The role of SOS regarding assessment tools for introspection and passion development is one of provision and interpretation. Afterwards, the student is encouraged to take the results to his or her academic advisor for discussion and to Career Services for exploration.

Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory® (SII) instrument is a powerful tool that can help you make satisfying decisions about your profession and education. Whether you are just starting out in your career, thinking about a change, or considering education options for career preparation, you can benefit from the wealth of information reflected in your Strong results. Working with your academic advisor, using your Strong Profile can help you identify a career focus and begin your career planning and exploration process.

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument

The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) assesses an individual’s behavior in conflict situations—that is, situations in which the concerns of two people appear to be incompatible. In conflict situations, we can describe a person’s behavior along two basic dimensions: (1) assertiveness, the extent to which the individual attempts to satisfy his or her own concerns, and (2) cooperativeness.

Work Engagement Profile

The Work Engagement Profile (WEP) measures key factors that keep one engage in one’s work. When one is engaged in one’s work, one take steps to ensure that one’s activities are effective in accomplishing their purpose. It is a tool used to evaluate self-management. As depicted, self-management involves four steps:

Committing to a meaningful work purpose--one that is worth your effort
Choosing activities that you believe best accomplish the purpose
Making sure that you are performing those activities competently
Ensuring that your activities are making progress toward the purpose

Coping Resources Inventory

The Coping Resources Inventory (CRI) tells you about resources you have that can help you handle the stress that is a natural part of life. Resources are more than just the specific coping mechanisms or coping strategies that you use when you are under stress. While specific coping strategies help you to feel better at the time, resources are more powerful and enduring.

Work & Life Values

In the Work & Life Values Assessment, having a clear sense of your values is critical to your self-development and will help you make satisfying life choices. Values contribute significantly to a sense of fulfillment or meaning in life.

Interest & Skills Check List

Using the Interest and Skills Checklist, your interests and skills are summarized using a four-box matrix. Each box of the matrix highlights a different pattern of interests and skills revealing a unique profile and compares interests with skills.