Student Evaluations of the 2010 AGS Experience.

Students answered the questions: How would you assess your overall expereince at AGS? and How effectively did the Director promote a constructive environment at AGS? 

How would you assess your overall experience at AGS? 

It was very moving. My beliefs were challenged, and I learned a ton of new and interesting things. It was fantastic. 

On a scale from 1 to 10? 1000000!  But really, it has inspired me to work hard. 

Enlightenment, new place, and AGS helped me to open my eyes to the world. 

It was life changing, and I’ll cherish this memory till I die. 

From the scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is awesome and 1 being a waste of time…10!!! 

Ah, man! Wow!  It was just…an experience I won’t forget. I made of lot of friends and a second brain work of knowledge. 

I love AGS. A great experience. 

My AGS experience was amazing. It was everything I thought it would be and more. I have met amazing friends, and enjoyed my classes. I cannot put into words how much I loved my time here. 

Very yummy. 

A life changing four weeks that has opened new doors in my life, and it is something I am so glad to have been able to experience. 

I loved it a lot! By the end I was missing home, but the seminars provided lots of knowledge and the environment provided lots of friends and new mindsets. 

Loved, loved, loved it! I think I could live at AGS forever, no lie. 

Not a life-changing experience as some alumni have told me, but I guess I have yet to find out. 

My overall experience at AGS actually strengthened my faith, although it seemed a great deal of the material was anti-Christian. 

This has been four of the best weeks ever. It has changed me by completely altering my perspective and way of thinking.

My overall experience at AGS was fun and exciting. I was introduced to new things, and I accepted having the chance to be exposed to those things. I really liked being a part of AGS. 

My experience at AGS was so far above my expectations you would need a telescope to see it. It may sound cheesy but I really did make lifelong friends and have grown a better understanding of myself and the work around me. 

It was amazing. The way I think has been changed. I loved my classes and adored my teachers. I am so glad I came and don’t want to leave. 

I love AGS. I am coming to the reunion for sure. 

Incredible. The single best thing I’ve done that I remember. 

My overall experience was very pleasant. I felt that it was a bit rushed. My favorite part of AGS was Gospel Choir. It kept me motivated while being here. It kept me calm when I got tired of all the racial profiling and debasing of God and Christianity. My overall experience was a great one that I will never forget. I really don’t want to leave. 

It was very fun, I learned a lot, and I met cool people that I will miss. However, I would have loved the experience even more if I had been forced to venture out from the large group of people from my school. But AGS was a great experience.  

AGS was a community of knowledge, friendship, and diversity. I was challenged to accept new ideas and opinions like never before. The sense of family was priceless and enabled me to discover who I was. I wouldn’t trade my time at AGS for anything. 

It was amazing, one of the best summers I’ve ever had and I wished that it would have been six weeks like last year, but I am glad that I decided to come. 

It was beneficial and germane to the future I wish to have. 

It was amazing. AGS was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. 

Amazing. I love it. The classes were great, but the people are basically the main reason. 

I love AGS. It has been a life changing experience. 

Extremely well. There are a few things I would do differently socially but overall I loved it. 

I will never forget it. 

Amazing. Life changing. AGS has made me realize so much and it hurts to have to leave. 

Worth every second. 

It has been fantastic. It was really easy to adjust being surrounding by people with open minds. I’m so happy I went. 

I would assess my experience as totally amazing! If I could stay forever, I would. The closeness towards each other is very addicting, and just the intellectual atmosphere is intoxicating. 

I would recommend this experience to anyone willing to open their minds to others’ ideas, meet lots of soon-to-be friends, and have the most fun a summer can offer! 

Started out bumpy and rough for me, and I didn’t enjoy it but when I got used to it, I loved it. 

Educationally it was phenomenal. 

I had a great time and feel that this was very helpful towards my intellectual life. 

It was fun. I wish we had been able to have more activities. 

Unforgettable. I will take away so much from AGS. 

The best experience ever! I’ve met so many amazing people and learned so much about myself. 

Wonderful. I have met so many great people, lifelong friends. This has been a life-changing experience. 

Intellectual and fun 


Scale 1 to 10  - a 10! 

I would say that I have experienced a whole new way of thinking. It was fun, and I really enjoyed everything I was able to do here. 

AGS is the best place ever --- I’ll cry for days after I leave. I want to come back as an RA. 

I loved it and wish I could come back. It helped me to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially. I made many good friends. 

It was a very positive experience for me personally. I wish it was longer. 

Ballin’ which means very good. Excellent. I liked it. I’m about to cry from just thinking about it. 

Amazing. Simply amazing. There is not enough room to describe how incredible. (Obviously I didn’t come for ELA!) 

6 weeks! 6 weeks! I want more! 

AGS is phunky. I loved it, and I’m glad I gave up my summer to come  here. 

It was the best experience of my life so far. 

It was a great time that I don’t think I’ll soon forget. 

It was amazing!! The best experience of my life. It was unforgettable and changed me forever. 

It was extremely beneficial, shedding new light on the community as a whole. 

Best 4 weeks of my life. 

9.46 (out of 10) I wish it was 6 weeks & I loved most of the people here. I wish I had time to meet them all. 

A good experience, but relax on your rules. Don’t give people a week of cafeteria duty just because they were making out! It didn’t happen to me, but that and being punished for going to sleep in the most boring film ever isn’t cool. Overall though, I loved it. 

On a scale of 1-10, 10! 

Life changing. I have met so many new people and learned so many new ways of thinking. 

My overall experience has been very positive, and I feel I’ve learned a lot of new things and new ways to look at the world. 

AGS was the best thing that’s ever happened to me and that’s all I can say. 

My AGS experience was amazing. This has been the best thing to ever happen to me. I learned more this summer than I would in a semester at school. 

Best. Experience. Ever. 

I had so much fun here. I wish I could stay longer though!  

I think it was beyond beneficial. I learned so much, and I don’t want to go home. I considered myself open-minded before, but now I think I am so much more so. 

I thought a lot of things happened here that I never would’ve thought would happen here. 

Amazing. Initially, I decided to come here for college admissions, but now I would’ve come even if it did not appear on college applications. This has been the best month of my life. When returning home, I will sing praises of it. 

AGS was awesome and a great experience but it should be more than 4 weeks!!!!!!

WONDERFUL   I’m not looking forward to going back to school after this, knowing how freeing it is to be around nerds like me. I wish high school was like this, I know now what kind of environment I want to look for during my search for college, but I doubt I’ll ever find one as inviting as this. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. Make it longer! 

Absolutely fantastic! I honestly can’t believe it’s been four weeks! I know I’ve found & become a little more of me b/c of it & that I’ve come out of my shell even more, but still have a ways to go. 

As I said above, it was a wonderful, constructive & meaningful experience. 

The way I process information is completely different from how I did when I first arrived at AGS. I revised my interests completely-broadened my horizons to include things like rock climbing, jazz, hip hop, nonfiction literature AKA things I was not open to trying before. I’ve also become more of an emphatic and spiritual person in general. 

WONDERFUL! I loved it! I loved meeting so many new people and learning so many new things! The best thing I’ve done all summer! Wouldn’t have missed it! IT changed my life in beneficial ways and SO SAD to leave.  LOVED IT! 

I loved my experience at AGS! The people were friendly and the ongoing activities gave me something to do! I enjoyed myself here! 

I love AGS and I will miss it a lot. There were always great events/activities planned. I will miss the independence of the camp. This program opens so many doors for students and makes them comfortable with who they are. 

I loved AGS sooo much!!! I wish it were longer because I am honestly not ready to leave.  I love the environment, the many unique people, and how there are always things to do here.

It was very negative overall. 

It was life changing. 

Pretty awesome! 

I loved it. Please don’t make us leave and please keep this program running for future students. 

Good. Started rocky but I love it now. Wish it wasn’t so “open-minded that it was almost too pushy about that. 

My experience at AGS was a unique one. I am definitely glad I came. The experience has broadened my mind and allowed me to analyze the world around me more critically. 

This was an amazing experience to have in my life. 

Alright. There were too many required events each night – it seemed cram packed. Too busy. It was very hard to get enough sleep because people were very disrespectful and loud in the dorms at night. Dinner was too early. 

AGS was the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life. I feel like it has changed me in so many ways for the better. I feel like I have a whole new outlook on life. I feel like I am more confident and socially-aware. I have met some of the most incredible people and made so many new friends. I could not have asked for a better summer. 

It was fantastic! It was everything I expected and more! 

It was an enlightening experience. I enjoyed the different ways of learning from the normal school environment. 

Way better than initially expected. 

Great. I don’t want to leave. 

It was great to be exposed to all these different things, but I felt that Christianity was attacked in different places for the entire four weeks and that is ridiculous.  

AMAZING! I am so glad I decided to come. I wish I had a little more freedom, but what do I know. I’m a teenager. 

AGS was an absolutely excellent experience. I met great people, opened my mind a bit and I thoroughly loved it. 

It was wonderful! All of my classes were great! The teachers were so good and all of the people were amazing. It was truly life changing. 

I enjoyed myself. I’m happy that I got to meet new people and make new friends. 

I loved it! I wish I could come back again! 

My overall experience at AGS was great – I had fun and learned a lot. 

I loved it. I feel like it changed me. I’m going to miss it. 

It was more positive than negative. Area III severely detracted from it. (There was a lot of time (5-6 hours a day) that were empty, and I am not sure how to avoid that.) 

I will not forget it. It has opened so many doors for me, and I would love to come and be an RA! 

I loved AGS because I learned a lot that I’ll be able to use later. It also made me excited about my senior year. 

Pretty good – I will recommend it to juniors for next year. 

AGS was the best experience I have ever had. I am so thankful that I was able to attend AGS. I loved all the activities and speakers we had. Keep everything the same. 

It gave me a chance to grow personally and intellectually giving me a taste of college life. 

An 11/10. An amazing eye opening experience. 

Loved it. 

It had aspects of both fun and learning which I love doing. We had classes and lectures, but we had fun activities and free time to nap. 

A life changing experience that I never want to forget. (I know I never will). 

My experience at AGS was perfect. I learned about so many interesting people and also about myself. 

It was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my entire life. 


Lovely…I was disappointed with my Area I, though. I felt I could have learned more.  

5 stars. I had an incredible time and met the most amazing people and learned the most interesting topics. I am going to suggest that all my younger friends come. 

I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot! I really loved the environment and people and I loved my art class! 

I loved it. I love all the people I’ve met and all the things I’ve learned. This experience at AGS will never leave my memory. 

I would do this 10 times over. It will remain one of my most memorable experiences in life. 

It was good. You had good moments like all the cultural experiences and bad moments like bumping heads with other students. Overall I’m glad I came and will advise everyone to come. 

It was a really great experience. It was life-changing. 

An absolutely incredible experience. I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity - the people and information I’ve been exposed to have expanded my mind, made me more comfortable in a people-filled environment, and I’m sure it will influence me and my decisions for years to come. 

I’m sad it’s over. It changed my life!!! 

On a scale of 1-10, 10! It was arguably the best month of my life. 

I ask why now.  I’m no longer in the category of  “ignorance is bliss”. I’ve become more social, less of a wilting flower at the back of a crowded room. 

Amazing. Truly life changing. 

The most amazing summer time experience ever!!! I will never forget it!!! 

It was awesome and will be unforgettable. 

I had a good time. It wasn’t what I expected. 

I am now a better person. 

It was great. I absolutely loved it. 

I would say that this is a LIFE changing experience. I wouldn’t change it for anything! 

It was wonderful. Couldn’t be more satisfied. 

Loved it! 

AMAZING. It was so great I wish I could have stayed longer. 

It was fun and sensational. I’m glad I came. 

It was generally really great. Right now I don’t feel like my life has changed (like people who have been here keep telling me) but I feel like once I leave it’ll kick in. I feel…better. 

Amazing and motivating. 

It was wicked.

It changed my life. 


I don’t want to go home. 

AGS was the most amazing experience of my life. I will never forget the people or the experiences. I will encourage everyone I can to attend. And I wish I could do it again. 

It was absolutely wonderful! Best experience of my life! I wish I could do it again. 

I couldn’t have asked for more! It was truly amazing and one of the best times of my life. I grew so much as a person, and I met so many cool people. 

Life fricken altering. 

Very constructive, made lots of new friends, life changing experience. 

4 out of 5: There were too many required events and the rules were kind of strict. 

The time of my life. My mind was expanded. 

5 Stars! AGS is amazing and I recommend it to all. 

It was life changing. I can’t even imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t been here. I can’t even express my happiness with this program. 

I am happy I came, and I am pleased with the experience. I wish I would have branched out a little more though.

I was happy to meet new people, but I was ready to leave on the second day. I found myself bored a lot when nothing was going on. It just wasn’t my place. 

So much fun!

It has been the greatest four weeks ever. Wouldn’t spend it any other way. 

Socially enjoyable but very hectic and rushed towards the end, too short!! 

It was an amazing experience. 

It’s been interesting and fun, but I’m not sure if I could have handled six weeks. 

Pretty awesome, wouldn’t change it for the world; don’t want to leave. 

Useful and fun. 

Somewhat worthwhile. 

9.5 out of 10. 

Great experience. 

Absolutely amazing and life changing. Memories for a lifetime. 

I loved it. I don’t know how you could improve it. 

Overall, it was a very interesting experience. At first, I was very unsure about my choice to attend, but I soon found my place where I was enjoying the experience. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

I enjoyed it very much. Certain RA rules were unnecessary and the lack of lenience with the dorms took away from the experience. Overall, I am glad I came to study in my area and got to know the other students. Thank you for the opportunity. 

The overall experience was much better than the website portrays. 

It has been the best summer program/camp I have ever been to. I’ll never forget it. 

I love AGS. It was a great and memorable experience. Thanks. 

I loved it! It exceeded my high expectations. I loved almost everything about AGS. This is a really well planned program. 

Great!! AGS is the best!! 

I have found it to be a good experience. However, I do believe that it might be a bit more fun if it were more hospitable and more accepting of conservatives. As a liberal I felt bad for them and found it to be oppressively liberal and uncomfortable for them. I found it to be fabulous and definitely worthwhile fun. But I felt that some groups didn’t have as much fun as others. 

On a sale of 1 – 10; it’s somewhere between a 15 and 20. 

AGS was the best thing that ever happened to me. I know a lot of people say it, but it’s true. The people are so different than anyone you have ever met and it truly is more of a home in 4 weeks than school in 12 years. 

Time well spent. 

AGS was awesome!!! I wish I could come back next year!! 


This was not useful to me. All the ideas I was already exposed to, and I’m an open minded person. I don’t live at home so I know how to take care of myself, and I have responsibilities.  I found I was much more mature than others. I would not do it again. 

The BEST experience of my life!!!! Needs to be 6 weeks! 

On a scale from 1-10…..15! I loved AGS! I’m so glad I applied and was accepted. It was the most influential and most memorable event of my life. 


I loved every bit of this process, but IT should’ve been 6 weeks!!! 

I felt that I learned a lot, and all in all I think it has proven to be a positive experience. I did feel like liberal views and beliefs were kind of pushed on me. 

Not very highly. I love the friendships made and I enjoyed all the free time, but there was really no room for a conservative here. 

Great. This truly is a once in a life time opportunity. I learned so many new things and met new people. I truly, sincerely loved it.

My overall experience was extremely enjoyable. 

I loved it & recommend it to anyone!!! 

Once in a life-time experience. Wish it was longer.

It was amazing. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced. You guys did an excellent job with giving us a hands-on college experience. Also, I made some great friends. You guys should make it 6 weeks again. 

I have enjoyed myself. I’ve made some new friends and made memories that I will always keep with me. 

It was really good and mind opening. 

Wonderful, I wish it was for longer. 

I’m sure ya’ll get this a lot, but this has seriously been one of the most amazing life experiences I have had. 

Would do again! 

It was the best experience I have ever had. Would not trade it for anything. 

I never want to leave! This experience has changed my life. 


Good experience, made some new friends and strengthened previous relationships. 

One word: AMAZING - This program was great. It completely brought me out of my shell. This environment is amazing. Everyone is so talented and everything is so intellectually stimulating. I had a great time! 


It has been an excellent program. I have learned from every aspect of it. Good or bad. 

It was a lot of fun and helped me learn and grow as a person. I only wish it was longer. 

Overall, I greatly enjoyed AGS. 

AGS has been a wonderful experience, although I’m glad it has been shortened to four weeks. 

AGS is just awesome. The staff was amazing, and I bonded with others like they were my brothers and sisters. 

I felt very uncomfortable and annoyed with the way the films, speakers, and classes were set up. I believe AGS is a liberal training camp and that if you are not atheist, liberal or gay you will be ostracized.  I will not be recommending the camp to anyone unless there is major shift. 

My overall experience here has been so great. I’ve made a lot of friends and some of my fondest memories will come from AGS. 

I had a great experience at AGS. It was fun and informative - 4:10s and 6:10s, speakers and movies. It was almost all interesting or at least bearable, unlike normal school. 

Kind of wish it was more than four weeks to get to know more people, or more activities to help me get to know others. 

The best opportunity for learning; not only my subject area but learning about the world and myself and the two interacting. 

I really loved AGS. Life changing partially the classes, but mostly the interaction with all these different people. 

I loved it!

My experience here has been wonderful! It has helped me decide what I want to do with my life. 

It was truly amazing and life changing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am extremely glad I came. 

Amazing. This is truly the best of experiences of my life. I couldn’t ask for anything better and I’m going to miss it immensely when I get home. 

I loved it very much. I wish I could stay much much longer. It really opened my mind and heart and I’m very grateful.

From a 1 – 10, I give it a  4,789,548,998,487! Got it! 

It was a cool experience. Gospel Choir was an awesome, awesome time. It made AGS even better. 

I loved it! 

This was the greatest time of my life; no joke. 

Very good experience; proud to be here. 

I’m so glad I had this experience. Probably one of my best decisions. 

AGS has been enlightening and enriching for me. I was exposed to ideas that I have never really thought about (but really needed to) and was given new freedoms that I am not used to. I met wonderful new people and had experiences that I will remember and cherish for a long, long time. 

Words cannot express how great my AGS experience has been! 

One of the best experiences of my life. 

It was life-changing. I’ll never forgot all the times and memories. Best thing ever to happen in Arkansas.

AGS has been a once in a life time experience. I’ve never been this social, and I think this could continue into college. 

I would do it again. 

Awesome. Words can’t describe how awesome this experience has been. Wouldn’t change anything. 

The best month of my life. 

The only bad part was it wasn’t six weeks. 

Amazing!!! Sad to leave. 

Very beneficial. One of the best experiences I have ever had 

It was fun, but I wish I had gotten to have more contact with my friends and family back home. 

I absolutely loved it. It was a wonderful experience that I’ll never forget. I’ve met so many amazing people that I don’t want to leave. 

I had a very good experience here at AGS. I feel it opened my eyes to various new ideas and concepts. 

It was really fun. 

It was so much fun. I learned a ton of new things and had loads of fun so it was definitely worth the time. 

Superb! I loved my experience at AGS. I really loved the dorm life, the communal living, the class, the staff, and the people. 

It was A-MAZING! I wish this was school. 

I enjoyed myself, though many of the required events should not, in my opinion, have been required. 

It is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. 

Pretty good experience. I would recommend showing more optional movies. 

I don’t want to go home! 

I’ve learned so much here at AGS. It lit the spark that I needed for senior year, college, and life in general. I’m glad I had this experience. 

I really had fun and I would love to come back and experience AGS all over again. 

I liked it. Period. 

I am extremely grateful academically, psychologically, and socially for coming to AGS. It was a fantastic program, and I am devastated to have to leave. 

It was amazing and I wish it would never end. Keep up the good work! 

Wonderful and full of amazement 

It was eye opening and extremely wonderful. But I want the two weeks back I was deprived of. 

Too legit to quit! 

The best thing that could happen to me this summer. The people and the environment here are amazing, and I couldn’t think of a better place to be for 4 weeks of my summer. 

It has changed me (for the better) in a fundamental, “back to the basics” kind of way. I haven’t enjoyed learning since I was little, but AGS has revived what public school had crushed. It is, as my Area III teacher called it, an “educational utopia.” 

AGS was life-changing. Really. There was so much to do and the kids are unlike any I have ever met. I gotta give a woot-woot for Gospel Choir, too! It kept me going. I will admit to missing home a lot, but I learned so much and stayed busy. 

AGS as an overall experience - AWESOME!!! I’ve never met people with the certain quirks that I have until I came here. There are so many interesting people, awesome teachers, instructors, and RA’s, and so many fun and amazing events that there’s no excuse to go home without something. I’ve had more deep connections and epiphanies here than I’ve had in my life so far. 

The experience was beneficial for the best and the worst that have occurred for me over the past month. 

Very good, I loved it. 

I am torn. On one hand it was a great intellectual experience. On the other hand, the sidedness of the many assemblies, movies and lectures was very irritating. I suggest that AGS show the perspectives of all sides of an issue not only the liberal one. 

It has been a great opportunity I would have regretted not taking. I feel the independence exercised here has prepared me for life’s next step. I will not forget it. 

I liked it. I wish I had another 2 weeks because I really just now became comfortable and the next two weeks would have been pure enjoyment.

Many opportunities could have been put to better advantage. I felt strongly (and feel) that the state has no right to assert theological statements, and many activities suggested a student judge religion in a certain way. Jason Wiles’ presentation was poorly presented from a scientific view and either laughable or ominous that his supposedly science-based lecture should attempt to influence a person’s beliefs or whether or not evolution is compatible to a religious viewpoint. Also, the film Jesus Camp was not appropriate for similar reasons – it is not acceptable for the state to require students to experience religiously affiliated material. Even if the faculty claim they did not advance a pro- or anti-religion viewpoint in showing the film, it violated a strong precedent of separation of church and state and presented a religion in a way which would obviously offend some of the attendees. Even if no explicit religious statement was made, the state had no authority to promote the viewing of theological views in a non-historical, non-empirical contest. 

On a more positive note, I hope AGS will try harder to encourage open-mindedness as Dr. Sebarenzi communicated it, which was not based on religion or self-interest but on acceptance of differences, even those which may be unsolvable. Also, films such as Koyaanisqatsi promoted critical thinking more than any text we read in Area II, and I appreciate the integration of the arts in philosophy. 

Good, met new people, learned to listen better and think more. 

It’s been a lot of fun. I had a great time and would recommend AGS to anyone 

Pretty good. I’m happy I came. 

One of the best times of my life. 

Excellent. I met new people and learned how to live without TV and other distractions. 

It was AWESOME. I wish it was longer. 

Very good 

Best choice I’ve made in a long time 

At first I hated it but, I’m so sad to leave now. Definitely life changing. 

AGS has been a great experience. I’ve met some great people and hopefully formed lasting relationships. 

I am depressed and hurt and crazy mad that I have to leave. 

I loved it! All phone rules sucked.  

Just amazing. Please extend the program. 

Very glad I did it. 

It changed my perspective on many things and opened many doors in my life. 

I loved it. It was amazing, a life changing experience. I will miss this place so much and it definitely should be 6 weeks. 

It was cool and INTERESTING!!!... and chill. 

I’m going to recommend it to everyone smart. Best thing ever to happen to me. 

A great time, very fun and informative, I will be taking back skills and recommending AGS to everyone. 

I can’t even put into words…I guess it’s pretty much the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. AGS was awesome. Thank you all so much. 

I wish it was 6 weeks…or senior year for that matter. 

I have learned so much, it’s hard to believe. I came with an open mind that still needed some opening. I will never forget this and I have met people here I will talk to for the rest of my life. 

Amazingly beneficial – something to take with me always. 

Best start to a summer I’ve ever had. 

AGS has really changed me. Not only have I learned a great deal in my Area I classes, but I’ve also become much more outgoing and confident because of the social environment here. Overall the residence hall, facilities, and food – everything was very comfortable and life here is so filled with activities and excitement. I’ve loved my time here, and I’ll miss AGS very much. 

Amazing! I am sad that it’s over so quickly. 

I wish I could come to AGS for high school. 

WONDERFUL, powerful, inspiring, thought provoking, comfortable, silly, meaningful, home. 

Wish everyone could experience it. 

I enjoyed my experience here. This was much more than something to add to my resume, it was an experience in and of itself. 

I wish things weren’t so liberal, other than that, it was good. 


I wish it could last forever. 

I loved it, but I wish it was longer! There was not enough time here. 

It was very pleasant. I’m going home full of new knowledge and ideas. 

I enjoyed AGS. I think it helped me to strengthen my values and grow as a person. 

It was an experience like no other and I feel very lucky to have been able to participate in the program. 

I’m very glad I came to AGS because of all the cool people I’ve met. 

It was a great experience and will probably be an everlasting memory. 

A +++ 

I had a huge amount of fun, but I also learned a lot about problem solving. 

This was a great experience, fundamentally due to the amazing people, both students and teachers. 

It was amazing, I wish I could stay longer. 

Superb! I was amazed at what we covered and how open we could be, and how people and teachers wouldn’t tell you “wrong!” And how people didn’t attack you. It was very respectful and academic, while being fun, which is something I thought didn’t exist. Thank you!!! 

I’m so glad I came!  I’ve met so many great people and learned so much. It was very different for me because in my hometown everyone is pretty much the same. Coming here helped me realize that the whole world isn’t like that. 

It was very good and unique. I learned a lot and met a lot of great people. 

I feel like AGS is one of the most important experiences that I’ve had – I’ve learned so much both knowledge-wise and about myself that will stick with me forever. 

I have loved every second of AGS. Before I arrived I was not excited and very scared, now I wish I could stay here forever. Thank you. 

A great experience that changed who I am. I wish more could experience it. 

I loved my AGS experience. 

I absolutely loved AGS. I can feel myself getting better at choral music. 

AGS is great, and I don’t feel like writing much but I can write about how much I loved it. The only thing that was bad was not seeing my family. 

Wonderful. Eye-opening. Enlightening. I feel like a limicolous plant, eye open to the sun for the first time. 

A 10! I truly loved this experience and I felt challenged in so many intellectual ways that will help me now and in the future. I WILL LOVE AGS FOREVER. Thank you faculty and staff for the experience. 

AWESOME. Sorry for the one-word answer, but that’s how I would describe it. 

It was an experience to never forget and a tremendous educational, emotional, and social developer (sorry for the strange word). 

Excellent. I learned so much and I really feel this has been a great college test-run. I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. 

It was amazing. I’m so sad that it had to be cut short. I can’t imagine my life without this experience. 

It was fun, but there was so much to do, so many options with so little time. 

I would have no idea where to start. It has been the best experience of my life so far. Words cannot describe what AGS means to me. I will never be the same. Thank you so much. 

AGS has been one of the most memorable experiences thus far. I’ve experienced extreme personal growth from this program. 

It has really changed my life for the better. Thank you. 

It was great. I cannot even describe in words how lucky I feel to have had the privilege to have been a part of this experience. More, way more than I expected. 

AGS was a life-changing experience. I will take the new outlooks I have gained while here back home with me. It has shaped me in ways no other experience could. 

My experience at AGS was the best. I loved every second of it and I’m very sad to leave. I’ve learned and have had more opportunity here than at home. 

Absolutely amazing and life changing. Can’t thank you enough for this opportunity. 

Life altering – a turn for the better. 


It was a wonderful experience. AGS had a major impact on my life and I shall take that with me. 

I had a great time! The overall experience is about a 5 which is good. 

It was great. If I could do it all over again I would. If only it was 6 weeks. 

I had a wonderful time. I am very glad that I was able to come. I would not trade this experience for anything.

Illuminating and worthwhile. 

My experience was life changing. 

The most amazing experience I have ever had. 

I had the time of my life and I can’t describe how beneficial this experience has been. 

I had so much fun here and made so many friends I wish I could come back every year to do it all over again. Thanks! 

WONDERFUL – definitely should have been six weeks. The first two weeks were almost miserable and the second two were great. 

AGS was amazing. I built relationships and developed knowledge which will help me in college.

Love, love, love. I just wish it was longer, but overall it helped me grow and really expand my mind. 

I LOVED every single nanosecond of it. It was the single-greatest experience of my life. 

It was great! I loved the classes, and especially the schedule. It was not stressing. 

Loved AGS and I do not want to leave!!! 

I greatly enjoyed AGS, and the many people I met here. 

It was a great experience that will impact my life and changed the way I think about the world around me.

I thought it was really helpful in some ways and gave me a new perspective on things. I really loved how everyone here was nice and worked as a group. If someone had differing ideas, the debates were always in control. It was amazing to see that as that does not happen too often in our world. However, I wish the program could have been a little bit longer.

Very liberal (for good or worse), informative, socially engaging.

I absolutely loved my experience at AGS. 

A+ best experience ever. 

I loved it, but it seems slightly discriminatory against white, middle-class, Christian men. 

I loved it. I couldn’t be happier. I am glad I took four weeks out of my summer to come to AGS. 

Probably will end up being one of the formative experiences of my life. Learning things kind of sucks at the time, but it pays off. 

AGS is the best way to spend four weeks. I laughed, cried and I had the best time. I love AGS. Thanks guys!

One a scale of 1-10…7. That’s pretty good! 

I have absolutely loved this experience even physically with all the fun Frisbee games. The campus was wonderful, the material was engaging and though-provoking and I will take away so much from this wonderful opportunity. 

I understand that you are communicating the state’s and the state’s higher education’s view of what a GT student should learn, but this view is not politically or religiously balanced or fair to conservatives or Christians. It is effective as indoctrination to the more average students or already liberal students but not for me; that said, it is an experience that every good conservative student should attend. There are both powerful and dangerous lies at AGS. 

Amazing fantastic awesome cool superb phenomenal Say that five times, I dare you. 

I don’t want to leave.


It was much better than I expected and very good overall. 

I would say that this has been a good experience. I met many new people different from myself. I have become more confident to talk to different people, and I have enjoyed all of my classes. 

Overall I really enjoyed AGS. It has been a place where I have been taught to think but also to open up and be more social and more outgoing, both of which I think will serve me well in the future. 

I loved it! There were occasional slow moments like in the first few days when you didn’t really know what was going on, but everything since has been amazing. “I don’t want to leave” is an understatement. 

I think it was a great experience where I learned a lot and got to open up more. 

The best experience I have had in a long time. 

It was wonderful, something I’ll remember the rest of my life. I had a ton of fun, and also learned many many things. Big thanks to the cafeteria staff.

Easily the best four weeks of my life. I wish it had been six weeks! I learned so much and I can’t wait to tell everyone back home how wonderful this is! 

I loved my experience at AGS. It was life changing. Thank you so much for making this experience so wonderful.

I had an amazing time at AGS, and it helped give me a broader, more worldly view. Although, it did seem to be rather short… 

AGS has rekindled in me my passion for learning more about things that I find interesting. It’s been a fantastic experience.  


I’m going to miss this place. I’ll cry when I leave. Best summer ever!!! 

AGS…I need a computer and 100 pages. I’ve met such amazing people here. I would rather not write it down but to remember this in my heart always. AGS changed me forever in the sense that I love myself.

One of the best programs I have attended. 

Nothing less than amazing!!!

Probably the best experience. It’s sad to have to leave. 

I would assess it as extremely useful and needed at this time in my life. 

AGS was the best experience of my life. I am so glad I came. It was worth it. I have learned so much and have formed many lifelong friendships.

I feel like I’ve grown as a person in a positive environment that was well established by the students and faculty.

I wish I could stay! AGS is amazing. I’m telling all of my junior friends to apply. 

I LOVED IT! I’m going to miss it so much! The people here are incredible and I’m so glad I had this opportunity. 

I really love AGS. I think six weeks would be better for the majority of people; however, I personally liked four weeks though.

AMAZING! Would come back if I could. 

SO Beneficial but slightly frustrating because of unreasonable rules and punishments. I really did love my experience though. 

My experience was great. I felt like I got to be myself and start a completely new life for a month.

I’m so glad that I came to AGS. Not only did I meet amazing people, but I loved the atmosphere. I feel like it challenged my mind and made me enjoy learning and thinking.

GREAT EXPERIENCE! I am honored to have been one of the 400 to be selected. I feel that I have learned so much. 

10/10, but I wish it was still 6 weeks.


How effectively did the Director promote a constructive environment at AGS?  

Great! Lyle always seemed excited about what was going on.

He was funny and orderly. Made the experience “AGS” from the start fun and beneficial.

He did pretty good, though there’s not much I can say since I didn’t work with him to evaluate him on that basis.

He kept us busy with constructive activities and made sure that we had an intellectually enriching experience.

Lyle! He does his job extremely well. Keep him as long as you can!

He was the man.

Very well. Like many other staff members he held authority without being obnoxious. He was swell.

Lyle was awesome and always very friendly. He always encouraged respect, but also knew when to let loose.

Lyle Rupert was great; he was a fun guy yet got the job done. AGS was phenomenal. Mrs. Rupert was sweet, too!

Never really came in contact with him, but he was nice during announcements.

This was an overall success and Lyle Rupert did a fantastic job building this environment for us.

Very effectively. He helped to promote a positive learning environment.

As far as I could tell, he did a good job.

He effectively promoted a constructive environment for me to enjoy.

Lyle, as a public presence, seemed largely unnecessary, but things were well organized and planned so I give him credit for that.

I didn’t have much direct contact with Mr. Rupert, but the time I did spend with him showed me that he was a very effective instructor.

He did a wonderful job.

He was great. I appreciate that he did interact with us and was very friendly.

Lyle was great. He wanted us to get different social interaction experiences while also learning to analyze situations and movies more effectively.

Very well! I think Lyle Rupert did a phenomenal job promoting a constructive environment.

He did a great job of promoting a positive environment. He was very encouraging.

Lyle seems to be very competent and on top of things.

Although I did not see Lyle working in person, I assume that he did a good job because I had a great experience.

Very effectively! He was there to cheer up and motivate us!

Program was interesting and fun all the way through.

He was the weight that anchored the sailboat.

He was very effective, although I wish he could be more lenient on the policies for sign-up events like field trips and plays.

He was humorous and light-hearted when he wanted to be, and assertive when the need arose. He should keep doing the Phantom of the Opera piece for the Faculty Talent Show.

He did an excellent job on really giving everyone a great environment to have a great time.

Lyle was very energetic and has a great personality.

Lyle is soooo nice and he rocks on the organ.

Lyle is a great director! He’s very constructive yet flexible at the same time! Love him!

He always reminded students indirectly that they were here to learn first, have a wonderful time second; he put up with the silliness in good moderation.

Lyle, Lyle, Lyle. What a funny guy. He dances like a white boy, too. He made meetings fun, and contributed a lot, which I think made the students respect him and want to follow the rules.

Lyle couldn’t have done a better job of building a fun, interesting, and accepting environment at AGS. From day one he told us the rules and expectations and still made that fun. His being around a lot and not hiding in his office all day really helped convey that.

Very effectively. He seemed very understanding of situations while simultaneously maintaining an orderly environment.

He directed all activities and situations rather well while showing understanding of what was best for the students’ well-being.

The director was funny and seemed very caring about the students’ conditions. Overall, I think he did an excellent job.

Quite effectively. The required assemblies were stirring and provoking. Go Lyle!

Lyle’s cheerful attitude had a positive effect and I appreciate his hard work.

Lyle did a great job. He engaged the students and promoted events well. I felt things were fairly well planned and coordinated. He also did a great job as an instructor for the Social Science special topics.

Very well. Go Lyle!

He did a great job.

Very well.

Mehh…never really saw him. He was more like a father who enforces obnoxious/ unnecessary rules.

Very very well!!! There was always something going on that was productive and fun.

He was accommodating and the environment was comfortable, respectful and easy going.

Lyle did a wonderful job.

Fine, kept us under control and there were many fun activities.


I never met with a deconstructive setting, so perfectly!

He represented a good community effectively.

He made sure that the rules were followed and that you had time to have fun.

Director Lyle was EXCELLENT!

LYLE RUPET! If you are reading this, AMAZING SPEAKERS!

He was well prepared, interacted with the kids well and was a very good director.

He is so cool! I don’t think anyone could have done it better.

Lyle was always encouraging and motivating us to have a good time.

Effectively. It was cool and chill.

Extremely effectively, very smooth operation.

He was very nice and kind to everyone.

He was excellent.

Lyle Rupert continuously made my day. I appreciated his thorough interaction with us.

Ever present. Just great to be around.

He was good, but strict. He ran the program really well.

Very well. He was very welcoming and promoting diligence.

I never really had opportunities to converse with Lyle, but if he was the guy behind all of the good experiences, then he promoted great.

Lyle is a nice person, and no one could run AGS better.

He did a good job making it seem that we had to gain a lot from the experience.

He was very effective with promoting a constructive environment.

He did well and he is a great guy.

He was very effective at constructing a good environment for me.

Lyle is a nice guy, and he tries to lighten up the rather direct open (*cough* indoctrinative *cough*) nature of AGS. Unlike what a certain Facebook group says, he is not a god. He did appear to promote such an environment, though.

He did a great job. Everything was awesome.

Lyle is cool, he was very nice and helpful.

He was a bundle of positive energy.

He was very effective.

Well. It was very G.T.

Very well.

He made it home.

Hehehe, Lyle Rupert gives out good vibes and keeps things running well.

He is very effective.

Very effectively but he should order better. He should know when to get us riled up so he doesn’t do it immediately before he needs us to be calmed down.

I really don’t know. Four weeks from 6 is hard to do.

He did great! He made this program be everything it could be, and I thank him for giving me such an amazing experience here.

Lyle Rupert did a great job! He was very friendly, and I loved the environment here.

He was really cool. I liked Lyle. He was respectful and nice and did a good job of being director.

He was great! Great job, Lyle!

Lyle Rupert kicks butt. I was very busy and productive while I was here so he was awesome!

He did a good job trapping us in this little bubble called AGS and providing a healthy and enjoyable environment for us to live in.

Lyle Rupert was very friendly and kept things going smoothly; he was never demeaning or looked down on us. He felt like one of us and made the environment seem a lot more relaxed.

He did a great job maintaining order and I felt I learned a lot from his class.

Lyle Rupert made everyone feel comfortable.

Lyle was a very positive and upbeat director.

He was effective.

Very well. He was a great guy and a good teacher as well. I enjoyed the two days he taught my Area I class.

With his perkiness and enjoyable personality I felt happy every time he spoke.

He led us well and seemed excited to have us there.

He encouraged it but also just allowed it to happen which I thought was nice.

Lyle was amazing. If he talked about something, I left like it would be beneficial to my life.

He did a good job. I liked that he performed and showed himself around campus. I also liked that he made himself known at the required events.

Lyle is very friendly and always in a good mood. AGS has a wonderful director.

Lyle Rupert promoted a wonderfully constructive environment. I have learned so much.

Very well! He seemed open and understanding. I love the interaction that he wasn’t just someone behind the scene.

Lyle was always positive and seemed to infect others with positive vibes.

He was very efficient in his job and duties.

Lyle Rupert was amazing. We loved his silliness and stern (ha ha) yet easy going manner.

He was good. I liked him.

Lyle Rupert is a nice man. He kept it fun.

Lyle did a great job; he was very respectful to the students.

The director promoted a respectful and happy environment for AGS allowing for an excellent center for learning.

Lyle Rupert was really effective in promoting a constructive environment at AGS. I loved having this experience and he put it all together. Thank you!

Very effectively! He was great and very active at AGS. He always kept us informed and I never saw him without a smile.

He did a beautiful job choosing the speakers, movies, activities, etc. He kept us well informed.

His jokes were bad. Otherwise, he did good. I didn’t see a lot of him, so it was hard to tell.

Lyle promoted a very constructive and comfortable environment.

He did very well and I enjoyed having him this year.

Really well. There were always opportunities to try something new or different.

Lyle Rupert effectively promoted a constructive environment at AGS by being approachable and fun while still maintaining authority and respect from the students which was awesome.

The Director did a great job to make our environment as comfortable to us as possible in the last four weeks.

He was always upbeat and positive; never critical.

Very well? I only heard him speak on stage…he wasn’t very forthcoming with students.

He was there when you needed someone, and also, being in Social Science, I was able to see the academic side of Mr. Rupert. He has my complete respect and admiration.

Lyle was awesome. Always had everything under control. Never saw him sweat…not sure if he ever did…but if he did, he hid it well.

He did a great job. I had little to no problems here. He was always friendly but maintained discipline and structure – awesome!

He promoted a very constructive environment.

Lyle was ok most of the time. He was not very personal or approachable. The overlapping of the activities was not good and very upsetting. Nice jokes (sometimes) though.

Lyle did an amazing job promoting a constructive environment of AGS. I was very pleased how AGS turned out.

It was a nice environment so I suppose very well.

Very effectively and constructively and made experience very great

He did a good job.

Really, the people I think who do the most instructing are the RAs and the teachers because you are around them all the time and they become family. I only saw Lyle when he talked on stage.

He is a great director. He was very interactive.

Lyle Rupert was an amazing director! He made everyone cheer before each required event and that brought about a cheerful mood in the audience, no matter how bad/boring the event might have been! He was also very effective in his way of enforcing the rules.

Didn’t really see him that much.

The Director effectively forced the students to socialize and maintained a sterile learning environment.

Very well. I enjoyed Lyle and he kept AGS constructive while still fun and with freedom.

Very well. He was always very enthusiastic. He always cheered me up when he greeted us at the films or events.

He did an A+. He was light-hearted and fun.

Lyle Rupert is a very genuine and enthusiastic director. His personality and temperament was patient and it seemed like he really cared about the AGS students. He’s a great director.

I suppose he supervised all the work that the teachers and directors did. He is a nice man and it’s fun to be around him.

Very. Lyle was always very kind but commanding when giving us orders. He planned things well.

Lyle did an amazing job with the whole thing. I know this has to be stressful so I can not thank him enough.

Very effectively. No complaints. He seemed nice.

Extremely well. He was an excellent director.

I didn’t really see him much, but I guess that was the point. What he did was awesome though.

He allowed us to have fun while still maintaining some sort of structure. We were allowed to be ourselves. I had a blast!

He is very orderly and always made himself clear.

Lyle is awesome. He’s so nice and if you need anything you can just ask and he’ll do what he can.

Very well, he was funny and inviting.

Very effectively.

Well…Lyle was like a camp counselor who can actually accomplish tasks.

Very well! He always had a positive attitude and upbeat personality. He started it off on a good foot and kept it up all session.

He promoted the environment very well. I feel like I didn’t really get to know him though.

Everyone loves Lyle Rupert. He was a very effective director. When he speaks, everyone listens…the experience wouldn’t be the same without him.

He was a very good at promoting a very unified, dedicated environment for us to grow as people. He was funny, too. He made it seem more family-like.

I feel bad for him because he sometimes had to be “that guy” and sort of lay down the rules, but he took it well, and he works really hard. Go Lyle!

The rules and responsibilities of each AGS student were explicitly stated by Lyle, which helped my stay at AGS be the most rewarding.

Very effectively. I felt safe and ready to learn here.

Pretty effectively, except when he announced things at the last minute.

I don’t know what Lyle Rupert did for AGS, but I bet he’s good at it because I had a great time!

Very effectively. He was also hilarious!

I enjoyed Lyle’s commitment and attitude to the program. I believe he made it a welcoming environment and was a positive part of AGS.

Very effectively. Except for the chanting before speakers, performances, etc.

He was fun and always pumped up about the activities, and he also helped inform us of important news in a fun and interactive fashion.

Lyle was very good in my opinion. He was enthusiastic, but could be serious and get everyone’s attention with ease.

I don’t even know who that is…lol…I’m just kidding…he’s good…he’s active though. I only saw him at assembly.

Mr. Rupert did a fantastic job directing AGS 2010.

He was good at making it constructive while not being overbearing.

Lyle has been a great director. He is very patient and flexible which is a great trait to have.

AGS has been amazing and life changing thanks to Lyle Rupert.

I enjoy the freedom of structure which he has in place.

He was very effective in this. There were many great after class seminars that were added to our learning experience.

He was polite and respectful to all of us and was always willing to answer questions. On the way to UCA for Dracula I had the opportunity to talk to him and he was very down to earth despite the authority he has over us.

Oh very well! I felt he was involved and if we had troubles we could go to him. But he could also pull out the “Grr” hat where you got down to the serious stuff.

Very effectively.

Lyle did a great job. There couldn’t be more to ask for in a director.

I felt that it was very constructive. In never felt that I was being targeted or criticized in any way other than in a constructive manner.

Lyle’s alright. He lent a bit of whimsical atmosphere.

Lyle Rupert was victorious in creating a comfortable and encouraging environment. He was very effective in promoting a constructive environment at AGS.

Great environment here at AGS. Really opens many of the student’s minds. Good things are being done here. Lyle Rupert is a good director.

He did a great job. Everything went smoothly and that cannot happen without good leadership.

He was encouraging, but I would have liked to see him more just hanging out around campus. I know he’s a busy guy, but it would have been nice to get to know him.

I am not really sure, but I think he performed his duties well.

He made us feel comfortable and wanted us to have fun while staying at AGS.

Lyle effectively promoted a constructive environment through his interaction with the students.

I felt Lyle effectively promoted a constructive environment at AGS.

There was a great environment at AGS. Everybody was unique and could respect everybody else.

He seemed to me to be on top of things which made AGS efficient and fun.

I think the director did an excellent job. I really like the environment and the people here. I had a great time.

He made sure that we were safe and helped make sure that events were safe and educational for AGS.

Very well, he made quite a few exceptions in my case to assure I could remain in this setting. He kept order, but not though fear but by giving respect and making us want to honor the code of the community.

Very effectively – the atmosphere he created just with his tone of voice promoted a constructive atmosphere.

Lyle exuded a really positive attitude. He was superb at getting everyone focused. He allowed for fun and games, but he also knew when to get serious. I thought he was a ton of fun.

He did a very good job in creating a constructive environment. The speakers were from various fields and were interesting. The movies were eye-opening and thought-provoking. All the social activities brought us closer together so that we can learn more from each other.

He did a great job. Looking back, I see why the cell phone rule was put in place as well as the television rule. He always encouraged us to meet new people. He was very personable.

Lyle Rupert was nice. I was nervous on my first day, but his smile was really nice. It helped my nerves.

Very effectively! He was so friendly that it really made me comfortable.

Lyle constructed a good environment, but seemed to lose patience with us quickly at the end.

Lyle Rupert was very effective in promoting a constructive environment at AGS.

I loved Lyle. He was very funny, yet serious when necessary.

The atmosphere was fairly constructive, but I felt that certain activities, such as the film, Jesus Camp, did nothing but polarized the audience and caused a great deal of derision. The film should be discontinued.

Very effectively.

He did great. It was the perfect mix of educational activities and social.

I think he did a very good job. The environment was always welcoming and not judging.

Very effectively. I mean, he sounded like a hard___ at first, but then he dressed up like the Phantom of the Opera!

I believe that Lyle did very well in promoting a constructive environment here at AGS. Everything was very well planned and organized. I believe he did a marvelous job.

Very effectively.

Extremely well and powerfully.

He did his job well, and I could usually find him whenever I had a question about anything.

Very very effectively. He is an outstanding man, and I am glad I got to be in his presence.

He tried to keep a calm voice and attitude and also kept nice authoritative stand toward students. It helped to build respect and trust for the director.

I’m sure he was great behind the scenes, but I only saw him at required events and he seems to act like any of the other faculty members there.

Freakin’ awesome! Intro day was fabulous.

He was nice in front of the parents/visitors, but one on one he was kind of stand-offish, granted…he was busy…

He was effective. I enjoyed his positive energy.

He did a good job, but the only time that I actually saw him was before the speakers. But he seems pretty awesome.

Very. Lyle was funny and did a good job at promoting AGS and its values.

Lyle was approachable yet maintained control.

He did a well enough job promoting the sense of community and camaraderie during required events. Because I didn’t see him often, I can’t make a better judgment. But he seemed to be really good.

I can only think of good things to say about Lyle. Even if there wasn’t anything particularly exciting going on, he was there with a smile. His energetic and positive attitude rubbed off on everyone.

Effectively enough so that I was able to receive a full AGS experience.

Yes, he seemed to really care about the program.

Lyle did very well at keeping things calm and fun.

Fairly effectively. He portrayed what was expected accurately and how we were supposed to behave.

I’m not really sure, I never interacted with Lyle, but when he was giving announcements he was awesome.

Lyle did a great job promoting a good environment.

His opening statements and random words of encouragement reminded students of their talent which got them here.

He likes squirrels.

It was very organized and structured! Make sure that events don’t overlap as much.

Very very well. Super friendly and was just a happy person.

Very well, I think. It wasn’t up for interpretation, he explained it in clear terms to be nice and build up others around you.

Lyle did a wonderful job promoting community of AGS.

Very well, the environment was very welcoming and beneficial.

Lyle was the most supportive person at AGS. I guess that is why he runs this joint.

He was very effective in promoting a constructive environment.

He did a great job! All of his criticisms felt positive and it was easy to follow his directions.

I believe he did a very effective job. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and I was rarely bored.

Very effective! Never a dull moment.

Great. Very enthusiastic.

Lyle is great! He is very kind. He helped me out a lot and he answered all my emails quickly.

Mr. Rupert provided an amazing environment. I felt at home here at AGS.

We almost always had something to do. We all had fun and there weren’t any physical confrontations. Overall, he did very well.

Lyle Rupert was always encouraging and helpful in the guiding of our experience.

Very, I learned many things by the lack of distractions.

He promoted a constructive environment in a nice and friendly way. It was definitely effective.

Rupert tried to promote a good environment at AGS but came across as being strict and impersonal. However, everything ran smoothly, so I guess he did a great job. Two thumbs up.

Very well.

I think it was very effective because the rules were effectively enforced so people were less likely to commit the same offense twice and disrupt things.

Lyle was always a lot of fun and supported all aspects of AGS. I saw him attending everything. He really stressed the importance of our time here.

Very effectively.

It was very constructive and I enjoyed it. He made everything run very smoothly.

Lyle was awesome. He effectively promoted a constructive environment at AGS and got me enthused by his own enthusiasm.

I was unaware of what role he played.

Very well, he was friendly, got to know the students, and effectively gave rules and guidelines without being “mean”.

Lyle was super fun and did extremely well to promote a good environment.

The Director was always cheerful and always very happy to help anyone – he was great.

Mr. Rupert answered any questions I had about the program and was a fine director.

He did good. I think he really cared and wanted the best.

Very well. He was so involved and set the rules while still being kind and making us feel at home.

Very well.

Very effectively. Lyle is the bomb.

When I saw Lyle, he was always trying to build us up.


Mr. Rupert was amazing! I think for the short amount of time we had he did an amazing job.

He was a very fun and relaxed person. He made things run smoothly. He was present and visible at events. He was not a “behind the scenes” director.

He did a good job taking charge and making everyone feel at home. He kept a friendly tone while speaking, but we were under control.

I didn’t know him well, but he seemed nice and I guess promoted a “constructive environment”.

Lyle was hugely effective in promoting a constructive environment. There was a balance between social and academic activity. There was a lot of opportunity for discussion – after movies, in the Burrow, in Area II, etc.

Lyle Rupert is running a fantastic program. My time at AGS was very meaningful to me. Everything we did here provided personal growth.

Quite enthusiastic, I must say! Everyone’s (his) energy have definitely kept the vibe up and I think have helped make it bearable for so many to be away from home for so long.

He was excellent and very funny – funnier than most guys in his position. The environment was never cold or dull.

AGS was a constructive four weeks and it was a great experience.

I felt that he was fairly constructive. I don’t know how much he did or did not help because I have nothing to compare it to. But, from what I can gather, he was very good, very cheesy in his jokes though, but very good.

His presence was too ubiquitous. He could have cut down on the announcements. Everything was run reasonably well.

He always kept a positive tone even when we were being told not to do some things.

Lyle was cool. Sometimes I felt like things were not well planned (sign in for July 4th) but overall everything went smoothly.

He did a good job. He was always friendly and enthusiastic and all the events were great!

Very effectively. Lyle Rupert = My hero

The overall atmosphere of AGS was fantastic. It was busy and laid back at the same time with wonderful people. Lyle did a great job. Plus he was a bomb on the organ.

Quite effectively.

Very well! He was so down-to-earth. He was fun and he really seemed to care!

Pretty well considering it was the first four week session of the AGS history.

Very effectively, I believe that he promoted good behavior in order to aid in the construction of the community.

Wonderfully. I had a great time and I learned a lot. Things were structured well and all went smoothly.

He was always very encouraging.

He did fine. People understood the rules and knew it was their responsibility if they broke them.

It was a very well constructive environment here at AGS.

I think Lyle did the best job possible promoting constructive environment at AGS. He went out of his way to ensure the success of the faculty, students and the program overall.

It was very effective. We always had something to do. There were a lot of mind-opening, critical thinking and educational activities.

He made sure that we were informed on everything every time we met up. I really like that about him.

Lyle was a great director. I don’t know any other way he could have been.

I suppose he did fine, but I did not have enough contract with him to know.

Very well – really emphasized this at the events in Staples.

Sweet sweet man. I love him.

Wonderfully effective, the array of activities and information was so vast and open to everyone and anyone. (Especially impressive for only four weeks!)

He did a wonderful job. He was always helpful and just a nice guy to look over the program.

He held a very professional and appropriate attitude while also maintaining a good sense of humor and keeping us structured.

I really don’t know what Lyle Rupert did but the environment at AGS is great.

Very well. He always raised dorm pride and promoted interesting and important events.

He did an absolutely amazing job. Everything was planned and executed effectively. There was always an activity that I wanted to attend and usually more than one. He was very friendly and helpful toward the students.

He did it very well…Lyle Rupert was very friendly and encouraging.

Very effectively.

He promoted a constructive environment because he was a very nice and comforting guy.

He was very effective and influential every time he spoke.

The Director promoted the environment of AGS as constructive extremely well. I can’t recall him ever making a negative comment.

Lyle did a great job. He let us know what we are here for and enforced it. He was a great director (and funny).

Very effectively except stifling the dorm chants during events.

He did very well. Couldn’t have done better. Great guy.

He was very effective in running the program. He maintained an enjoyable yet efficient program.

The environment at AGS was great. The speakers and classes and seminars were awesome. The environment really promoted thought.

Very effectively. He was very friendly.

The culture and environment here at AGS was great! Everyone got along and there were no major issues.

Lyle was always pleasant and ready to help.

Lyle is always happy and made AGS a fun and loving experience.

Very well, there was a strong AGS community environment.

Effectively. I really love the environment at AGS.

He carefully and respectfully reprimanded us and gave us so many opportunities.

Really well. He wanted us to have an open mind about things.

I really felt like AGS was a community and he was our President…so I thought it was cool that our President spoke directly to us every other day.

Very effectively.

Super effective.

He was very involved in the activities and with the students. I liked his legs.

Perfectly. Lyle is a great guy and always made everything like it was going to be great time even before a movie on genocide.

He did an outstanding job! Everything here at AGS gave me something that will stay with me for life!

Pretty well. He was always cheery and positive.

Very well. This environment is very constructive.

He made sure everyone learned, challenged themselves as well as their way of thinking, in a fun and exciting environment. Perfect job!

Very well, he knew what he was saying and knew how to handle situations.

Real well, everyone loves Lyle!

He did a very good job! I loved the AGS environment.

Lyle did a great job as a coordinator and put on a successful year at AGS.

He was very effective. AGS was a great environment.

He was fun yet structured. He kept things light hearted but he was still in control.

He was very saucy.

On a scale of 1 – 10? 11

Very well.

He was very encouraging and friendly. Best supervisor ever.

He was fun and not too controlling. It was much more of a democracy than a dictatorship.

He promoted it effectively.

He was awesome and acted like he wanted to be here.

10 / 10 He’s great. I was well informed.

Very effectively. He was funny but knew when to lay down the law.

Absolutely great. I think he did a wonderful job. AGS is the best thing to ever happen to me…I can’t thank him enough for making this possible.

Lyle Rupert presented a constructive friendly environment.

He was very effective. Plus, he filled the environment with squirrels.

Very effectively.

Lyle was absolutely fantastic.

Very effectively.

Lyle Rupert was very effective and down to earth.

He did well in making sure everything went accordingly. He also interacted with us in a way that made me feel safe and comfortable.

He did a good job.

Very effectively.

Lyle helped run the camp and kept morale high.

The Director was very effective in promoting a constructive environment.

He did a very nice job of it by not coming at the students as if we are in prison, he came off as a nice professional.

Lyle promoted a very constructive and enjoyable experience at AGS. He did a fantastic job as director!

Lyle was an excellent director! He was everywhere all the time and I thought it was really cool that he took such an active role with all the students.

He did an excellent job in promoting this constructive environment at AGS!!!

Very effectively.

Very well; he was very calm and in control of what was going on. Great job Lyle!

He did a great job. I heard that he’s kind and is always making sure AGS stays at Hendrix in a clean, neat fashion.

I’m not sure. But he used squirrels in his slide show, so he gets a thumbs up.

Very effectively – he kept us up to date with everything that was going on at every big event.

He did a great job! Love the shorts!

Mr. Rupert did an awesome job!!! I think the only reason I enjoyed AGS so much is because of the sense of community that he promoted.

Lyle Rupert must have done an amazing job because AGS offered an environment conducive to learning and growing.

Lyle kept everyone in line and ran a wonderful program while keeping everyone happy.

Lyle really made me feel like I belonged with the AGS community.

Mr. Rupert was effective in achieving a very fun learning environment, along with also providing friendship and fun.

He did well. He was friendly and it was nice to see him plenty of times a day as opposed to the other directors of other programs.

Very effectively. He did well at making us all feel comfortable.

Very well. He always had good things to say at presentations. He was also around to encourage us.

He did a great job of encouraging and still getting things done.

He made it seem like we were constantly working together and having fun at the same time to create a constructive environment which we did without a doubt.

Lyle Rupert always made clear statements as to what was and was not acceptable.

He was very effective in promoting a constructive environment. I wish I could have seen him more but as director I understand he was more behind the scenes.

He effectively promoted a structured environment in which we could have fun and learn.

Lyle was very patient and put up with a lot. He really did a great job to promote the AGS environment.

Very well, he kept things interesting.

Very effective. Rupe Rupe was entertaining as well as productive.

He made the program run smoothly and there weren’t any huge problems. Therefore, he was super effective.

He did very well. He made sure everything stayed positive and formed genial relationships with the students.

He did a really great job. He was present but not overly present. We saw him at events and occasionally around the campus. His involvement was just fine as well as the environment.

Very effective, felt like we were a small community.

Super effectively!!! Lyle kept everything together and interacted with us.

Amazing. Had a great time with great people. The atmosphere was amazing.

AGS felt like a tight community.