Vehicles and Parking Policy

Hendrix College, Campus Safety and Security
Policy # 04130
Effective: Monday, October 22, 2018

This procedure is to establish the standards governing the Use of vehicles and Procedures for parking enforcement and parking of Hendrix College campus.

Additional Authority
Responsible Party

1. Statement

To provide a safe and efficient traffic system that ensures maximum vehicle and pedestrian protection, all vehicles operated on the campus by Hendrix College faculty, staff, and students must be registered with the Department of Public Safety.

2. Registration

All vehicles must be registered online through your campus web account. Once registration is completed, a decal will be mailed to your campus post office box. The $80.00 decal fee will be charged to every student's account. Students who do not intend to operate a vehicle on campus will receive a refund of the fee upon completion of a vehicle waiver form, also through your campus web account. If more than one vehicle is to be used on campus, each of the vehicles must be registered. After the purchase of one decal, additional decals may be obtained at no charge.

To register a vehicle, the following information is required: year, make, model, color, and license number [Example: 1999, Ford, Mustang, red, 123 ABC (AR)].

Decals must be permanently affixed to the left rear bumper or the lower left of the rear window and the rear fender of motorcycles. Before application, make sure that the area is clean and dry. It is not permissible for a decal to be taped or displayed from the vehicle interior.

Temporary registration decals are available from the Department of Public Safety at no charge. These decals are to be used by visitors remaining on campus for more than one day and by students or staff using unregistered vehicles on campus for short periods of time.

3. Traffic and Parking Regulations

The vehicle owner is responsible for all violations committed by a vehicle displaying the decal issued to the owner. If one loans his or her vehicle, its proper operation is the owner's responsibility. Persons operating a vehicle on the Hendrix campus are held responsible for acquainting themselves with and obeying the traffic regulations of the College. Vehicles bearing the registration decal on the left rear bumper or window (rear fender of motorcycles) are entitled to use the roadways and parking areas on campus as specified in this Traffic and Parking Regulations.

The lack of a parking space or a lack knowledge of traffic and parking regulations is not a valid or justifiable excuse for violation of any parking regulation, and will not be considered as a basis for appeal.

4. Parking

Visitor Parking - Visitor parking spaces are all marked in the Mills Center, Markham Street, Fausett Hall, and Ellis Hall parking lots. There are approximately 30 spaces reserved for visitors. The visitor spaces to the east of Ellis Hall are reserved for visitors 24 hours per day, seven days per week. All other visitor spaces are reserved from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. All parking spaces at the office buildings on Washington Avenue are for visitors and require a special temporary permit. 

Service Parking - Parking will not be allowed in service spaces at any time. Unauthorized vehicles parked in service spaces will be towed at owner's expense.

Reserved Parking - Each Area Coordinator and Head Resident Assistant have a parking space reserved near their residence hall to provide easy access to their vehicles in case of an emergency situation. Unauthorized vehicles parked in these spaces will be towed upon request.

Parking on Red Curbs - Red curbs signifies fire lanes and/or sight areas such as an intersection. Parking in and/or blocking a fire lane creates a substantial risk to the safety of the campus. Vehicles parked on red curbs will be ticketed and are subject to being towed.

Parking on Lawns, Fields or Sidewalks - Parking is prohibited on areas such as the lawns, fields, or sidewalks. Vehicles found parked in these areas will be ticketed and towed. This includes vehicles parked or driven on the lawn while loading or unloading personal belongings.

Double Parking - Double parking is allowed for no more than 15 minutes when loading or unloading a vehicle in a residence hall parking lot. Double parking is prohibited in Couch Circle at any time.

Disabled Parking - Parking spaces for the disabled are provided for the benefit of physically challenged persons 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unauthorized use of disabled spaces may result in fines as well as the towing of your vehicle.

A Campus Disabled Permit is required on any vehicle registered to a Hendrix College student, faculty, or staff member, in addition to state disabled licensing. The Department of Public Safety will issue these permits to individuals who present proof of a disabled permit or license plate. Such proof shall be the Disabled Person's Access to Parking Application Form issued by the state with the special plate or placards. Temporary disabled permits are available from the Department of Public Safety and are approved by the Director of Public Safety.

5. Motor Vehicle Operation

Vehicles operated on Hendrix College roadways and parking lots must be operated in a safe and courteous manner, not to exceed 10 miles per hour, and must yield to all pedestrians. Owners of vehicles observed by Public Safety being operated in an unsafe manner will be referred to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary action.

6. Registration Revocation

Vehicle registration may be revoked for individuals who repeatedly fail to comply with the parking regulations of Hendrix College or as deemed necessary by the Director of Public Safety. An accumulation of 10 or more vehicle operation violations will be deemed a refusal to comply with the vehicle operations regulations, and a warning letter will be sent to the owner/operator of the vehicle. After receiving advice and counsel concerning his or her traffic violations in writing, an individual's continued refusal to comply with the motor vehicle regulations at Hendrix College will be sufficient cause for revoking the registration of the vehicle. Upon evidence of such refusal, the Director of Public Safety will notify the owner/operator in writing that his/her registration decal has been voided, and that his/her vehicle is barred from campus. A vehicle displaying a voided decal will be towed if it is found in the campus parking lots, roadways, or other areas.

7. Fines

All fines, except No Decal, Parking in a Space Reserved for Disabled, and Parking on Grass will be reduced by 50 percent if paid within 24 hours. Accumulation of three citations for the No Decal violation could result in the vehicle being towed. All fines are payable on-line or at the Business Office in Fausett Hall.

8. Appeals

All traffic violation appeals must be submitted in writing within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of the citation. Appeal forms may be obtained from and returned to the Department of Public Safety. All appeals will be turned over to the Traffic Appeals Committee (which is the Subcommittee on Traffic and Parking of the Student Senate). The decision of the appeals committee is final and will be recorded on the bottom of the appeal form.

  A copy of the completed form will be sent to the individual filing the appeal and to the Department of Public Safety.

9. Recreational Equipment

Vehicles, including, but not limited to skateboards, scooters, or skates may not be used in the interior of buildings, on balconies, catwalks, exterior corridors, or in any areas which may cause injury to individuals or damage to facilities.

This equipment may be stored in student rooms and other designated areas outside the residence halls. Stairwells and lobbies in the College residences are not to be used for the storage or holding of personal items. All personal items brought to campus are to be stored in student rooms or specifically designated areas (i.e., bike racks located outside of residential buildings).

No motorized vehicle or parts of a motorized vehicle may be stored or brought into a building.

Hoverboards are banned from campus.

For policies on bicycles, please see separate policy.


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