Common Issues

On August 1, 2012, the Office of Student Outreach Services (SOS) was created for the primary purpose of serving the Hendrix College student population as an office to connect them to non-academic services, programs, resources, and professionals. It is evolving into the central student services office for the distribution of information in a multitude of manners in order to help students gain independence and/or learn how to problem-solve during the college experience.

In the Division of Student Affairs, SOS works with all offices and departments on campus as well as refers to resources off-campus. Using the concept of self-contracting, students learn through action to become more engaged and responsible adults in ways not related to the actual academic outcome (but could affect that outcome), but in ways that promote personal growth, knowledge, and understanding.

The most common issues addressed in SOS in its inaugural year included, but were not limited to:

  • Financial Need
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental/Emotional Challenges
  • Medical/Health/Physical Concerns
  • Fear Due to No Academic Direction
  • Social/Community Fit (Loneliness versus Too Social)
  • Death of Someone Close to Them
  • Inability to Transition to Self-Responsibility (Class Attendance, Assignments)
  • Judicial Assignments
  • Communication/Attitude Problems
  • Academic Discipline and/or Challenges (Personality Conflict with Professor, etc.)
  • Family Concerns or Issues
  • Spiritual Challenges
  • Miscellaneous/Other

Important Information

  • SOS is committed to privacy for the student among all populations unless the student gives permission for release of information and signs a release statement.
  • SOS is NOT a professional psychological counseling service.