Student Outreach Services



Student Outreach Services, or SOS, is a unique and progressive program designed to support students as they transition from high school and home life to college and future life through a structured, collaborative, and confidential process. This is done via a holistic and total wellness conversation between the SOS representative and a student prior to the student being connected with needed programs, services, and individuals. 

Designed for each student to establish personal, social, and multi-community goals through individual planning, students find that the entire process provides much needed introspection to enhance his or her evolution to young adult. Self-contracting to achieve those goals keeps the responsibility for personal growth with the student, empowering the student to take control of his or her future in positive, pro-active ways.

Our mission in Student Outreach Services (SOS) is to engage all segments of the student population with services, resources, programs, networks, interventions and/or preventions to increase successful and positive student experiences throughout their time in the Hendrix community. 


"We will either find a way, or make one."
– Hannibal Hannibal


Below, please find a brief overview of some of the processes we use in SOS. For specific program information, contact us at 501-450-1330.

REFERRALS:  Utilizing the communication models of informational interviewing, John Dewey’s Reflective Thinking, Randy Hirokawa’s Decision Making Process, and the Stephen Ministry model of layman questioning and support, the director of SOS is able to assist in identifying student issues and/or needs. Referrals are then made to the offices or persons, on campus and in the community outside, as deemed appropriate. Resources are also made available as necessary.  For each one-on-one appointment, wellness levels of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, community, family, and financial are explored up front with the student so that long-term struggles are lessened or alleviated as soon as possible.

MENTORING:  The new Student Outreach Alternative Resource (SOAR) has been quickly evolving in SOS since its inception and development in the Spring of 2013. Having upper classmen pair up and mentor incoming students, in a non-academic way, will assist students with a variety of social and Hendrix community challenges. It is not easy for a percentage of our student population to walk into a room and automatically connect with everyone there. Utilizing patience and opportunity, plus targeted programming, with trusted upper classmen changes the face of the social and engaged challenges that some students encounter, making Hendrix life more user-friendly.

SEMINAR SERIES:  Student Outreach Services offers a series of seminars that are designed to help address – or prevent – problems that many students encounter in their first year or two of college.

ASSESSMENTS:  Student Outreach Services also works with personal and professional assessment tools to assist in determining or confirming a major, skill sets, or abilities at Hendrix by using self-testing. All assessments are free to currently enrolled students.

Your first year of college is an important one. It is your initial foray into your new, independent adult life. Even upperclassmen and adults need help from time to time. So, don’t go it alone. There are plenty of people on campus who are willing to offer help and support.

To take the first step, contact the Office of Student Outreach Services.

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