Kinesology and Health Sciences Department

Kinesiology Lab

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Kinesiology Laboratory
Hendrix College
Conway, AR 72032


The Kinesiology laboratory is designed to serve the teaching, service, and research needs of the Department of Kinesiology at Hendrix College. The laboratory is equipped to conduct a variety of human physiologic testing. The primary emphasis of the laboratory is the professional preparation of undergraduate students.

Facilities & Equipment
The Kinesiology laboratory is located in the Wellness and Athletic Center and includes state of the art equipment such as:

  • Parvomedics Metabolic Cart
  • Quinton 12-lead Electrocardiograph
  • Various Body Composition Analyzers
  • Treadmills and Cycle Ergometers
  • LODE Wingate Testing Software and Ergometer
  • Polar TriFit System
  • Vacumed Integrated Metabolic Measurement System
EMG Wingate set-up