Statement about Media Relations for Faculty-Staff Handbooks

Hendrix College, Communications and Marketing
Policy # 05100
Effective: Friday, October 12, 2018

Communicating with the media on behalf of Hendrix College is the responsibility of the Office of Marketing Communications. When media contact faculty or staff directly for information about the College, their inquiries are directed to this office. 

Additional Authority

This policy applies to faculty and staff.

Responsible Party

Vice President for Marketing Communications

1. Statement

The Marketing Communications staff distributes news releases and announcements to local, state and national media outlets, answers general questions about the College from the media, and identifies the best campus sources for information requested by the media. Marketing Communications staff members are also available to assist faculty and staff members prepare for interviews or responses to media inquiries about their areas of expertise.

2. Suggestions for Dealing with Contacts from the Media

So, if a member of the media contacts you to talk about something in your area of expertise, should you answer their questions - or should you direct them to Marketing Communications?

You should feel free to respond if

  • You are familiar with the reporter and trust them to accurately report what you say.
  • You know the media outlet to be reputable.
  • You know what kind of questions the reporter is likely to ask and feel comfortable answering them.
  • You have done this many times before; your expertise is in an area where media contact is a regular part of your professional life.

If you have any questions or concerns about the reporter, the media outlet, the kinds of questions you might be asked or if you do not often do media interviews, please refer your caller to Marketing Communications. We will gather information to help you decide if you want to talk with the reporter or not and, if you decide to talk with the reporter, we are available to help you prepare for the interview.

Part of our job is keeping track of when and how Hendrix is mentioned in the media, so please let Marketing Communications know when you have been interviewed so that we can watch for the published material.

For more information about Marketing Communications visit www.hendrix.edu/marcom . Click on "Resources" to access the Event Publicity Request Form, the Hendrix Today Submission Form, and additional details about the office and the services it provides. Call extension 2932 to speak to a member of the Marketing Communications staff. 


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