Bicycle Policy and Regulations

Hendrix College, Campus Safety and Security
Policy # 04110
Effective: Monday, October 22, 2018


This procedure is to establish guidelines for the registration, operation, prohibited activities, fines and impoundment of bicycles on Hendrix College campus.

General Guidelines:

Hendrix College recognizes that bicycles are an important and legitimate means of transportation, provided they are operated with due regard and concern for the safety of the general public.

To provide a safe and efficient means of managing the large number of bicycles on campus, all bicycles operated by Hendrix College faculty, staff and students must be registered with the Department of Public Safety.

Hendrix College assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of any bicycle, attached accessories, or contents at any time.

Additional Authority
Responsible Party

1. Statement

The purpose of this procedure is to establish guidelines for the registration, operation, prochibited activities, fines and impoundment of bicycles on Hendrix College campus.

2. Registration

The following information is required to register a bicycle: make, model, color, type and serial number. [Example: Huffy, Extreme, Red, Mountain, 123456789.]

Decals must be permanently affixed to the left side of the down tube, below the seat or to the top side of the top tube of the bicycle. Before application, make sure that area is clean and dry.

3. Bicycle Regulations

The bicycle owner is responsible for complying with all bicycle regulations. Persons operating a bicycle on the Hendrix campus are responsible for acquainting themselves with and obeying the bicycle regulations of the College. Bicycles that are bearing the registration decal, applied as indicated above, are entitled to use the roadways, sidewalks and bicycle racks on campus as specified in these Bicycle Regulations

4. Operation

  • Pedestrians in crosswalks, on sidewalks, and at all other locations designated for pedestrian traffic shall have the right-of-way over bicycles. 
  • Bicycles will NOT be operated within buildings, on the patio/breezeway/ramp areas of campus. 
  • Bicycles and cyclists shall in all respects comply with applicable state laws and regulations, including but not limited to turn signals, lighting, brakes, lane changing, etc. 
  • Cyclists are responsible for controlling the speed of bicycle so as not to endanger any pedestrian.  
  • Bicycles should be operated so that both wheels remain in contact with the ground at all times. 
  • A light must be used when traveling at night. 
  • Bicycles parked on campus must be parked in a bicycle rack. 

5. Prohibited Activities

  • No individual shall park, store, or leave a bicycle in such a manner as to cause said bicycle to block or otherwise impede normal entrance to or exit from any building on campus, or in a manner that constitutes a safety hazard. 
  • No individual who operates a bicycle on campus shall carry any other individual on the bicycle. 
  • Bicycles shall not be parked or stored in a walkway, on a sidewalk, in a hallway, on a handicap ramp, or in or near a doorway except where use is made of a parking rack furnished by the college. 
  • No individual shall operate at night on the campus or streets of Hendrix College any bicycle not equipped with headlight and taillight or reflector. 
  • Operating bicycles inside residences or buildings is prohibited. 
  • Chaining bicycles to objects other than authorized bicycle racks is prohibited. Bicycles found improperly parked or secured to inappropriate objects (i.e. light poles, handrails, doors, trees, etc.) may be removed and impounded by the Department of Public Safety. 
  • No individual operating a bicycle on campus shall in any way attach it to, or cling to a moving vehicle. 
  • No individual shall operate any bicycle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

6. Fines

Citations will be issued to the owner or operator of any bicycle found to be in violation of any bicycle regulation. The fine for violating any of the bicycle regulations of Hendrix College is $20.00 for each violation. Fines paid within 24 hours of the issuance of a citation will be reduced by 50 percent.

7. Impoundment

Any Department of Public Safety Officer or other person authorized specifically by the Director of Public Safety may move, relocate and/or impound any bicycle by removal of securing devices as necessary which:

  • Blocks or otherwise impedes traffic in any roadway, path or sidewalk, stairway, or handicapped access rail, or create any safety hazard. 
  • Is not parked in a bicycle rack. 
  • Blocks or impedes normal entrance to or exit from any building on the campus. 
  • Is abandoned or appears abandoned. 
  • Is reported stolen to a law enforcement agency. 
  • Impedes performance of maintenance or construction on college property. 

Neither Hendrix College nor Hendrix College employees authorized to remove and impound a bicycle shall be liable to the owner of the bicycle for damage or the cost of repair or replacement of any securing device.

Any bicycle impounded under any part of this section shall be stored in a secure facility designated for such purpose by the Director of Public Safety.

The release of an impounded bicycle requires payment of outstanding citations. Unregistered bicycles must be registered before release.


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