**************This application is now closed. Do NOT submit this application.    3/4/14**************

 TO:                      Applicants for 2014 AGS Staff Positions   

 FROM:               Lyle Rupert, Director  

Thank you for your interest in working with the 2014 AGS. I think it is one of the most exciting educational experiences at the secondary-school level in the nation. I am truly pleased to be associated with AGS again and look forward to an outstanding learning opportunity for Arkansas students.  important info:
Before you apply, take a look at the workplace expectations.  

The 2014 AGS program will be held on the Hendrix College campus from June 8 through
July 19.  A mid-session break is from noon on Wednesday, July 2, through Sunday, July 6. Orientation for staff members will run from June 2 through June 7.  

Salaries start at $2,700.00. Room and board is provided for employees. Please note that AGS has no control over Hendrix dorm rooms or storage spaces in the days before and after the session. For this reason, employees must make their own provision for housing and storage during those periods.  

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions (some of the jobs’ major responsibilities are listed):  

  • Office Manager (Is the public face and voice of AGS, sets up office and coordinates the work of all office staff, coordinates resident assistants for faculty and staff, and works closely with faculty, office administrator, and director. Prior work experience in the AGS Office is necessary.)  
  • Media Specialist (Shoots photos for and designs student yearbook, designs and prints AGS student certificate, prepares end-of-program slide show and keeps regular office hours with responsibilities as assigned.)  
  • Social Activities Director (Plans and executes major social activities, organizes field trips, and keeps regular office hours with responsibilities as assigned.)  
  • Recreation Director (Creates recreational brochure, selects and supervises Student Recreation Committee, plans and executes all recreational activities, and keeps regular office hours with responsibilities as assigned.)  
  • Public Liaison (Contacts speakers regarding travel plans and details of their presentations, transports speakers to and from airport, coordinates College Fair,  and keeps regular office hours with responsibilities as assigned.)  
  • Audio-Visual Specialists (Sets up all AV equipment for classes, required events, optional activities and social/recreational activities, keeps track of equipment used by faculty and staff, and keeps regular office hours with responsibilities as assigned.)  
  • Special Projects Office Assistant (Develops weekly calendars, coordinates optional lectures, schedules computer lab special projects,  and keeps regular office hours with responsibilities as assigned.)  
  • Assistant to Office Manager (Supports Office Manager, develops individual class schedules for each student and weekly building schedules, maintains classroom reservations, coordinates Blood Drive, makes copies, runs errands, and keeps regular office hours with responsibilities as assigned.)  
  • Student Liaison Office Assistant (Coordinates leave requests and any routine requests from parents with the Director and Area IV Coordinator, organizes Invited Educator's Day, makes copies, runs errands, and keeps regular office hours with responsibilities as assigned.)  
  • Hall Director (Manages operation of student residence halls, supervises RA staff, oversees facility maintenance, handles student conduct issues, and performs ancillary duties as assigned.)  
  • Hall Resident Assistant (Builds community by helping students connect with each other, assists students with personal and academic concerns, supervises and monitors students outside of residence halls, and upholds AGS policy and serves as resource for the program.)  
  • Wellness and Athletic Center Manager (Supervises personnel and activities at the Wellness and Athletic Center.)  
  • Climbing Wall Monitor/Store Assistant (Supervises and monitors climbing wall activities. Certification is required. Also works in the AGS Store.)
  •   Activities Monitor (Monitors the computer lab. No computer technical skills necessary.)  

Applications are due by Monday, March 3, 2014.  Interviews will be held in  April.   If you have any questions about any of the positions listed above, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

The AGS work experience is very demanding, but it is also very enjoyable and very rewarding. Our staff members are special people who enjoy challenges and believe it is a privilege to help shape the lives of Arkansas’ best and brightest young people. Thank you again for your interest in the Arkansas Governor's School. I look forward to receiving your application.  

Staff Application