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  • What is the STEM Scholars Program?

    With support from a National Science Foundation (NSF) Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) grant, Hendrix College will award scholarships, covering all out-of-pocket expenses for four years, to two cohorts of 10 STEM Scholars who enroll in fall 2018 and fall 2019.

    STEM degrees available at Hendrix include biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science, biochemistry and molecular biology, neuroscience, and chemical physics

    NSF + Hendrix


    "This grant is an incredible opportunity for Hendrix to increase the number of underrepresented students who major in STEM fields and to ensure their success at Hendrix and after graduation." 


    William M. Tsutsui
    Hendrix President


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What does it mean to be a STEM Scholar?

    While the STEM scholarship provides financial assistance, being part of the STEM Scholars program means so much more. STEM Scholars will progress through their academic career as part of a unique community that works towards fulfillment of the Hendrix degree requirements together. STEM Scholars have the opportunity to:

    • Participate in shared orientation trips and introductory courses.
    • Attend specialized mentoring sessions.
    • Participate in three years of paid summer research or internships.
    • Attend career training seminars.
    • Travel to laboratories and conferences to explore scientific careers.

    As part of the STEM Scholars program, you will have the exceptional experience of working closely with other like-minded students and faculty as part of a scientific community of learners preparing for a career in STEM.  

    Why should I be part of the STEM Scholars program at Hendrix?

    The STEM Scholars program builds upon recent campus diversity initiatives and will help Hendrix reach, recruit, and support low-income, Pell Grant-eligible, and often first-generation students who are underrepresented in STEM fields. NSF's award of an S-STEM grant provides recognition of Hendrix's role in educating STEM majors for Arkansas and the region.

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    The percentage of Hendrix students who graduate with a major in one of the natural sciences is more than five times greater than all other Arkansas colleges and universities.



     Hendrix ranks high nationally for percentage of graduates completing a doctoral program in the sciences:

    8th nationally in chemistry

    24th in physical science (physics, chemical physics, mathematics, and computer science)

    37th in life sciences (biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, and neuroscience)



    Hendrix has the highest retention rates of any college in Arkansas and has a graduation rate that is 23 percent higher than the national average.


    • How To Apply

      The program is currently not accepting applications.

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      Laura MacDonald '09
      Morris and Ann Henry Odyssey Assistant Professor of Biology

      Matthew Moran
      Bill and Connie Bowen Odyssey Professor of Biology
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