide information about the College's personnel policies and benefits pertaining to employees. This document serves all employee types.

Download the full handbook here:  Employee Handbook - Revised 2021

Additional Authority
Responsible Party

Please send questions to hr@hendrix.edu

1. Statement

The purpose of this handbook is to provide a ready source of information regarding the College's personnel policies and benefits pertaining to employees. Although it provides answers to many basic questions, it is not intended to cover all possible situations. This document is not intended to create any contractual rights in favor of you or the College. It is anticipated that changes will be made as needs arise, legislation changes, or Hendrix processes evolve. These changes will be issued as supplements or replacements of specified sections. An employee should consult with the Human Resources Department if questions regarding the College's policy on a particular matter remain after reading the handbook.

This handbook replaces all previous handbooks and supersedes all earlier oral and written materials about Hendrix College policies and procedures. Hendrix College reserves the right to change, add or delete benefits and policies as necessary.

2. Handbook Download

Download the full handbook here:   Employee Handbook - Revised 2021


Date Change
1/1/2021 Revised and updated, new retirement contribution information