How would you assess your overall experience at AGS.

The best summer ever!
I would say AGS has for sure been a successful experience, especially since it was my first time being away from home. I’ve learned a lot about myself here.
I loved AGS. Everything was organized and I made a bunch of new friends!!
Great. Out of ten it has been an 8.5.
Best decision I’ve ever made. The people made this experience, and the learning was enjoyable not stressful.
I made new friends and broadened my knowledge on a variety of topics.
Amazing! 10/10 stars.
It was an enjoyable and an amazing experience.
My overall experience at AGS was life changing. I was surrounded with my type of people (smart), and I loved every minute of it.
My overall experience has been excellent.
The best experience of my entire life. Everything (except the dorms) was phenomenal – from the students to the staff and all of the odd things that are only at Hendrix.
11/10! I would definitely come back. I wish this was a boarding school or something… I would go into eternal debt to stay forever. One word? (or two…) life-changing!
I loved it and it ended too soon.
It was amazing! I would do it again and again. A well spent summer.
I would say that AGS changed my life, but not in the way I thought it would. I didn’t have this big epiphany about my existence; instead, I was taught to care and to love. That’s deep.
I had a blast! Much better than being at home doing chores. I would do this every summer if I could.
This has been one of the greatest, most unique experiences of my life.
Overall, Governor’s School challenged me to question the world around me in a constructive and positive way. It showed me that life isn’t as linear as I thought.
I wish I could do this for school; these people, these teachers, these classes, forever!
A fantastic one.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at AGS.
For me personally it was an immense challenge and not an easy one to get through but one that I am glad to have had.
It has helped me so; it was great.
It was one of the best experiences.
I’d give it an 8.5 out of 10.
I really enjoyed AGS even though at times it could be a little too strict considering it is supposed to be a taste of college life.
Probably one of the best experiences of my life. I like that there are so many varieties of people but everyone is intellectual and awesome. I loved the 4:10s and 6:10s.
This was probably the best six weeks of my life.
It was a great experience that helped me to view the world in different ways.
WONDERFUL.  I wish I never had to leave!
One of the best months of my life.
Great and awesome.
It was alright.
AMAZING! Great food, people, classes, teachers, seminars, etc…
I’m so happy I was able to experience AGS. I think it has forever changed the way I think and I can use it elsewhere.
Kindly, I believe that it fulfilled my expectations and its stated goals well.
It had some ups and downs but it was an amazing experience.
Life changing, it only needs one word, but some key points: learned so much to use in life; grew incredibly as a person; got the opportunity to spend quality time with the girl I’ve loved for 2 years. She loves me back. Finally overcame the challenges.
5,000/10 Eye opening.
Words can’t really describe it other than that it was an informative and interesting experience you can’t get anywhere else.
AMAZING. It wasn’t exactly the most academic, but I feel like I gained a lot socially. 
It allowed me to experience college in a certain way, and forced me to think outside of the box. I’m very satisfied with the program.
It was okay but that is in comparison to my usual school life.
This was the best six weeks of my life. It is a life changing opportunity that I am so thankful for having being blessed with.
It was amazing and it is heartbreaking that it is ending.
It has been life changing, and I can’t imagine not coming.
I’d give it a six.
It was wonderful. It was something I’m glad I got to experience. If I could, I would want to come here again every summer.
I think it helped me grow as a person, academically, socially and even a little spiritually. I loathe the end.
I loved it!
My AGS experience has been absolutely awesome.
I would pay a million dollars to come back every summer!
Amazing. I’m so thankful for this opportunity. Although I was nervous, I loved it. I don’t want to leave. The environment allowed me to thrive.
Amazing. Life-changing!
I was terrified to come, but it was so worth it. It was a fantastic opportunity and I’d recommend it to everyone.
Life changing.
It was truly fantastic. The program is so great and well-rounded. I enjoyed it so much.
I loved it and will definitely recommend AGS to all of my younger friends. 
It was very memorable. I loved the whole environment here.
My overall experience at AGS went beautifully. I loved every minute, but would have liked a little more time.
Amazing. Needless to say I don’t want to leave.
My overall AGS experience was great. I have a lot of new friends and it has changed my life.
I really enjoyed everything about AGS. The classes, seminars, events, people, etc. It was a great time and a great learning environment.
It was extremely fun and amazing. I learned so much and I wish I could do it again.
Very great time in my life; I have no regrets at spending my summer here.
I honestly don’t know; fun, tiring, boring, nerve racking.
On a scale of 1 – 10. I’d give it a seven. The activities and classes were great, but the dorm life/homework was stressed and overwhelming. However, I am glad I chose to come.
Wonderful. Simply wonderful! I will never forget this experience, and truthfully, I don’t want to leave!
An amazing, fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime experience that I am FOREVER grateful for and will never forget.
I think my overall experience at AGS was fantastic and is going to be a lasting memory I will treasure.
It was fantastic!
It was good. There could be more diversity, but other than that the people and the speakers were GREAT.
I loved it.
10/10; it shaped me as a human being.
It was very good. I really don’t want to leave. There has been no other place quite like it.
I want to participate again! Can I come as a student next year?
It was lots of fun after all the classes. I wish the class system would be revamped to where you kept the same classmates and teachers didn’t give as much homework.
It was so fantastic. I learned so much.  I love everyone, and I don’t want to leave.
It was a ton of fun! I learned so much and met great people. I gained insight into a lot of perspective as well. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.
It was the best experiences of my life! I’m really going to miss it here! It really made me think differently and I felt like I could really be myself here. 
It was amazing…some of the speakers near the end could be improved.
The overall experience was phenomenal. 
I would say AGS has improved my life for the better.
I learned more in this six weeks than I would in a regular year. It was fun and exciting and I would love to do it again. 
20/10 Is that allowed as a score? AGS has allowed me to grow, flourish and be comfortable with myself.
A++++++! AGS has been amazing!
I’m not going home…I’m leaving home…
The most valuable six weeks of my life so far.
I enjoyed myself despite not wanting to attend.
An amazing experience filled with self-growth. I have no regrets in coming here.
Best six weeks of my life.
It was the best time of my life. Before AGS, I was like AGS will be fun, but not life changing. Now, it’s like AGS isn’t this one event that happens, but a series of life changing friendships, classes, and so on.
Cool, unique
My overall experience was fantastic. I’m really glad that I signed up. I wish it didn’t have to end so soon.
I loved AGS and would definitely do it all again. The community is great and I loved my classes, teachers, and friends.
I think it will be one of the best experiences in my life.
It was a blast! Very challenging, but I learned a lot and had a lot of fun.
I could say it was the most amazing experience.
Fantastic experience. It was not long enough though it will be a great memory.
It was fun, but I’m ready to go home.
It was the best experience EVER!
It was a very enjoyable learning experience.
Extremely great.
It is one of the best experiences of my entire life. I am never going to forget it.
Great, made new friends and got a taste of how the real world is going to be.
AGS has been one of the best experiences of my life.
It was amazing.
Loved it!!! I will never EVER forget this experience.
I enjoyed AGS.
It has probably been the best experience of my life.
It allowed me to have a unique time and it was very enlightening.
AMAZING. I never wanna leave.
Freaking in love. Make a charter school like this. Community of people is best part.
I think it was a good experience. I loved the people I met.
The most socially stimulating experience.
1-10 10
One of the best experiences of my life. I loved it.
It was absolutely amazing. It went by so quickly.
My experience at AGS was amazing. There were so many opportunities and I learned a lot.
Due to me being African American I felt very very awkward many times throughout the program but on a scale of 1-100,  90%.
Scale of one to ten? 100! AGS is the greatest thing that I have ever been a part of. I will carry it with me for the rest of my life.
It was one of the best, most helpful experiences of my entire life.
It was amazing and very much a great experience.
It has been a life changing experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better summer.
This is the best camp/school I’ve ever been to. I wish my regular school was like this. It will be hard to go back, but it has been a blast.
It is made for white culture. I enjoyed meeting new people, but I felt like there just wasn’t an environment for me.
Great. Will recommend to everyone, although I would have appreciated the option to go to ZaZa’s or Panara. We are on the cusp of adulthood…we can handle freedom.
I had an amazing time at AGS…I wish it could be a year long school…minus the dorms.
It was amazing. I truly have no complaints.
It was a fun experience. I will never forget it. I loved it and wish I could come again. 
AGS changed my life. It made me find who I am and it was such a great experience. AGS 2013!
I would say it was entertaining, transformative and all around wonderful. I’m really disappointed it is ending…
My overall experience was amazing. I loved every minute!
8/10 few complaints.
Happy and eye opening.
It was an awesome experience.
I loved my time here.
Life changing and wonderful.
It’s been incredible. If you don’t mind, I think I will just stay here.
Tiring but intellectually beneficial as well as preparatory for college.
My experience was better than I thought it would be coming into this. I became a better person.
I had a great time. This is something that I will never forget.
It has been too amazing to describe. I will never forget the experience, the people, and activities that have come along with it.
Extremely enjoyable and very constructive.
Really great! There was a wide variety of things to do and topics and things. The only thing is the organization on outings a lot of the time was really messy.
For the first three weeks I hated it. I was homesick and hadn’t met anyone outside of my school. But then I met new people and have loved AGS. I have made friends I won’t forget and learned so many things. Also, AGS is amazing in the way people are more positive and accepting.
I tried new things and was open to new ideas. It was definitely a good experience.
It was enjoyable, but the classes contributed very little knowledge or entertainment and were not efficient. I did not make close contacts but met good acquaintances. 
Best experience I’ve ever had. I WISH I COULD STAY FOREVER.
It was great. I learned so much and had a blast!
One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t consider it time wasted at all.
Definitely worth it; I’ve learned a lot and met some great people.
It was wonderful and so many opportunities opened up to me.
Best experience of my life so far.
Wonderful preparatory enlightening summer.
Perhaps not as rewarding as I would like, as I’m a comp sci kid. Maybe a little long. I’ll probably remember odd bits (like 4:10s) later on, though.
GREAT! But tiring though.
My overall experience at AGS was great. I’m going to take a lot of what I learned here back home.
It was a fantastic experience. Everything I did was fun, exciting or eye opening.
3 / 5
I absolutely loved AGS. I really came out of my shell and enjoyed almost every minute.
Legendary. Enlightening. Invaluable. Necessary. Wonderful.
I loved every minute of AGS, so I would give it a 10.
I overall had a very good experience here at AGS. The experience has provided me with new friends, new learning experiences, and personal development.
Overall, this has been a fantastic experience. The faculty is very supportive and knowledgeable. I’ve learned a lot and wouldn’t trade this for the world.
10 / 10 would do again right now forever and always YES
7 / 10
It was fun, but not life-changing. I’m ready to go home. If I could decide again I would apply for a different Area I.
I really enjoyed growing both intellectually and socially at AGS.
It was one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you all so much.
AMAZING! I would do it again if I had the chance.
I had an amazing time and I’ve made friends I’ll carry forever.
It was alright for an introvert that hates closed-minded people that can be really mean. 3 /5  Would recommend it.
It had its ups and downs, but it was great.
I loved it.
Going to AGS was worth the six weeks of my summer.
It was top notch. I am definitely glad I came.
I had an amazing experience. Five stars all the way!!!
Absolutely fantastic.
My experience here has been incredible. I have learned so much here and have made great personal connections with my fellow students that have allowed me to grow as a person.
I’d say I had a constructive time at AGS. I’ve been exposed to multiple new ideas.
AGS is literally an experience of a lifetime. I can’t imagine not coming here this summer. I’m taking so many things with me and am excited to share them.
It was the best it could have been! I learned so much about the world and how people really are. I loved it.
It was wonderful! I don’t want to leave.
I do not want to leave. This is about to be very hard for me to leave here and return home. I’ve told friends back home they’re lucky this isn’t a permanent school.
Great. I was terrified of six weeks, but I wouldn’t change anything. I’m grateful for the opportunity and most events/staff were enthusiastic and welcoming.
AGS overall was an incredible experience. The classes and faculty really pushed us to grow as individuals and as a community. The memories and friendships were more than worth the six weeks of summer.
This is an experience that I am so thankful to have. I had the best time here!
If I could live here I would.
This was truly a life-changing experience. Despite the organizational kinks and the nit-picky rules, this program was perfect.
AWESOME. 10 / 10 Wish this was a boarding school.
I loved the classes, activities, and people but my dorm experience made the whole thing unpleasant and uncomfortable.
My overall experience at AGS was definitely an absolutely great and beneficial one. I wish it would not end.
AGS was unimaginably beneficial to me as an intellectual and a member of society. In simpler terms, I had a “whale” of a time.
AGS, for me, was GREAT! It blew my mind then repaired it back together. This was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
It was nothing I ever expected. My Area I class was most beneficial to me, and I will keep in touch with everyone that I can.
I loved AGS so much. There’s too much to say in this tiny space! AGS let me love learning again, and allowed me to interact with those who love learning, too. AGS opened my eyes and let me better understand people and the world around me. This was an incredible experience that I will keep in my heart forever.
AGS has challenged me in a positive way in that I have had to learn how to stand for my beliefs even when they may not be very popular.
I had the time of my life in a unique community that I will never forget, and also…KOYAANISQATSI.
It was an incredible experience I will never forget. I wish it would never end. I think I’ll just stay.
Off the charts! Best time of my life!
AGS has taught me a lot. What college plans I now have are different from when I came. I have so many new friends with so much they can offer me. AGS has opened a world for me that nothing else really can and nothing else really has.
It was GREAT!
I really enjoyed it. I wish I could do it again. Or have something similar in the future. I would definitely recommend it.
A fantastic experience, something I’m without a doubt grateful having.
My overall experience at AGS was great.
AWESOME. The people were awesome, my classes were interesting, and the teachers were awesome. I learned more about myself than anything else, and I think I really needed this experience.
It was fun, exciting, interesting, and mind blowing.
Fantastic. I would repeat it in a heartbeat.
My overall experience here has been motivating and unforgettable. I will miss this place!
I think it has helped me better understand myself.
It was okay. Honestly, I did not enjoy it. Already living in an environment like this, I found it more strict. My summer had more rules and less fun than the school year.
I have learned so much in the short time I have been at AGS. I am so glad I got this amazing opportunity.
It was AMAZING!!! Best experience of my life. The atmosphere is incredible and it is so much fun. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Six weeks felt like two weeks.
Life changing physically, thanks to the WAC, and mentally.
It is an experience I will have in my head until the minute I die. The people here, and what I’ve been able to accomplish here…it’s amazing.
I enjoyed all the classes & how there was a wide variety of optional educational & recreational activities. I felt that more should be done to force students to socialize & interact, especially w/people outside their own group. I felt a lot of people here hide in their rooms after class. I also think we should expand everyone’s mind even more by offering even more abstract & controversial ideas.
I had a wonderful time. I will always remember this experience.
AGS was a very good program and long. I loved it but I do wish we could have some more privileges.
I can’t imagine ever regretting coming here.
It was so unique! It definitely helped me to grow into my true self.
It was magnificent. If I could I would apply again.
My overall experience was amazing! Not only did I learn a lot, but I also developed friendships that I hope will last for the rest of my life.
Amazing! I wish that I could stay and learn more and hang out with the great students and staff.
As one of the best of my life. I can’t imagine going on the same way after it (that’s a good thing).
The best program I’ve been to. The atmosphere and ambience can beat all others.
Amazing, & everything and more of what I was expecting it to be.
Amazing and incomparable to my senior year. I wish this was my senior year!
It was mostly great, but long. I’ve found myself really excited to go home. The 4:10/6:10’s were probably the best thing here; they’re a fantastic idea.
On a scale of one to ten, AGS was a 2…I’m kidding. It was a 10 without a doubt. It was everything I was expecting & more!! I really enjoyed it.
I enjoyed the experience and I am happy I came.
It was a wonderful experience that I would not trade for the world.
I would describe my experience at AGS as very beneficial in that I have gained new knowledge and perspectives about the world and enjoyable in that I have gained what I hope will become life-long friends.
I liked it a lot. I think we are all super grateful to have gotten to come during the 6 week program.
Lovely! I got pretty exhausted in the middle which made things harder but that wasn’t anyone’s fault.  Maybe there should be one “recharge” day, especially now that it’s back to 6 weeks.
It was enjoyable. I made good friends and learned a few things along the way. I’m glad I came.
It was amazing and a once-in-a-life time opportunity.
Well spent and enjoyable. Came away with a passion to learn so much more.
AGS was a life-changing experience. I really enjoyed it.
Very super awesome cool. Best summer I’ve had. A really great experience for everyone involved.
It was a fantastic academic experience.
AMAZING! Without AGS I wouldn’t feel confident in my life choices – it made me think freely.
AGS was life changing. I loved virtually every aspect of it. It made me learn to think critically.
10 / 10
Fairly positive. I did get a little tired of so much debating though.
Very enjoyable.
This is the most fun I have had in a long time! AGS is amazing.
AMAZING! Once in a lifetime forever friends and memories.
It is something that will stay with me forever. The liberal environment and speakers did make me feel uncomfortable and offended at times, but overall, very beneficial. 
1 to 10 an 8.65
AGS was a great experience. I met so many new people, loved my classes and teachers, and participated in fun activities constantly.
It was fun, minus some slow times.
This time has been very intellectually stimulating and I really enjoyed the activities/social life.
Tiring, confusing bizarre and amazing. 
20 / 10, there’s no other way to say how much I truly enjoyed this program.
It was a really fun time where I met cool people and learned a lot from them.
I really loved it. It was one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had before and coming from Mexico I feel like this has changed my life.
AGS has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.
I wish I could come back next year! I loved my time spent here; it was so much fun and I learned so much.
A wonderful glance into the future for college.
A life changing experience every senior should get to have.
I loved AGS. It challenged my thinking, opened by eyes to new issues, and at the same time made me more confident in my beliefs. We watched way too many movies though!
Very worthwhile.
The educational, social, and residential aspects have all been awesome. This is such an awesome place, and the experience has been one that I would never want to forget. I wish that I could say here forever.
10 / 10
I loved it. This is a fantastic experience to have, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it.
I am very glad to have come. I live at school for most of the year and AGS was more time from home, but I think it was the best way to spend my summer.
I absolutely loved it and I don’t want to go home.
Fantastic, I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Wish I could have AGS every summer.
I liked it. It wasn’t completely life-changing, but I think I’m ready to live at college now. On a 1-10 scale, I’d say a 7. I had fun. I loved the 4:10s/6:10s. It was interesting and stimulating.
Fantastic. I can think of no better way to spend my summer. It’s been really constructive and interesting.
It was very beneficial, fun, and I wish I could go again!
I don’t think I could have spent six weeks of my summer in a better way.
I loved AGS! It was great! I feel like I have a new perspective on the world.
I absolutely loved it. There are so many amazing people.
I enjoyed it. It was more of a social experience that an educational one for me, but I did learn some things. I would recommend it to the others.
I’m a much better person for it. AGS helped me to find myself and people like me. It helped me realize I’m not alone and there are people out there who enjoy what I do equally. I’ve come to appreciate others more as well.
I don’t want to leave.
Fantastic. I loved being here, and I am so happy it was 6 weeks. It will easily be my best high school experience. 
Mind blowing, life changing, amazingly awesome, irreplaceable, unbelievable, can’t even describe how amazing it was for me.
Off the charts! I never thought six weeks would have so much impact on my last 17 years.
Very, very excellent. Unlike anything I’ve experienced. Wondrous learning, health socializing, incredible thinking and pondering.
Great experience to meet different people and expand my world view and prepare me for life after high school.
Amazing. I learned a lot about myself and how I interact with others. I learned so much in Area I and II that I will keep forever. I have also formed many new relationships with people which I feel will last.
It was generally positive. I lost interest in the afternoon lectures after the second week. Often times I dreaded attending my classes or required events due to dislike or boredom, but I enjoyed 1 / 5 days in class and the free time.
An amazing experience. I would love to experience it again!
It was perfect in every way.
The best summer ever. The friends I’ve made and things I’ve learned has made me a better person than I could have imagined.
Awesome! I would love to repeat it. It was an unforgettable experience.
AGS is fun and opened my mind.
A very fun and perspective changing experience.
It should be longer! It was great to attend seminars with new friends.
I loved it. It was so awesome.
Unforgettable. I fell in love.
I don’t want to leave.
Very fun, something I will carry the rest of my life.
It was the best experience of my life.
It was amazing. It was the fantasy land I wanted.
Ehh… Could’ve been worse, I guess.
Life changing.
11 / 10
One of the best things in my life.
I enjoyed every bit of it. There was so much to learn and I tried to soak up every bit of it. I was reluctant to come at first, but I’m so thankful I came. I LOVED IT.
It was amazing and awesome.
It was amazing.
I had an amazing time and I am so happy I came here for the summer.
My experience was overall amazing.
I enjoyed it and I am sad to leave.
GREAT!!! (but I wanna go home).
Awesome, most definitely I won’t forget it.
Incredible and I strongly desire to return as an RA.
10 / 10 A+ 100% I liked the six weeks. Now I’m ready to go home and I wasn’t at 4 weeks.
It is probably the best thing I’ve done in my life. I “discovered” who I really am and I made friends I’ll never forget.
AGS is an awesome experience.
I enjoyed it, especially the social aspect. My classes were great. I made friends, and had fun so I guess I give it a thumbs up.
A chapter in my life has ended. Thanks to AGS, a new one can begin.
I would say it was the best experience of my high school “life”.
I believe AGS was the best 6 weeks of my life!
It was AMAZING and AWESOME!! I’m really going to miss the teachers here and the students. I am seriously going to cry. Thank you for this awesome opportunity. 
FANTASTIC! I have been provided an amazing experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Such an amazing place!
It was an eye opening experience that has bettered every aspect of my life and helped me.
Extremely beneficial. The mock college atmosphere was fantastic.
4.9 / 5.0 hearts
It was amazing. I wish there was an AGS boarding school where we wouldn’t have to leave until college.
I loved the deep friendships I formed and the life lessons I learned.
My overall experience at AGS has been close to my heart, and it is one I will cherish for the rest of my life.
It truly is “life changing”. I honestly cannot sum my experiences in two sentences. There are no words to explain.
Sorry one word answer – Supercalifrayilisticexpealidocious
My experience at AGS has been completely life changing and extremely positive. It has opened up my eyes to a greater sense of the world and a greater sense of self.
I really loved my experience here. I think I grew as a student as well as a person. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to come. The volume of required events and amount of babying the students received regarding attendance was obnoxious but the events themselves were really nice.
It was wonderful. I loved it and I don’t want to leave.
I would say that overall my experience here has been positive. I’ve met so many people and done so many things that otherwise I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do.
I have too little space to put it right here. So I will summarize, it was AMAZING.
Every pleasant adjective in the English language. 
It was a great experience where I have had made some lifelong friends.
Quite enjoyable and pleasant change of pace.
It was life-changing and experience building.
I’ve made a lot of good friends and learned so much. I’m going to miss the communal life style.
It’s been fantastic, wild and unnerving all at once! I am so glad I came! I don’t think my life is ever going to be the same.
AGS was great. I would have liked more speakers that have more conservative views because some attacked my views. This also applies to 4:10/6:10s.
It was a great experience. I will remember this experience for my entire life. I will miss this program greatly.
I have loved it. I have been so happy and enjoyed every moment of my time here. I don’t think I’ve missed home once.
I’m very glad & thankful I got to enjoy this experience!
It was the best 6 weeks of my life.
Life changing. New friends, a broader view of the future. I will never forget the memories I made here. I feel bad for those who had this experience for only four weeks.
Incredibly positive in that I experienced a lot of new things, mainly through 4:10s and 6:10s, and it was just a positive intellectual environment.
Some of the greatest 6 weeks of my life that I’m sure will benefit me in the future.
I didn’t get a great deal out of the classes but the social environment was excellent and I benefited greatly from that.
AGS was a life changing experience!! I enjoyed it so much! AGS helped me grow as a person! I have grown socially, physically, and mentally. I loved AGS!! Best 6 weeks of my life!!
My Area I, II, and III classes were awesome, so they were what made AGS worthwhile to me.
It was fantastic! I would do it again in a heartbeat. I wish school was like AGS.
On a scale of 1 - 10, I’d give it infinity times infinity.
I loved AGS. I think it has been one of my best experiences of high school.
One of the best experiences I have ever had.
Amazing. I will never forget my experience here or the friendships I’ve gained.
I loved it. I would like to come back.
I don’t wanna leave; way more preferable to regular high school.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience here and all the friends I have made.
Wouldn’t change a thing.
A life changing experience.
It was wonderful! I’m going to miss it!
The best summer I have ever had to date.
I don’t want to leave. Can we make this into a boarding school? We would beast at quiz bowl.
Excellent, it was everything I thought it would be and more.
7 out of 10 due to restrictions of productivity and socialization.
Enjoyable and beneficial.
Don’t want to go home.
I thought it was amazing and I wouldn’t trade these last six weeks for anything in the world.
Exciting & fun.
It was amazing. I loved it, and would do it again. Wish it was like a senior high school. I want to work here, too!
This has been a mind-broadening, life changing experience. I’ve found a new perspective on life, and I would recommend it to anybody.
Overall, I had a fantastic time at AGS.
This was a great experience although it wasn’t as eye opening for me as for some other people. This is mainly due to my very accepting and culturally interested family and town. I would definitely come back. AGS has taught me so much about thinking and personal relationships as well as what it is like to embrace more freedoms.
An experience I’ll never forget!! I don’t wanna leave!!!
10! I have an amazing time. The people are amazing.
It was a fantastic experience. I really enjoyed Area I and Area II and I have made some truly incredible friends here.
LOVED it!! I would stay forever if I could.
It was amazing! I met so many awesome people and learned many new interesting concepts.

How effectively did the Director (Lyle Rupert) promote a constructive environment at AGS?

He was awesome.
Lyle is a chill bro. He is a bit weird with his jokes but he’s allowed me to live at Hendrix and have fun. It’s been constructive.
He had the best jokes. He reminded us of the rules when he thought we weren’t getting the most of our experience.
He was wonderful! He made AGS a very fun and interesting experience.
Lyle is fantastic. He was always up for a conversation and trying new things.
He was very energetic and connected well with the students.
He was amazing at promoting not only a constructive environment but a community.
Very effectively. It was a great experience and I felt able to utilize many fantastic opportunities. 
He was fairly effective.
I believe Lyle successfully promoted a constructive environment.
Lyle Rupert was awesome…nuff said.
He was very effective constructing how things were at AGS.
He was an insanely nice man who was very easy to approach and a very smart man who fostered a good environment.
Very effectively. He and his staff did an amazing job.
Lyle Rupert promoted a constructive environment at AGS perfectly. He made it fun and welcome with his awful jokes.
He did a good job. All of jokes were big hits, too.
Every time I saw Lyle, I bowed at his feet. He did a phenomenal job at creating such a tolerant environment, and he is a great pipe organist!
Lyle was flawless in this aspect. He made it seem like the students at AGS were college students at Hendrix. I loved the way he ran the program. 
Lyle is awesome. He interacted with the audience and students in a great way.
Other than corny jokes, I would say he did incredibly well. His enthusiasm was noted and necessary.
Didn’t see him very often other than at events but he always seemed focused and friendly.
Very well. I felt I was in the presence of a true leader.
He made sure that there were many productive activities and interesting activities going on. He did a great job!
He did a fantastic job of captivating the spirit of youth. He wasn’t scared of us; rather he was close to us. It was comforting to see him do things students would do as well.
Very well. He also showed us that AGS was a place that stress was unnecessary by cracking jokes occasionally.
Very well. He was upbeat and organized.
A great job! I felt at home within Hendrix’s atmosphere very quickly. I have never been anywhere that evokes the sense of community that AGS does.
Lyle is an awesome man. I had the opportunity to talk with him for a bit when the piano was being fixed. He is really cool, and manages to keep a calm head and take care of business. He did an amazing job.
He was very successful. I appreciate the wide variety of activities and speakers every day. I always had the opportunity to interact.
Lyle was excellent at this job and had all the students loving him and his energy, and having incentive to be productive.
Very well, always energetic. 
Very effective. I had a pleasant experience.
It seemed Lyle did a great job at always promoting a constructive environment.
Very effectively.
Lyle was the best. He was very kind and constantly asked the students questions about what we were doing. I want Lyle to adopt me.
He did a good job. He maybe could have gotten out into the public crowd more because the only time I saw him was in Staples.
Great! I love it here.
He set it up so we could learn a lot and make new friends. Very good.
We didn’t see him that much, but when we did he was effective.
He created a not only fun but heavily constructive environment.
Lyle is real cool. I felt like I could come to him with questions and stuff.
LYLE IS THE BEST! He was very respectful, and always extremely friendly. He answered all questions very thoughtfully and knew when to laugh.
I thought Lyle Rupert was a great Director.
I give him an 8. He was really funny and understanding.
Everything was always fun and interesting – even his jokes.
Very effective! Though I’d guess most of what he did was behind he scenes.
He was cool, I guess.
Lyle was great. He was always very cheerful and outgoing. We couldn’t have asked for a better director.
He always made sure everything was good fun with everyone supporting each other. We all became a family.
He was a very good source of positive energy.
He did great! It was eye-opening and fun!
He made it very easy to see what the goals and plans are at AGS.
He promoted the AGS environment very well.
Very well, I loved the easy going-ness (and the jokes).
Very effective.
He did so very effectively.
Lyle was really great. His demeanor was great and was an overall enhancement to AGS.
He did very well. He made it seem like one big family and on one was going to get left out.
Lyle cannot be any better at his job.
He was very charismatic.
He did a fine job. He was very nice, humble, and enjoyable. He knew what he was doing.
Exceedingly effective! I really love it here!
Lyle was very effective.
He did very well. I’m glad I came to AGS.
Lyle was very good. Everything flowed well.
He did wonderfully. He really made all of us feel welcome.
Never really interacted with him outside of laughing at his painfully awful jokes and at movies and speakers.
Lyle made the experience fun and educational at the same time, but he knows how to be the “boss”.
Very effectively. I know we don’t see him much but AGS is here because of him.
We have a very tight knit community, so very well.
It was a great environment.
Very effectively. He did a great job managing this program.
He did excellent. Ran it smoothly.
Very effectively. Lyle is amazing.
LOVE Lyle Rupert. He was so friendly and made it a point to talk to us.
Lyle was great. He was funny and a great leader.
Way to go Lyle! Way to be a great leader. I learned and laughed.
He did a great job and was a lot of fun to be around.
Lyle Rupert was one of the best directors I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He has done a tremendous job and I appreciate him so much.
He was great. He made things fun.
He did an excellent job, especially with his smile and all his silly jokes.
Lyle has done an amazing job. Even before camp started he helped my Mom be at peace at some things simply by replying to an email.
Very effectively; however, his jokes could improve. 
Pretty effective. As director he keeps everything going and makes the best experience for us all.
Lyle was very great and constructive and helpful at all times.
Yeah it was fun! Lyle your jokes are amazing, don’t let anyone tell you different. 
Very effectively. The Director was a positive person; the rules aren’t stupid strict, and most everything socially was shown in a positive light. Nice job, Lyle!
I liked having a schedule and plan. That was nice.
The Director created a great environment and seemed very involved with AGS activities, speakers and movies.
He was great and had some phenomenal jokes!
Lyle was great. All the teachers and students this year were fantastic.
He did a good job.
Really effectively. His announcements before required events let me know what was going on and how AGS was a community.
Mostly effectively. I had trouble with my roommate, she had some mental health issues that put stress on me, and could have been dealt with better. But overall, the good outweighs the bad. Best experience of my life so far.
So well. I would grovel at his feet when I saw him.
He maintained a stable flowing experience.
I rarely saw the guy, and then only as a comedian/organist/public announcer. Don’t ask me.
He did a wonderful job; he was friendly and supportive.
He was very positive and seem to love what he does so I think he did a good job at promoting a constructive environment.
He was always on top of things. He was very entertaining.
He was very effective. I liked all of his jokes. He seemed to always be  in a chipper mood.
2 out of 5
AGS’s environment is what makes this place amazing. By making learning exciting and interesting, he has promoted an incredible intellectual community. WOW
Lyle did a great job as director. He seemed to know how to do his job, and I have high respect for him and what he does.
I didn’t see him enough to tell. I liked his convocation speech and his bad jokes.
I thought Lyle did an amazing job at creating a fun environment. 
He did it very well and with humor.
Lyle Rupert created a fun and upbeat environment at AGS and created many learning experiences here at AGS.
Very well. His enthusiasm made AGS a much better experience for me. As well as his interaction with students.
Lyle did an excellent job and I praise his AGS running skills.
I really don’t know. I saw him around of course but I assume a lot of the stuff he does students don’t see directly.
Lyle promoted a constructive environment very well.
He was grand – a little cheesey. But grand.
Very effectively, he was always involved and ready to answer any questions we had.
He did a great job. The environment was constructive yet fun. I love you Lyle!
He did okay? I never really thought about him until I heard his godawful jokes.
Extremely effective. Lyle was great.
He was very effective. He wasn’t strict or dominating, but loyal and comforting.
Lyle was amazing. The only man for the job.
Very effectively, I appreciated his openness.
Lyle did a great job and I think everyone liked him. He didn’t seem super strict or anything.
Lyle was very fun and kept the energy up.
Lyle rocks A+ - very effective.
From my experience, he did a great job.
He did well; I loved his jokes.
I loved him. He was a great guy, did a terrific job and organized the program well.
Lyle was a very encouraging and friendly director. I could tell he puts his all into making AGS a constructive place and his effort shows.
Lyle did a fantastic job. I can’t imagine anyone who’d do better.
Lyle always seemed genuinely happy to be here. His attitude rubs off on many people allowing AGS to be a genuinely positive environment.
Lyle made AGS what it was and he’s AMAZING!! Anyone could see how much effort he puts into his job here!
Lyle Rupert seemed like some sort of omnipotent being. He was rarely seen, but very well-known and respected.
Well, he was fairly behind the scenes though, he was fun!
He was nice, funny and friendly. He made a good director for AGS!
He made every event at Staples just 10x more exciting. His energy rubbed off on me most of the time.
Lyle’s efforts resulted in a truly fantastic marvel. I feel as though not a second of my time at AGS was wasted and that this experience has made me a better person.
Very effectively, there were hardly any negative aspects to find at AGS while under the direction of Lyle.
Lyle Rupert brought comedy, understanding and community to AGS. Kudos to Lyle!
Being the lead man in the whole operation, he was accepted by everyone he came in contact with. In a respectful way I view him as the papa grizzly bear who takes in his cubs and he did a good job of promoting a growing environment for all of us.
Very effectively!
Lyle (The Squirrel King) Rupert did a wonderful job! He was highly visible and approachable.
His jokes needed some help, but he did a really great job. He was always friendly and nice.
He was great! Jokes needed some work though. Keep the squirrels!
Greatly. Encouraging all students to participate and his active participation and attendance at events made Lyle a genuine Director who obviously cared about the outcome of each event and each student’s attention to it.
He was funny. I loved the squirrels.
Lyle did great. He was always calm around us and never freaking out. Plus everything went great.
Very effectively. He made the environment of AGS very friendly and very relaxed, creating an atmosphere more conducive to enjoyment and learning.
He was amazing. He really is the force that held all of this together, and I appreciated how involved he was with the students every day.
Lyle was wonderful. I enjoyed the 4:10s that he did for us. He’s been very friendly.
He  promoted a constructive environment at AGS. He seems very nice.
Lyle does SUCH a great job at taking care of and controlling AGS. He’s friendly and just all around awesome.
Very! He’s very approachable and helpful.
He is very effective! I loved that he utilized the time when we were together to commend various groups, such as the band and choir.
He did an outstanding job. Always friendly.
Lyle did a great job! (cheesy jokes and all!)
Lyle did exceptionally well at promoting a constructive environment.
110% wonderful
Lyle Rupert, I just want to hug you and cry on your shoulder from happiness. AGS 2013 was brilliant. I’ll miss it so much.
He did very well talking to us a lot and being at so many events and leading everything. He tried to connect with the students and that was nice.
Lyle was the best. I very much enjoyed my AGS experience.
Lyle was very organized and effective at keeping the environment at AGS constructive.
Very effectively, he was very cheery.
Wonderfully! Lyle was always willing to help. He was the best! He was also incredibly nice and respectful.
AGS is very well put together and super-cohesive.
Lyle did a great job at it, and he was very friendly.
He did very well. Fun but serious at the same time.
I thought Lyle was very effective running AGS.
Although I only saw him during required events  (mostly), AGS seems to run very smoothly and being the Director, I’m sure it runs that way because of him.
He did a great job at promoting a constructive environment at AGS while keeping it fun and entertaining.
Lyle allowed AGS to be an experience of a life time. I’m leaving changed for the better.
Lyle is an amazing director, he allowed AGS to be a fun and open environment, one which I will never forget.
Go Lyle! *bows at feet* There isn’t another person that I would rather have as our director at AGS. He made me feel like family here.
He was a source of warmth and he really welcomed us into the AGS family.
Lyle did an amazing job promoting a constructive environment.
I think the Director did a great job promoting a constructive environment and created a great atmosphere where the students can interact.
He did wonderful, especially with his jokes.
Lyle was hilarious and a very good leader.
He was great. Very constructive, fun, and a nice guy.
I never really saw him doing work personally so I can’t say.
Everybody loved him, and I feel that definitely unified the community.
He did very well in promoting a good environment.
Very effectively – AGS was a great learning environment.
Very well! I was always doing something either educational or fun or both.
Lyle is awesome. Very friendly and approachable.
He established positive momentum and excitement that carried us though the lagging times. (Needs better jokes and quotes.)
It was great. Events were so well coordinated, and there were a plethora of them to choose from.
Although I didn’t really talk to him, I believe he did a great job.
Lyle was good humored and highly organized. He was patient, understanding and cooperative, but not a push-over.
I loved him.
Lyle Rupert was amazing. I loved him.
He is great at what he does and he’s funny.
Lyle did a great job! He always was positive, so he made me happy. He promoted a great environment.
So good! Keep him!!
He was pretty funny. I feel like he brought everything together.
Very well.
Lyle Rupert was probably my favorite leader here, A+.
Lyle was fantastic. Everytime I saw him he was so friendly and did not hesitate to interact  with students.
Lyle Rupert was a wonderful director and really made AGS a lively and exciting environment.
Lyle was awesome. He does great work.
Very effectively.
Lyle is simply Lyle. He structured AGS in a manner I believe to have been very effective and lots of fun. He does his job well.
Lyle did awesome! He remained in control of difficult situations and handled them very well.
He made me really happy every time I saw him! I don’t know if that answers the question or not – but I would say he promoted a pretty great environment.
Lyle did a great job, and I felt very safe.
Definitely did what was in his power. More freedom needed though, especially for a program that fosters free thinking, i.e. cell phones, and curfew.
He did awesome! Without Lyle this experience would not have been as great as it was!
He performed his duties very well, and created a very cohesive environment.
Very effectively – the environment at AGS was welcoming and stimulating.
I think he did a very effective job at promoting a constructive environment by telling us what we needed to know as well as just being a natural support.
Lyle for President.
I think he did a great job in forming a comfortable community where we could open up and talk about meaningful things.
Lyle Rupert is amazing! He made me laugh at the opening ceremony and got me excited for AGS. He is the best guy ever.
He is pretty awesome.
Fantastically, he is a very joy filled and good guy.
He did good.
Very well.
Lyle was friendly and likable and gained the respect of every student here. Very effective.
Brilliantly. He was approachable and friendly and I was never bored.
Personal but authoritative; good guy.
He was amazing! He promoted it in a funny way.
He was very effective in making a constructive environment. He was always really funny and upbeat.
Lyle did an awesome job at creating a safe, creative zone at AGS.
Lyle was great. He did a fantastic job of organizing a successful program.
Lyle did a great job and makes AGS a fun and life changing place.
An awesome job, Lyle was great.
Every part of AGS was constructive and very enjoyable.
No idea. I didn’t see much of him.
Lyle was kind of an uncle to us AGSers; he wasn’t always there and we respected him but he was approachable.
I loved AGS and learned a lot. Do not like the permeating liberal air, but GREAT experience.
He did well always spoke to us respectfully. He tried to help when there were problems.
He was very cool and funny. I really had a good time. He did a good job.
Very effectively, I thought AGS was a well-constructed experience.
Mr. Rupert obviously knows what he is doing around here.
He effectively constructed a friendly environment.
Lyle made AGS a really effective program. It was evident that he put in a lot of work and enjoyed doing it.
I love Lyle! Awesome job with everything!!!
Although we didn’t see eye to eye at first, Mr. Rupert seemed to do a very effective job of making AGS an eventful and fun place as well as being a pretty entertaining speaker.
Very effectively, He introduced many different opinions and outlooks. I very much enjoyed the environment provided.
He made us feel like we can be comfortable here. He made sure we knew it was a safe place and I think that made us more productive.
I love Rupert, that is all.
He kept the atmosphere light and engaged with his “unique” jokes. Students were inclined to listen because of his great personality.
His jokes were cheesy but he helped make everything better.
AGS definitely held its vibes of a “community” for six weeks and that was only made possible by Lyle.
Very  much so, I found the amount of lack of community/mistrust in students infantilizing as implied by the amount of rules but other than that I found the experience highly beneficial.
Very effectively. I’ve learned a lot.
I believe he did an excellent job. The environment itself served to be constructive, though I don’t know if that was due to his efforts of not.
Lyle ran things smoothly and effectively. A round of applause for Mr. Rupert.
He was pretty good about being in control but still very approachable. 
Very well.
He did fine. I didn’t really notice him when there weren’t required events.
Very well, everything was organized for the most part and I always felt safe.
Lyle laid out the rules perfectly and didn’t step of anyone’s toes. He really did a great job!
Lyle was very effective at promoting a constructive environment.
He did a very good job. I liked his jokes and enthusiasm with AGS.
I never talked to him face to face but he was really entertaining on stage.
Lyle was funny with all his jokes. He made the atmosphere funny but serious at the same time.
He did a pretty good job. A lot of people loved him and what he did. Lyle was phenomenal. 
He was a good speaker and was always doing behind the scenes work I’m sure.
The environment was fairly constructive.
He promoted a healthy productive environment. I wish he would interact more with the students. I would like to talk to him more.
Lyle Rupert was able to energize the AGS experience. His enthusiasm was beneficial when mine wasn’t present.
Very well; he was good at getting everyone excited.
I loved Lyle! He showed us that AGS could be fun if you put something into it. He stressed the importance of classes, but stressed the importance of fun.
AGS has been a constructive and well-structured and organized program and environment.
I thought he did a perfect job and promoted it in the best way possible.
Even though I didn’t see him much, I’m sure he does a lot of behind the scenes stuff. AGS is an amazing program that I’m sure he puts a lot of work into.
He did very well. I liked his jokes.
Lyle Rupert was supportive of the AGS activities and was willing to listen to all the student suggestions. 
I thought Lyle Rupert has done an amazing job running this program.
Very effectively.
He was very organized and made everything flow well.
He promoted a great environment at AGS.
He did well. He seemed to always be happy and willing to help which made me feel happy and comfortable.
I felt he didn’t interact with students much.
He did a really good job showing us that while AGS is fun, it’s for our education and we should respect that. 
Great job Lyle, but I would have preferred seeing more of him on campus.
Lyle was amazing. He and his squirrels were what made AGS so amazing.
Pretty effectively.
Very well.
Lyle did very well. He promoted the family aspect and seemed very invested in our well-being. He worked very hard for us.
Very effectively.
LOL. Lye was a cool dude. He was funny and was a perfect director.
He was excellent (also very funny); things went smoothly.
Very effectively.
Lyle was awesome. He always seemed so happy, but was also an authority figure.
He did fine; however, I didn’t realize he liked squirrels so much.
So well! I enjoyed a lot of the environment! I wish there had been more opportunities to interact to get to know him.
His positive attitude and involvement made everyone more cooperative.
Lyle was great, friendly, and very funny from day 1.
He put in place some stuff that practically guaranteed a constructive environment.
He should keep doing his job. He is a great guy.
Lyle Rupert is a fantastic director for this program, it wouldn’t be the same without him.
I loved being able to see Lyle around the campus! Being able to talk to him and attend a 4:10 of his made him more personable.
Lyle always kept the student’s spirits up and motivated us to broaden our horizons.
Lyle Rupert is a good Director, he demonstrated a respectable role model.
Lyle did a wonderful job! He truly seemed to want to serve and get to know the students and promote the best environment.
He was friendly and seemed effective.
Extremely effectively! Lyle also seemed like a genuinely nice and funny guy.
He did OK, but his attitude and squirrel obsession freaked me out. His humor is dated.
Very well. I feel like he was very approachable and easy to talk to; it was comforting to know that there were a multitude of people I could go to if I had a problem.
He did a great job by getting excellent speakers for us.
The environment was very constructive. I don’t know exactly what Lyle did because he was mostly behind the scenes and not actively involved.
Very well.
He did a very good job at promoting a constructive environment and he is awesome. 
Everybody LOVES him! When my mom passed he comforted me…not having a stable father figure in my life, I definitely respect an adult male that takes care of business but can be soft enough to comfort a young teenager.
He did beautifully!! It was more amazing that I could ever imagine.
It was great. It was well-organized. Also I liked most activities/speakers that were planned.
He promoted the constructive environment of AGS effectively.
Lyle Rupert did a great job in making sure that AGS was constructive. He should be given a medal.
His jokes alone improved everything. He did more behind the scenes work, so I’m not sure what to attribute to him specifically, but the entire environment was amazing.
Very effectively! The schedule was solid, and there were always things to do. It was very positive. 
He made it an open place. He made it a community of out of the box thinkers who were able to share their opinions without fear of judgment.
He was funny and always supportive! He, and the squirrels, made AGS a great experience.
He was awesome! I’ll miss his corny jokes. He was very understanding of situations.
Lyle did a fantastic job. I never imagined learning so much here.
Lyle was very effective. Very organized with events. AGS seemed very planned and everything ran smoothly thanks to Lyle.
Very smoothly so. I would like it if it he would give more 4:10s.
I believe that the construction of AGS promoted a very productive and enjoyable environment. Lyle Rupert did a fantastic job of running the program so that these qualities were present.
He was very friendly and approachable for help.
Very well – I loved that he was visible across campus and led 4:10s and 6:10s.
Lyle was good. He’s a nice and funny guy. I felt AGS was constructive so good I guess.
Lyle did an amazing job of promoting a constructive environment.
I loved AGS and learned a lot. Did not like the permeating liberal air, but GREAT experience.
Lyle was great. He engaged everyone into one community. I really liked him and his cheesy jokes.
Very effectively. He’s very charismatic and good at communicating with us and the staff.
He created an environment of ease and happiness.
He was always upbeat and that made all of us as well  - so great.
Lyle Rupert did a fantastic job.
Very effective, all about community, very welcoming and in control.
Probably pretty effectively; judging from my overall experience but I don’t know what exactly he’s involved in.
Lyle handled everyone with respect. He also was available whenever you had a serious problem. He is a very approachable man.
95% I think he should have been around the students more, but I realize he’s very busy with logistical things.
Really effective.
Very well. Go Lyle!
Very well. His upbeat personality helped convey his desire to everyone.
He did a good job.
Lyle is very funny and he was an awesome director.
Very effectively.
His jokes could be better, but he helped make a safe environment for all of to enjoy so…
He was very friendly and had a open door. His bad jokes add to the comfortable environment.
Big thumbs up!
Very Extremely. Words cannot describe…It was an amazing learning environment. I wish all schools were like this.
Very effectively.
He had great organization and follow through.
Lyle did everything he needed to do and more to make this environment as enjoyable as it could be.
He did a wonderful job.
I don’t know. I didn’t see him do anything except make announcements.
Very effectively.
The work Lyle managed to accomplish is incredible – very effective.
He was very effective in promoting a constructive environment at AGS by encouraging us and letting us know of upcoming opportunities.
He brought up concerns as well as the good things that the students have been doing. He was happy and outgoing.
He really reflected the kinda good feeling and support from the community I made here.
Lyle Rupert is great, and did everything well.
With stupid jokes and important advice, Lyle helped me to get the most out of six weeks of summer that I’ve ever gotten. Thanks so much.
Lyle was impressive. He definitely created a friendly environment. 
The only interaction I had with Lyle was his speeches. I didn’t feel like there was much else he could do to encourage a constructive environment.
Lyle has made an excellent environment at AGS with his personality and corny jokes. Enjoyable.
He was GREAT and FUNNY!
I hardly saw him. The jokes before movies were great though,
I thought he did great and his jokes were masterpieces.
Lyle did a wonderful job. I never felt like I was held prisoner or that I was forced to be here. It was comfortable, safe, warm and welcoming. Loads of fun, too.
He did a very effective job.
Lyle was awesome. He was always happy and easy to talk to. He directed AGS very well.
Great. Always made me laugh with his “great”, “hilarious” jokes and always informed us on everything going on.
Lyle was amazing! The corny jokes and his friendliness made my day!
A bit subtle, but probably as to not seem bossy; kids don’t want to be nagged into socializing, but Rupert did fine to promote a constructive environment.
Very effectively. He was ever present at events and made connections with students which helped them be willing to work and better themselves through the program.
I have an overall pleasant perception of AGS so he must have accomplished his task.
Very well!! Lyle commanded AGS with grace and dignity.
Lyle is a very charismatic leader. He promoted a sense of community (and had some pretty great jokes).
Very effectively.
He did well with everything he did.
He was great! I like his humor (However, I am a little bitter because I don’t like the AGS t-shirt and I feel like his squirrel jokes influenced that.)
Very well, just by being Lyle Rupert.
He was great. I think he really tried to promoted spirit and unity. Good deal.
Really well – whenever I saw him, he was being a fun guy, really constructive.
Great job, excellent. Everyone was nice and I learned a lot.
In addition to his impeccable comedic timing I think Lyle did a great job of making AGS a great experience.
The only times I saw Lyle was at assemblies, so I don’t really know what he did. AGS was a whole was constructive, because it broadened our minds and challenged us.
Very well, he was always positive and he never really made any negative comments.
He was awesome. I loved his jokes and his love of squirrels. He made AGS so fun and unforgettable.