Student Evaluations of the 2009 AGS Experience.

Students answered the question:

How would you assess your overall experience of AGS?

I had a wonderful experience. I’ve really been challenged in many areas that I really wanted to develop. Almost everything was beneficial in one way or another and I am so glad I came here!


AGS was an extremely eye opening, mind blowing and just overall amazing experience. I’m not sure how I would be if I had not attended. It has truly changed me.


Amazing. I really enjoyed the people, the classes, and in general, the overall atmosphere.


AGS was the best way I can imagine spending my summer. Between educational, recreational and social activities I always had something to look forward to and it’s a great environment for building and tightening friendships.


It was pretty good. Speakers were good, films were ok. Area II could have been better for me. Area III had little content, but was still good. I should’ve picked a different Area I, but Math was still interesting.


Excellent, opened my mind to different views on different subjects, broadened my knowledge of worldly matters, and I learned to make friends in a non-judgmental environment.


AGS…Wow there are no words to express “life changing”, we became so much more intellectual and learned so much about ourselves. I don’t want to leave.


My overall experience at AGS was amazing. I loved every minute of it.


It has been amazing, not only have I had fun and made many lasting friendships, but I have also developed into a more outgoing and especially confident young adult.


It was very fun. It’s a shame, however, that it is switching to a four weeks program. The kids next year are going to miss out.


This is one of the most life changing experiences I’ve ever had.  It completely changed my view on what intelligence is and how important it is to strive for knowledge for knowledge’s sake not just to show off or make money.


Fantastic!! Amazing!! Best experience of my life!! There are almost no words to describe what I experienced here and what I learned and how I’ve grown!!


I enjoyed AGS very much. I thought I would hate it before I came, but I ended up liking it a lot.


I loved AGS so much. It makes me not want to leave. I’d definitely recommend this experience to everyone.


Very educational program that made me become more open with others and taught me more things about myself.


It was a great learning experience; one I’ll never forget.


I very much enjoyed and valued my experience here. I met people from many different backgrounds and was introduced to ideas that I may not have otherwise be introduced to. It was a very rewarding experience.


Amazing!!! Spectacular!!! I’ll never forget my AGS experience.


My overall experience at AGS has been wonderful; I wish I could stay here until next year.


The best summer I have had and the best learning experience.


Okay - on the scale of 1 to 10, a 7.


AGS has been a fantastic experience.  I’m glad I participated and I don’t regret one moment I’ve spent here. I’ve learned to be open minded as well as formed new ideas about the world.


Very good - most growth came socially and from within rather than educational and critical thinking wise.


AGS for me was a very good experience. I greatly enjoyed the community, and the people were my favorite part. I also liked how they attempted to make the speakers come from both sides though it could stand to be a little more equal.


Great. I feel like I not only learned much and improved in my area of study but I also met some great people along the way.


AGS was amazing, and I’m sad it’s ending. I feel like I’ve found out a lot about myself and others. It’s really opened my eyes to new ideas and perspectives.


My experience will definitely be a part of my top favorite memories.


It was fun but really socially draining and exhausting.


I love the social part of AGS. The free time is the most important part to me.


Exciting, enlightening, fun, beneficial = good,

Tiresome, strict rules, boring moments = bad


AGS was the most mentally, emotionally, and socially stimulating experience of my life. Because of the ideas, conversations, and people I was exposed to at AGS, I am now more open to the world and have a greater awareness as to how I relate to it. I can now formulate ideas and reasons for those ideas using more sound intellectual principles than I would have pre-AGS. I have learned how to observe my own mind and emotions and the changes therein. AGS marked a new personal transition in my life.


Positive in ways I was not expecting. Thoroughly enjoyable in all areas. A great representation of college life and the different opportunities and interests life and other people have to offer as well as that you can offer.


My overall experience was TERRIFIC.  AGS is such a fun, busy, and productive place. The variety of people was great and the classes were (for the most part) interesting. Sometimes I found it hard to stay awake in class because of my busy schedule outside of class.


I would say it was a good experience. I didn’t learn very much or change my ideas, but I met nice people and was exposed to some new points of view. However, I did not want to come in the first place and was forced to do so; therefore it throws a negative light on it.


My experience at AGS was absolutely amazing. All the activities were fun and beneficial, the teachers and staff were amazing and the classes/seminars taught me a great deal. I don’t want to go home.


I loved being here. The atmosphere promotes friendship and offers ample opportunity for enjoying conversation.


It was very fun and educational. It never got boring because each day had something different.


It has been very interesting.  I had fun and learned lots of things that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I truly enjoyed it and given the chance I’d gladly do it again.


Amazing, eye-opening, life changing.


10/10.  Amazing.  I wish I could stay here longer. At first, I thought it might end up just costing my summer. Now, that cost seems to be worth every minute, every day. In a way, AGS is a utopia.


Absolutely amazing! 100 out of 10! This has been the best summer ever! I’m so sad to go home. THANK YOU AGS!


My overall experience was not as I expected. I was very disappointed in the mentality of some of the students. It is quite unfortunate that there were enough of those students to make my experience bad. But I’m glad I came only because I gained some sense of independence. Thank you very much to the faculty, staff and RAs.


Exciting, productive and educational. I had a great time. I am happy that I was able to attend and that I was allowed to take part in this experience. Woo! Hopefully I will be able to contribute to the preparation of this program in the future.


Very fun and a brand new experience that I enjoyed more than everything!


I wouldn’t say it was life changing, but everything I experienced from Areas I, II and III to the 4:10s and 6:10s made me question how I think and opened up new perspectives.


I loved it. I don’t want to go home and go back to real life.


Extremely enjoyable, eye-opening and will be something I’ll never forget. I consider myself extremely lucky to have gone here for six weeks. I’ll miss this place!


My overall experience was amazing. I’ve learned so much, been exposed to many new things and made many life long friends. This helped me get ready for what college will be like and I will never forget the experience.


Very beneficial, learned a lot about learning and thinking. Met many awesome people (perhaps future co-workers), expanded my mind. I had a great time.


It was okay. Area II really made me want to leave. My teacher was a jerk. The dorms/the quality of food really put me off. The Hendrix admissions staff told me “not to base my opinion of Hendrix on my experience at AGS. The dorms are nicer and the AGS food is the cheapest, lowest quality food they could find.” Not cool.


Magnificent. I would do it over in a heartbeat. It taught me more than what any book can teach me.  I appreciate everyone’s effort (the faculty and staff, cafeteria ladies, etc.) to make this summer one of my best summers yet. Thank you.


Very good, fun and eventful.


It was great. It wasn’t long enough.


Overall it was enjoyable. Of course there were things/people who were hard to deal with, but it was usually fun.


It was the best ever. It was so much fun!! It was amazing.


I enjoyed AGS very much. I learned a lot and even though I didn’t formulate any new views or ideas all my current ones were greatly encouraged.


Very enjoyable. Learned a lot.


Out of 1-10 scale, I give it a 15!!!! It was great!




If college is like this, I can’t wait to go.


It was very eye opening. I learned so much and I see the world completely differently. I feel more independent as a thinker and a person.


It was amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat.


I can’t thank God enough, I loved it and really don’t want to go home. I feel that it is a beautiful place.


I had an amazing experience at AGS. It is one of the neatest things I have had the chance to participate in. I have learned so much, not only about my area of study but about myself, also.


I loved it! I got to meet all different kinds of people. I know I made a ton of friends for life!


Overall, I had a pretty good experience. I was exposed to a wide variety of people, views, art and topics. However, I did not learn that much in my Area I.


My overall experience was life changing. Simply because we are exposed to so many new ideas and we talked about such interesting things that I could never go back to the way I was before.


Overall, the experience was completely worth it, and I feel like I’ve changed a lot in a positive way.


One of the best experiences of my life and the best decision of my high school career. I took out of the program more than I expected I would. I met a lot of new friends and learned a bit about myself as well.


AGS gave me hope for what my college experience will be like…a nice campus (like Hendrix), being surrounded by intelligent people, being listened and paid attention to and finally being allowed more freedom. This experience has made this summer by favorite by far.


My overall experience was great. Made new friends, got closer to ones I already had, and learned to question more.


Being the only one from my school, I was a little nervous about spending 6 weeks with strangers. After the first two days, I did not want to go home. AGS is that AWESOME. I encourage everyone who can to apply. It is a life changing experience…no lie!!


I thoroughly enjoyed AGS. It has helped me see life in a new light.


There’s not enough room to say all AGS has given me. I respect myself and others, but most importantly it’s given me the confidence to go home and tell people that I’m going to make a difference.


I would not trade it for anything else. I only wish it would last a little longer, but I am just happy it was six weeks.


My experience was overwhelmingly positive and I feel I’ve learned invaluable skills necessary for my academic and social life.


It was a great experience and if I could do it again I definitely would. Sharing ideas, learning new things and just simply having fun made this summer amazing.


Very, very, very wonderful. I have met so many beautiful people here. This experience has taught me so much and not only in content but about myself. I think it has truly unlocked my potential. It was so amazing.


It was a great experience that I think helped me grow as a person. I will recommend it to any kid who thinks about going or doesn’t know about it.


I loved AGS. It was truly the best six weeks of my entire life. This is the only place I could be myself and not be judged. Also kids here WANTED TO LEARN so it was an easy environment.


I loved it! I dread leaving and wish I could stay! Everything was wonderful!!!


I really liked it. Everything seemed well planned. I did not like how insanely cold all of the buildings were, but AGS was a great experience.


My overall experience at AGS was very constructive. Sometimes classes were a little boring, but I think I learned a lot about myself and how to interact with other people.


This experience has been life changing for me. I have broken out of my introverted shell and become much more social. I also have learned to look at things in new ways and open my mind to new ideas and opinions.


AGS was absolutely amazing…nearly every aspect was flawless…there were some discrepancies obviously…but otherwise fantastic.


It developed me mentally and socially to new level. I enjoyed my experience and it “broadened my horizons”.


AGS was a great experience. I’ve been exposed to many new things, ideas, and people, all of which are very diverse in many ways. I would definitely recommend this program to my underclassmen, for it has shown me the world and all its uniqueness in every faction of life.


My overall experience at AGS was wonderful. I was able to be around students who aspire to be and do more in life. My classes here helped me understand more about myself. I wish normal high school could be sort of like this.


I’ve never experienced anything like it – school where we come and learn for the sake of just gaining knowledge and understanding without the stress of grades and tests. To have made so many new friends and now to go home and be able to apply what we’ve learned.


Very beneficial. I enjoyed the 4:10s and 6:10s offered. I loved the program’s setup of a community. Some RAs were disrespectful and I often had to stand up for myself just to keep dignity. The food was great! I wish we had gotten more sleep though. The lack of sleep took away from my AGS experience.


I hate to sound cliché but this truly has been one of the best summers I’ve ever had. I met amazing people, made new best friends and learned about lots of people’s views on different things. I really hope this program keeps going because it’s a wonderful way to learn and see new things. Thanks, AGS.


I’d do it 10000000 x again! It was honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I know I’ve taken away a lot by coming here and I wish it was longer. AGS was unforgettable, and I will always cherish it.


My experience at AGS was amazing and it truly had an impact on my life. I have not just learned facts while I have been here, but I have also learned life skills. The teachers and other staff members are amazing and I love the six weeks that I spent with them.


It was good, but not excellent or life changing, although there’s nothing really wrong with that.


Life-changing; I’m so ready for college and don’t want to go back to regular high school. The classes are getting a little old at this point, and I will miss the people more than anything else.


Best time of my life. A major eye-opener. Extremely beneficial to my future. I can’t find enough good things to say about it!


AGS has shown me and given me everything I wanted in school. With the people, activities, and learning environment I wish this were the standard schooling.


Very good.


It was purely AMAZING. I’m sure everyone says that, but there is so much we all gained and will forever take with us. I wish there was a school just like this program.


Amazing. I don’t want it to end.


The best time of my whole life; it’s priceless.


AGS taught me so much that I can’t fathom the correct way to express my emotions. This process of social, personal, academic and conceptional development has benefited me so much. My overall experience was very beneficial.


This has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. It has helped me find my identity within myself and I would not trade this summer.


I enjoyed my experience and am very glad that I attended AGS. I gained numerous experiences that cannot be fabricated anywhere else.




My overall experience at AGS has been very rewarding. The class content was excellent and I really enjoyed being able to learn and think in a non-conventional way. This is a wonderful program and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to attend.


I would consider AGS an overall positive experience because I met many wonderful people, learned new critical skills and became more social. I learned to be more comfortable about myself and created new friendships.


Best six weeks I have ever had!!! This program was great. I also made many new friends during my time here.


I am so glad I decided to come because it has allowed me to do something constructive with my summer. AGS has also made me more open minded and aware of the world and the people in it. AGS has given me skills needed to succeed socially as well as academically.


I loved it here in fact I really don’t want to go back to my high school. There is no stress here which creates a relaxing learning environment which allows me to get more out of classes.


It was incredible. I’m so glad I was accepted and able to come to the AGS program; it thoroughly helped me in the process of finding myself and other people whom I’ve now become close friends with. I’m very grateful for it.


After arriving at AGS it soon became clear that I had chosen the wrong Area I. Because of this, I really did not enjoy those classes and I was rather proficient in the classes for Area II and III. However, I very much enjoyed AGS from a social standpoint. I am very glad I came. Richard Gobble was awesome!


It was an amazing experience. I got to meet so many new people and talk about deep issues.


My experience has been one of complete happiness and learning and will remain a very fond memory for the rest of my life.


The overall lessons and experience I have had at AGS have been enjoyable and influential.


My experience at AGS was spectacular. I will admit, the first week I was very hesitant and almost went home, but I am so glad I toughed it out. This experience has opened me up to ideas and issues I’ve honestly never known anything about. I wouldn’t trade my six weeks here for anything! I can safely say I am still conservative, disproving the liberal brain-washing theory!


It was an incredible experience. I’d love to experience something similar again because I learned so much about art, myself and others.


11 out of 10. This has been phenomenally life changing. I will always remember AGS as the best summer ever.


In a few words, I don’t want to leave because it was so wonderful.


Amazing! I really enjoyed my experience here and I’m really glad I came.


Good, beneficial, good environment, worth it, thumbs-up.


It was wonderful, the knowledge was not what mattered so much as the experience. I have met so many new people and there were so many interesting seminars and events.


It was amazing. The staff was very helpful and so much fun.


I never want to leave this was the best summer of my life!!


I had a truly wonderful experience at AGS. It really opened my eyes as to the way we interact with others. It allowed me to freely express my beliefs and positions on ideas in an environment free of judgment.


My AGS experience was very successful. I got out of AGS everything I wanted. I met a lot of new friends, learned a lot from others and opened up a lot.


My experience was very constructive in rethinking how to think.


It was great. I have had more fun here than anywhere else. The freedom of learning and experiencing nearly any new idea was amazing. I will never forget AGS.


It was amazing. I wish I didn’t have to leave.


I feel so enlightened by not only the students and the staff but also the environment at AGS. There is no other place where we could act so freely and gain knowledge without the influence of the media and technology. I learned so much and would do it all over again.


AGS has been a blast. I enjoyed it thoroughly as I let go and “submitted” to the experiences. Although a cynic’s eye can be important, I thought that sometimes there was too much or too widespread negativity concerning some events. I don’t know how to undercut that, or even if it should, but it sometimes disrupted useful conversation and intellectual discussion about the events.


Life changing. Meeting new people and being exposed to this kind of learning environment has been so incredibly amazing. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer any other way. I feel like I have really learned to think outside the box and grown not only intellectually but as a person as well.


The experience opened my mind to events/things that were clouded by society and generally the world.


AGS is an incredible experience that has helped me grow as a person. It has helped me become more intelligent, more confident, and an overall better person.


AGS was the best summer program I have ever been to. Coming into it I was a little skeptical  because there is word going around that it is very liberal, but I didn’t feel that it was. I am truly going to miss the friendly environment when we leave.


I had an excellent time. The activities and events are outstanding. People, including the staff, I have met at AGS are some of the most amazing people ever.


Quite good. Excellent educators and insightful seminars.


Overall, AGS was a fantastic experience and I will be recommending it to my friends back home. Most of the speakers were very good, some were a little bland I felt though. Overall, there were no problems that were of note; the staff has been able to effectively answer all my questions. Again, and all in all, two thumbs up.


Though I feel that I haven’t “expanded” that much intellectually, I definitely have developed socially. I really liked the people here and enjoyed talking and hanging out with them. Overall, AGS has been a really fun, worthwhile experience.


Excellent! My instructors and classes were all stimulating. Not a day went by when I wasn’t inspired by a 4:10/6:10 or a speaker. My overall experience was one of the best intellectual experiences I’ve ever had.


AGS has changed my life!! Trying my hardest not to sound corny but I truly met myself at AGS!!!


I think that the entire program was absolutely awesome. There is nothing bad to say except we didn’t need the ice breakers at the beginning of the program.


My experience at AGS was both beneficial and entertaining. I liked the fact the learning could leave the classroom. 4:10s, 6:10s and guest speakers provided me with interesting outlooks and important knowledge.


It was nothing like I expected. It was beyond what I initially expected. I had more fun and made more friends than I ever thought I could.


It was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned a lot about myself and about other people and made friends that I will remember forever.


Once in a life time great.


Amazing. I never had a moment that was bad.


Positive. I had a great time and the experiences were great!

It was full of growth and joy. The tools I’ve gained from this experience I will employ for years on.


An excellent period of time for the purpose of interpersonal relations. Educationally it was an entertaining experience that was gratifying but not as intensive as I expected.


It was wonderful! I loved it and I wish it could be a 12 week program.


I loved it!


I thought it was beneficial and fun.


It was a very worthwhile experience. I got more out of it than I expected. I will tell my sophomore friends about it.


It was full of food times and great people. I will miss it.




Amazing! I have learned so much here and expanded my mind to think outside the box. I really wish we could stay longer.




I honestly did not absolutely love it. I always felt very discouraged and almost dumb that I wasn’t a “deep” thinker. And they were very anal about a lot of things that could have been handled better.


Very good – it seemed to go a lot faster after the break though.


Obviously there were times when something wasn’t smooth, but overall it was a great experience.


AGS was a highly educational program that helped me broaden my eyes to new ideals and it also helped me to build social skills to interact with others.


Overall I enjoyed the chance to focus on my field of study. My teachers were passionate about their subjects. I did become homesick and I’m glad to be going home. Maybe there should be a new policy stating students may be checked out Saturday afternoon and checked in Sunday night.


I think that this has been the most amazing experience of my life so far. I have never learned so much. I wish I could stay at this moment of my life forever.


I absolutely loved it. I have learned so much about myself and what I want to do with my life. Coming to AGS is one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in my life.


One of the best experiences ever!!! I wish I could stay longer.


AGS has been a blast! But I can’t attribute that to the classes, social events or 4:10/6:10s. I’ve had a great time because of my friends. Honestly, the RAs made everything too difficult and that hindered my experience. If it wasn’t for my friends that I made I would not have had a great time.


AMAZING!!! This was not a waste of 6 weeks but had me prepared for life after high school. Though I’m not confident about college I feel I have a better start in my adult life than others.


It was amazing. It was life changing. I’ve learned to express my ideas, make friends and learn new things. I love AGS.


Score of 1 to 10 – 10 awesome


Almost every part of AGS was perfect. I would give it a 9.9 out of 10. I hate to know that it will be shorter for the future participants; they’re going to be missing out on a lot.


I enjoyed AGS and I truly hope it will become 6 weeks again. I was reluctant coming here but I feel like I have truly benefitted. I also think the alumni fund is a good idea. Thank you for this wonderful experience.


It changed my educational and life perception. I feel so blessed to have been exposed to everything it had to offer.


I had a great experience at AGS. I feel like the students created community and most of the classes were constructive.


Very enjoyable. I met some great people, but I wish I learned more concrete information in class to prepare me for college.


Fantastic! I don’t want to leave.


It was an amazing experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. It will be my favorite memory of my high school years.


It was amazing. I learned a lot of new things in general and about myself. I enjoyed all of my areas, most of the events I attended, and I met a lot of great people.


I think my experience has been positive and a life changing one.


A positive environment, awesome people, a new way to look at people as well as life.


Superb, I’m so glad I came. I don’t know how I’d feel if I knew about this life changing experience and missed it. Greatest summer of my life.


Simply extraordinary. It is a once in a life time thing and I’m glad I took part. This experience has truly changed my life for the better. I can’t wait to get out in the real world and try to execute that I have learned here.


Amazing, wonderful, fun, exceptional and eye-opening.


My overall AGS experience was more than I could have asked for. It was way better than I thought it was going to be. It was such a wonderful environment and nothing like I had ever experienced. I loved it. Loved it!


I loved it and I wish I didn’t have to leave. Hopefully, I can come back and work as an RA or something.


Pretty good - I just miss my family.


I had a very fun and informative summer. I loved the scheduling system. It was ordered yet extremely flexible.


My AGS experience is definitely something that I will remember for the rest of my life. It was awesome getting to know people from across the state!


I wish my school was set up like this.


Overall, my experience at AGS has been excellent. I’ve really enjoyed all my classes, and all the 4:10/6:10s I attended. I learned something new almost every day. I really enjoyed making new friends and learning their views as well as changing some of my views.


On the whole, AGS was much too easy. I expected a more vigorous intellectual environment. Instead, students were spoon-fed and otherwise complex ideas were sugar-coated. Though the program was fun, I could have learned more by teaching myself.


Awesome – best experience EVER. It was very cool to meet all the people and have this time with them.


AGS is incredible.


AGS was a wonderful opportunity to learn without worrying about grades. It was also nice to experience a little of what college will be like. I feel like I am more ready for next year’s adventure.


It was beautiful.


Very helpful to the studies of my future in art as well as social interactions and being aware of large special problems.


Wonderful – it has opened my mind to a new world where meeting new people can happen.


AGS was an awesome experience. I learned so much about myself and the world around me and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to come.


Amazing. Everything, besides some forced activities, was great. Too many forced un-enjoyable things.


AGS has been a wonderful experience. My English classes and curriculum were a bit of a let down, but Areas II and III were great. I loved the people, the atmosphere, the campus and the program in general. Truly a WONDERFUL summer.


AGS has been the best experience of my life so far. I am so comfortable. This is almost like my second home.


I love it here. I feel more at home than I do at home. The music instructors are always great fun, even if you study under a different music instructor. I have grown as a person. I feel more natural and intellectual.


Absolutely amazing! A great variety of speakers and seminars. The community and atmosphere was completely ideal.


It’s been great!!


Fantastic. I am a different person leaving than the one who came here.


Amazing…because of the people I met and the lessons I’ve learned.


A great opportunity that more people should have and be aware of.


The best thing I could have done with my summer.


A roller coaster ride.


My overall experience at AGS has been phenomenal.  I never want to leave.


It was great. I’m homesick but it was great.


It was really beneficial. I learned a lot about myself and lots of issues.


AGS is amazing. I grew intellectually as well as socially. This actually helped me in my college decision process.


It was the best time of my life. The community allowed me to be myself. I took a lot from the program including lessons from each area even the residential life. I felt loved and free.


It was such an AMAZING experience. I have learned a new way of thinking and I crave knowledge now. I will never forget everything that I learned.


I love it!!!!


Wonderful, fantastic, awesome, life changing, eye opening – this has been the best experience of my life!!


Pretty nice. Going to miss the carefreeness. It was fantastic.


My overall experience at AGS has been life changing and I am so thankful to have been accepted into the program.


It’s an experience I will never forget but not the best of the times I’ve ever had. I like it, but I do not love it.




Amazing! Unforgettable!


Best summer of my life. I learned so much while still enjoying it and meeting lots of people.


AGS was very fun and interesting. I didn’t know how much I would miss the people and the place until our mid-session break. I just loved how we learned new ideas through movies and other activities than how we normally learn stuff at school.


My overall experience at AGS was wonderful. I can’t really describe it any other way. I never experienced a dull moment. Just as in Omelas I felt as if I was in a utopia. No matter how much you explain it to someone though you can never truly understand the experience.


This is one of the most awesome experiences of my life - far superior to Boys State.


Fantastic. Beyond my expectations, I would do it again in a heartbeat! I am very thankful for this entire experience, and I know that this experience will help to guide me through the rest of my life.


Probably the most fun, most valuable, most life changing six weeks I’ve ever spent.


I have been a bit homesick but overall I have had so much fun! The RAs were great and so were the teachers.


It was nice. There is a wonderful combination of learning and social activities. I don’t think I’ll be the same as I was.


My experience at AGS was wonderful.  I enjoyed the environment and the people I met. I learned a lot of new ideas that I will be able to share with others. AGS is something I will never forget.


I love AGS. I learned a lot about my subject area, myself and new ways of viewing the world. I think the community was just as important for growth and learning as the Area I.


I have learned so many lessons that I will take with me and use in life. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I have also learned more about myself, people, and social issues throughout the world.


Every minute of AGS was dedicated toward furthering my social and personal awareness and becoming a more conscious individual. I am so much more than thrilled to have had this experience and can’t express my gratitude and appreciation for this opportunity. There is no way to fully express the sheer magnitude of what this has done for me and I am so frustrated because I remember being so anxious to write an effectively compelling review. This has been, by far, the most beneficial experience of my life and I hope I never forget what AGS meant and the role it played in my development. I could go on for pages about how unequivocally wonderful this environment is, but I suppose I’ll conclude with a simple thank you. I only wish that was enough.




It was amazing! A tad too many required events. I love AGS!


My overall experience at AGS was great. I thoroughly enjoyed being away for a while and being surrounded by peers that have the same situation as you.


My goodness…words cannot explain the profound impact this program has had on my life. I enjoyed every waking moment of it and I know that my life will be better all because of AGS.


I cannot express nor begin to fathom the amount I have learned here at AGS, and how it will help me later in my life. This is an experience of a lifetime.


Okay. Most likely would have been more enjoyable if it was shorter.


My experience at AGS has been amazing and a true opportunity I feel I could not and would not have gotten anywhere else.


Extremely good, I learned more than I expected to and had a fantastic time.


Very fun – I loved the community atmosphere.


It was all right. I had a great time but was slightly disappointed by my Area II and Area III classes.


My overall experience was amazing. I’m so glad I came, it’s changed my life.


I loved AGS. I have nothing but positives to say. Governor’s School has changed me very little, but more important than that, it has strengthened my already strong beliefs.


Amazing. Actually, I cannot think of a word good enough to explain my wonderful experience at Governor’s School.


AGS was a life changing experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.


It was the most amazing summer I’ve had. I had the most amazing time that I’ve ever had in my whole life. It was life changing; the experience helped me understand different ideas and thoughts that I had not ever thought of.


Wonderful, don’t want it to end, developmentally wonderful. This is a wonderful program that enriches and develops the lives of so many.


AGS was an amazing experience. I’ll admit it took me about four weeks to really start enjoying it, but I loved AGS! I learned so many new things.


Pretty cool; definitely a worthwhile program.


Excellent! I’ve learned a lot and met cool people. Overall, I’ve had a great time.


My overall experience has opened my eyes to realities I’ve never noticed before.


Phenomenal, unbelievable, excellent, everyone is amazing.


AGS was wonderful, one of the best experiences of my life. I’m so glad I came to AGS.


It was indescribably fantastic. Everything done here was to the benefit of the students, and I am very grateful for that.


This has easily been the greatest experience of my life. I have learned more in the past six weeks than I have in my entire high school career.


What I got here is an experience of tastes and ideas. I was presented with ideals that I wouldn’t have been if it weren’t for AGS. My overall experience here has been – unforgettable.


Excellent. My ideologies and intellectual awareness has been developed in this somewhat utopian retreat with likeminded individuals in a pleasant setting.


Life changing. I can’t find a word other than that to describe how wonderful it was.


Total Aguya man! But seriously, AGS is a wondrous experience that I’m so thankful I got to be a part of. AGS has allowed for me to examine myself, life, society, and for me to make so many friends. I love AGS! I wish I could come back every year.


It was lonely at first but it got a lot better. The people (most) are good, the food is food, the teachers are good…it was worth my 2009 summer.


It has been an experience that has helped me grow as a person. I will never forget this summer and the people who helped make this journey so incredible.


Totally beneficial – I would recommend it to anyone.


AGS has been the best experience I have ever had and it is too bad that today is the last day.


It has helped me grow so much. I’ve met great people that I know will be my friends for the rest of my life, especially my Drama family. I learned so much, and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to come here. I’m going to miss it.


Wonderful experience, quite possibly the best summer of my life. I learned a great deal and met many amazing people. I will cherish the memories I have of AGS.


I learned so much and matured a lot. If I had to make the choice over again, I’d still be here. I made so many new friends and met many diverse people! Loved it all!


I loved AGS. It was finally an opportunity to learn more about myself and the world around me.


I loved it! I wish regular school was like this.




It was soooooooooooooooo much fun!!! I would go home then come back!! I hope this alumni association works out!!


The environment of AGS was very open and constructive.


The experience was amazing. All the different students and ideas cultivated the AGS life.


Incredible. Best choice I’ve made in my 17 year life. Everything was a lot of fun and very mind opening. The 4:10s and 6:10s were amazing as well as the classes. Best of all, it was free.


AGS has been one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. The course material and the environment combined to create this indescribably wonderful atmosphere of openness and willingness to learn and accept new ideas. It has been exquisite to say the least.


I have enjoyed this experience as I have learned new things in all walks of life to critical thinking to being a well rounded individual.


I loved it. I really don’t want to leave. I feel like I have learned a lot and made some really great new friends. I would advise anyone thinking about AGS to definitely apply.


I can’t put my feelings on my experience at AGS into words – not words that will do it justice. The experience is indescribable. Enlightening.


Amazing. I enjoyed it thoroughly (though I didn’t learn to spell). I feel like it helped me grow as a person.


I have never experienced anything like this before, I will never forget it. My educational pursuit is now extended beyond anything I could have imagined.


It has been amazing. I have enjoyed all of the movies, speakers, activities, etc. Please do not cut it down to a four week program.


The AGS program is absolutely amazing. It gets students to open up their minds and think for themselves. They also keep a full schedule to where there will never be “nothing” to do. You learn so much from everything so I believe that the AGS program is very beneficial.


It was enjoyable. Lots of fun.


Incredible doesn’t even begin to cover it. This summer has definitely been the best I’ve had so far. AGS has helped me grow, not only intellectually, but socially and emotionally. It has helped me be more open minded to new ideas, and it has helped me make friends from all around the state.


My overall experience was beneficial in more ways that I can describe. It was challenging, intense, and probably the best summer I have ever spent and I am very glad I got to come here.


My experience at AGS was very rewarding and very refreshing. It was very nice to be able to participate in intellectual discussions and go over topics that would normally be considered controversial.


Amazing! It was such a great time for learning and making friends as well. I’m so glad that I’ll be able to take my new knowledge back to my city and friends.


I feel like I have gained a lot academically, although maybe not so much socially, but it was definitely worth six weeks of my summer.


I would not trade this experience for anything. I loved it and have no complaints about the overall program.


AGS has been a life altering experience; I say that in the most positive way possible. I believe that this experience has made me a better person.


It was a wonderful experience I wouldn’t give up for anything. I was able to learn so much and make new friends. The teachers and classes were amazing, and I am so upset to be going home.


My overall experience was good. I made new friends and strengthened existing friendships. Classes could have been more beneficial. I had covered most Area I content in high school, but other than that I have no complaints.


AGS was up to my expectations. I enjoyed all of the opportunities and getting to know new people. The 4:10s and 6:10s were amazing. The wide variety worked for each person’s tastes.


Well, I had a great time overall. Some days were better than others although they have all been amazing. On some days I was really worn out. I enjoyed making new lifelong friends.


Good…I made lots of friends, and encountered several new ideas that I enjoy.


It was amazing. I will continue to promote the program and encourage others to come. I hope to be given the privilege to be an RA in the near future.


I met a lot of people and learned some stuff in my Area I class. It wasn’t always super fun and sometimes I wanted to go home, but I came here and I did what I set out to do and I made some very good friends who I’m going to miss a great deal. They made AGS more fun.


It has been the most wonderful, enlightening and wholesome thing I have ever experienced in my entire life.


It was good, but I’ll be glad to get back home. I enjoyed my classes and I love my new friends, but the restrictions made it feel like prison.


The overall experience is one to remember for my life. I have learned and gained so much here.


The overall experience was awesome. The rules weren’t very harsh. And also, the people here were very friendly and easy to get along with.


My experience at AGS has been one of great growth. I have an understanding of myself and my world that I do not know how I would have achieved elsewhere. There is so much to be learned from the students, faculty and activities. I leave feeling very inspired just knowing that such an environment is possible.


A chance of a lifetime? That statement does not do the experience justice….. I absolutely loved it here and now I do not know how I could have gone without the experience. It was so eye opening and a ton of knowledge was gained.


I loved it. I wish this was something you could do more than once. Absolutely amazing and life changing. It will never be forgotten.


Even though the Area II headache will not go away until Christmas, I feel that my mind has been expanded beyond its original dimension.


Absolutely wonderful!!! Like nothing else I have ever experienced. I don’t ever ever ever want to leave. I don’t have a single complaint.


I am quite disappointed with classes. Area III was the only class I honestly looked forward to and that was more because of Debbie Hibbs and less the actual curriculum. I also picked the wrong area without realizing it. ELA is from my impression the worst program at AGS. I would much have preferred Choir and it’s not because of the teachers in ELA (mostly), it’s just the organization and overall tone. The Lit. Mag was a horribly run idea. Also, the fact that I work on a Lit. Mag all year during the school year turned me off to the idea anyway. But despite the lack of good classes, I loved AGS and would come back a million times if I could.  I love the friends I’ve made, the busy intellectual atmosphere, the kind of “choose your adventure” way to experience AGS…I will miss it dearly.


AGS is a great program. The Visual Art Department in particular was very successful. I gained a lot from the six weeks and the long application was worth the experience.


I hate being at home, but this felt like a real home for the most part. Well, what I imagine a real home to be. I’m going to take so much from all this and I don’t want to leave. The people are truly amazing and so beautiful in so many ways. I’ve learned so much and made unbelievable friends. I wouldn’t trade any of it – except the crappy air conditioners – for the world. I strongly encourage those next year who apply to go for it. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever experienced.


I enjoyed the program and learned how to look at other points of view more critically, and that I don’t want to go down the career path of mathematician specifically, which is good to know.


I don’t want to go home because this has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.


It was an experience that opened up new worlds to me; I am filled with ineffable awe and cannot begin to describe AGS’s profound influence on myself and my future.


Intellectual and fun. I experienced the independence  I will soon gain upon leaving for college. I very much appreciate this once in a lifetime experience.


It was unforgettable. At first I really didn’t like it here and I wanted to go home after the first half because I hated Henderson and Pratt’s classes, but now I love my new teachers and I don’t want to leave.


AGS was amazing and unforgettable. I tear up at the thought of having to leave, but like the cliché says, “every good thing has to come to an end”. It was great and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be here.


This has truly been a chance for me to broaden myself as a person. I really have a deeper sense of who I am now and who I really want to be, and I owe it all to AGS.


I’m so happy that I came. I was afraid of giving up six weeks out of my summer, but I’m glad I came. I made so many new friends, learned better social skills through the Myer Briggs personality test and learned how to think for myself in Area II. The movies and speakers were awesome! I had a wonderful time!


AGS was overwhelmingly fun. There was always something to do, something to learn. And I loved having the freedom to choose what to attend or participate in. The teachers were very cool, and the students were amazing. I think this has been the best summer ever.


AGS was fantastic. It opened me up, gave me a taste of college life, helped to increase my performing skills, and also gave me a secure and intelligent environment to meet new friends.


The AGS experience was so unforgettable. I loved it so much. There were a few minor things that bothered me, but nothing can be absolutely perfect.


I had a great time at AGS! Met lots of new people and learned to think more open mindedly.


It was the greatest experience of my life!!! I don’t regret coming!! Amazing! Awesome! I feel sorry for my friends who didn’t come.  I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the entire world.


It was definitely worth my six weeks I spent here away from my home, friends and family. I learned things I would never have learned otherwise and will never regret signing up.


I very much enjoyed AGS overall. I loved the friends I’ve made and all that I’ve learned about myself and others and how we all fit in relation to one another. However, I think the program could have been better. ELA could have been more challenging and demanding, and the Lit Mag was very poorly planned. Area II could have been more engaging. I didn’t get much from it. The 4:10s and 6:10s taught me more than anything.


Amazing! I love the structure of the classes and of the day. The classes facilitate discussions that outside AGS are difficult to have, due to biases. I enjoyed all the social time too, because it allowed us to meet new people and get to know those we already know even better. The AGS experience in one word: AMAZING!


Incredibly fun, however, I wish I had learned more from my Area I. I found that I learned from the people I surrounded myself with and the seminars.


I loved it! It was an intellectual and social challenge and helped me to think and socialize in new ways.


It was great. There just needed to be more hands-on 6:10s and 4:10s because listening to someone talk is boring.


I did not enjoy AGS completely but it was not because of anything here, it was just for personal reasons. So overall, I felt it was a good program.


I wouldn’t but since you’re asking it was amazing.


It was life altering. AGS changed my life in a good way.


AGS is awesome. I had a great time here.


Very good. I was able to build knowledge while arguing and supporting my own beliefs.


You can’t make me leave. It was the greatest experience of my life.


Although I met some interesting people and made some good friends, I don’t feel like I learned anything worthwhile and the experience was far below the standard I anticipated. I was unable to better myself which was my goal under the combative conditions and influence of liberal bias.


I would give it a 10.


AGS has been a real experience for me. I believe that I have grown in many areas (not just including Area I) such as intellectual standards, understanding the culture, religion and perspective, and I believe it has helped me to become a better student.


My overall experience at AGS was very rewarding. I have learned many new things that will stay with me through the years.


My overall experience was very good. I enjoyed the curriculum, the events, and many of the people. Some things I would like to highlight are; the very brotherly atmosphere of the dorm life (at least in my dorm), the friendliness and positivity of our Veasey RAs, and the almost inspirational intellectual effect of both Wesley Beal’s classes and Wesley Beal himself.


I’ve been to a bunch of camps (academic) and this was by far the best one. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I feel like I am ready for my next year of high school and college. I wouldn’t say this experience was life changing, but it was very enlightening.


Overall the experience was wonderful; I really enjoyed my stay at AGS. The RAs were very helpful; the classes were relaxed but I still learned. The overall concept of AGS was excellent and I am glad to have been here.


When I first came to AGS I didn’t think I would like it; but now I don’t want to leave! The only thing I didn’t like was that the required events at night ran late and we couldn’t hang out.


I really enjoyed myself. I met wonderful people. However, the female RAs were quite an issue not all but some.


My overall experience was wonderful!


Wonderful! I loved my AGS experience! I’m going to miss the atmosphere. All of the people and activities made it interesting.


My overall experience…full of relationship drama, critical, musical expression, and my tennis form has become much better. Overall it was very memorable indeed.


It was a fantastic experience. Meeting new people, learning new things, and accepting but still questioning the ways of the world.


On a scale of 1 – 150 I rate it 148.


It was excellent. It exceeded my expectations greatly.


I don’t ever want to leave. I loved it here. The people are great. There’s a lot to learn through the 4:10s and 6:10s. And Blake W., the recreational director, did an awesome job, too!


My overall experience was and will be one of the best experiences of my life. The people are so friendly. I don’t regret anything.


AGS was MIND BLOWING! I loved every single minute of it. It will probably be one of the best experiences of my life.


It was amazing. I do not want to go home at all. This place and the people involved make learning fun and it was OK to “be a nerd” here. I am grateful for this opportunity. It was so beneficial.


Challenging, enriching, fulfilling, intellectually stimulating, exciting and SO MUCH FUN.


AGS has changed my life. I’ve met tons of amazing people who share the same passion that I have to learn as much as they can and really benefit from their academic opportunities.


AGS was amazing. It really opened my eyes to so many things; from serious topics to how people act and interact. It also helped me socially. I love the program and actually wish I could like, live here somehow.


At the beginning of AGS I was thinking that I would hate every moment of it, but now I feel that it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.


20/10, it was great!




ibueno! On the first day, Area II was my least favorite and now it is my most favorite.


I wouldn’t trade it for $1 million.


My overall experience at AGS has been amazing! I have no complaints. I have learned so much! My experience here has really helped me become a more educated person – socially and intellectually.  This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m so glad that I was able to experience it!


I really loved it here. It would have to be the best summer ever. It would have been better if I made more friends, but I got to know the friends I have better.


I loved AGS. It’s helped me to interact with others at a higher level, intellectually and physically, than I ever have before. I wouldn’t trade these six weeks for my summer back and I felt like, contrary to popular belief it helped me to strengthen my faith, rather than lose it.


The most educational, beneficial, successful college prep. and learning experience I’ve ever had.


My experience has been incredible. I wish I could stay longer with such great people!


It was fantastic except for the fact that the lunch menu lied about tater tots sometimes.


I do not want to leave. I have had such a great time.


AGS has been very enjoyable and constructive. I have become more open minded and independent.


Wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve gotten so much from this experience that it’ll be hard to leave. Even though I had to give  up a lot to be here, I stand by my decision 100%.


Very good. However, I wish I had not had a project in every natural science teacher’s class. I found myself stuck in the library when I should have been socializing.


My AGS experience was fun, interesting, and very much worth my time!


It was very different and not in a bad way.


It was a good experience getting to meet so many new people and become friends with them. I enjoyed getting taught to think in new ways that not many other people experience.


It is definitely one of the high points of my life and I will absolutely encourage people to come next year.


Being at AGS gave me a sense of stability and gave me insight to being on my own. The curriculum was intriguing and really put me in my element.


My overall AGS experience has been fantastic!! It has been AWESOME!! I don’t want to go home. From the meeting of new people, to learning new things, and staying on this beautiful campus, has been indescribable!


How effectively did the Director promote a constructive environment at AGS?


Lyle Rupert created a general feeling of enthusiasm and camaraderie among the students.


He did a very good job promoting the environment because of the freedoms we have and his way of explaining the program.


The environment that the Director promoted was good, but as does anything, it could have been improved.


Very effectively. He seems like a gentle man and he always made me feel at home.


Quite effectively.


Lyle did a great job at stressing the community of AGS that I see the immense importance of. He kept us informed as well as he could and oversaw the program with great leadership, I ask him to find new and better jokes though!


Very well. He was always very friendly and I felt that if I ever needed something I could talk to him.


He did a good job; however, his censorship of the Martin shirt and the Lit Magazine were a little too strict.


Amazing. It didn’t feel like he was nagging us or like we were in trouble; it was just like a reminder.


Pretty well. He was nice, gave us ice cream and frozen yogurt.


I thought Lyle was a pretty effective director. I thought that he treated us immaturely at times, especially with relation to film content (although that may have something to do with Arkansas law), but other than that, AGS was well-balanced and conducive to free expression. He is also a rather amiable guy.


He did okay. He tried too hard to try to get us to make new friends. We can do that on our own.


Very much so. He kept the atmosphere of learning orderly but also relaxed. He segued into everything he had to say with great skill. He immediately gave the impression that AGS is fun, intellectual, respectful and life changing (in a good way). He exemplified that talent, intelligence and fun can coincide.


Lyle Rupert promoted a constructive environment at AGS very effectively. He was always friendly in his delivery of the rules and gained the respect of the AGS community because he seemed to care about us and respect us.


Although I didn’t personally see much of him, I felt he did promote a rather constructive environment. At speakers, movies, etc. he tried to get us all excited and involved, but I didn’t feel he played a big part of the enjoyment of my being here. Also, we were treated immaturely quite often.


Lyle Rupert did an amazing job creating a constructive environment for learning as well as activities.


Very good.


Pretty well. He always tried to approach things in a positive way.


His jorts made me happy, but he was very rude on numerous occasions and I didn’t appreciate it.


I felt that Lyle Rupert promoted a constructive environment at AGS very effectively. He stated problems and rules very clearly and in a kind and firm manner.


Environment promoted diversity and learning. Good balance of freedom and rules. If rules were broken the consequences were good.


Very effective. Lyle’s personality in general promoted a constructive environment by being humorous and friendly while keeping an authoritative tone.


He was fabulous! He gave us late curfews!


Lyle Rupert did a great job in promoting a constructive environment at AGS especially in the first week. He made it clear what the expectations were and what would be done if we fell short of it. And when we did tend to slack off a bit he warned us throughout the six weeks. I think that he did his best and that was good.


He did very well. His shorts were immaculate (very hot!)


He did a very good job in setting consequences up for wrong actions, and also rewarding us for good things.


AGS incorporated not only academic pursuits but social development as well, making the program more well-rounded. Areas II and III are definitely necessary, but I don’t think we need it every other day for an hour and 20 minutes.


Very well. His jokes were corny, but his jokes made him enjoyable. He was in my movie for the film festival and he was very approachable when we asked him to sneeze for us.


He didn’t…


Extremely well. He tried to be funny and had good ways of conveying rules but in a way that he wasn’t being condescending or rude. He gave the impression of genuinely wanting us to all have fun and to learn as much as possible.


I believe Lyle Rupert did a good job in promoting a constructive environment. He made it very comfortable for us and there was not a problem we couldn’t take to him.


Effective in promoting a constructive environment by making jokes and being enthusiastic.  I love his jorts.


He was very awesome. The way he was authoritative but playful was cool.


He did a great job keeping the energy level up and everyone excited.


He promoted things pretty effectively.


Very, he handled issues very appropriately.


He made it very interesting.


He was very effective. Promoted fun, but still had control. Dig the shorts.


He was kind of a meanie, but that’s okay. I love the jorts! Jorts should be the mandatory uniform for Lyle Rupert.


He made AGS feel like one big family.


Very effectively. We did so many things and he always would help. Woo-hoo jorts!!!




He did a great job. I think he put a lot into making AGS good and beneficial.


Very effectively. I was really annoyed at first when I real the policies about cell phones and the closed campus, and I didn’t really believe it when it was explained that it was to create a sense of community, but it really worked and I’m glad those rules were there.


He did a great job being the Director and keeping everything in line. I’d like to be able to know what’s going on in the upcoming weeks ahead though.


He did an excellent job promoting a constructive environment at AGS. He was a very good director.


I feel like he did what he could to promote a constructive environment.


Quite effectively.


Lyle Rupert made sure that we were having fun while learning at AGS and he handled any complaints professionally and effectively.


Very well. He was so happy and sweet.


He was very entertaining with his short shorts.


He provided it thoroughly…at every required event…over and over again.  He did his best to keep us civil despite the fact that some tried to be antagonistic.


He promoted it very effectively. He encouraged everyone to have the best experience they possibly could by attending the seminars, making new friends and not just sitting in your room.


The Director, whom I assume allowed the flexibility and helped create the college-like atmosphere, was effective. I also liked how present he was and how understanding about leave of absences he was.


I have no complaints so I think he did a good job.


Lyle Rupert is pretty awesome. He promoted everything in such a fun way.


He did a great job. He always made it clear that we had rules, but that the rules are there for our safety. He also encouraged us a lot to get involved and build this community of ours.


He was very kind and encouraging. I thought he promoted a constructive environment very well.


Honestly, I didn’t see Lyle very much but he seemed to do a good job keeping things rolling along and keeping it constructive.


Lyle created a great environment at AGS for the students to interact, socialize and learn.


He promoted a constructive environment very well (mostly because he was authoritative but appealed to the students in a fun open manner).


Lyle Rupert did a great job promoting a constructive environment. Although there were many rules, he did a great job of setting up the rules so we all could have fun and no problems occur.


The director did a very good job at promoting a constructive environment at AGS. It was overall effective since he would advise us if there was something we should be doing (picking up garbage, signing on time, etc.). He also had a likeable personality, which allowed him to be more effective than a push-over or a strict director.


Lyle definitely promoted a constructive environment. I respected his ability to orchestrate and lead while still having  fun with a fairly easy-going attitude.


Lyle was fun. We all love joking around about his jorts. As long as he keeps awearin’ them jorts, he’ll be an excellent director.


Very effectively. Rewards and punishments were often dealt with fairly. A close-knit community was encouraged, as was tolerance of other students and the absorption of material taught in class.


The idea of AGS and how it should be was very well laid out from the beginning. It was clear that everything done or not done, permitted and not permitted, were all in our best interests. We’re kids – so yes, some of us did stupid stuff. But punishments and reward were all serving to make AGS a safe, fun, beneficial place.


Lyle Rupert is the best!! His attitude and personality made him more likeable and friendly. This really opened doors for communication between him and the students.


He did his job well. Made me feel wanted when I talked to him. He is a very wonderful person and he should hold the same position next year.


He did very well. His corny jokes added to the positive feeling he gave off.


He didn’t really involve himself in any activities or problems, seemed like the RAs had all the power.


Uhm…good enough I suppose. He didn’t always seem sincere about what he was saying but at least his words gave the message that he had things in order.


Well. He talked to students, was actually seen often during the program, highly approachable, upheld rules but allowed for fun.


Very effectively. It was very structured and well organized. I think Lyle does an excellent job.


Very well; I like the balanced amount of structure and freedom at AGS. It was just right.


He promoted it well. It was effective, but it could have been a bit better. Some things were done inefficiently.


Mr. Lyle really promoted a positive attitude with educational things. I felt he was very helpful when situations were unclear, etc.


Lyle Rupert did a great job of promoting a constructive environment. He really brought us all together every Thursday night at the beginning of the movies.


Very well. I felt like we were truly a community.


Very well. He was just in admonishing problems, at the same time the rewards and privileges he gave us were fun and encouraging.


He made sure rules were enforced. When we had a few students who wrote on the sidewalk and were being rude and making fun of a religion he made sure that it would not happen again.


Mr. Rupert was fun-loving in all his approaches to connect to us but still made us very aware of the consequences of not abiding by the rules. Overall? Great!


He did a good job. He communicated through announcements. I never really saw him other than that. I wish he was around more.


Lyle conducted a most amazing experience for me and my fellow students. It was wonderful.


Lyle Rupert was a great director. From the very beginning he got us pumped for AGS. He promoted a strong sense of community and was very effective as director.


The environment at AGS was promoted well. Everything was constructive. Sometimes, the environment was too strictly maintained, such as the cell phone rule.


He was super effective. He always seemed positive and made everything fun and nice.


Lyle…Lyle…Lyle Rupert did an excellent job promoting a constructive environment. He was always seen and wasn’t some sort of mysterious man behind the scenes. He made the presentations more fun.


He was great! I couldn’t ask for better, well maybe allow phones on Sunday but that’s it.


Lyle was great. He was always praising us, but also reminding us how we should behave if we ever stepped out of bounds.


Very effectively. I think that his personal involvement in the community really made him more empathetic  to our needs and it made the environment easy and fun.


He was awesome at what he did. For a man that has so much on his plate all the time, he never disregarded anyone’s needs and always was open to ideas and questions. His admonishments were made in a friendly way, but stern enough to render obedience from us.


Very effectively!!! I love the jorts. Lyle was firm with the rules, but I appreciated the logic behind all of them.


Very well. He said that we were gonna be on topic with no playing around when it came to studies, but he made it so much fun to learn.


He did a great job! He was nice but at the same time we all knew not to mess with him. He kept order in a positive way.


Lyle always had a positive attitude and frequently interacted with students. He also had really funny jorts.


Lyle is amazing. I do not believe anyone could put on or run this program better than him. And yes…it was effective indeed.


I really liked Lyle Rupert a lot. I’m not actually sure what he did, but he seemed friendly and the “Ask the Director” things were nice. And, Lyle Rupert, you have an awesome name!


He was a wonderful director. He was able to keep his authority known without making anyone feel intimidated, and I think a lot of that was because he was able to connect with the students.


I think Mr. Rupert did a great job. AGS is the perfect balance between work and fun. Whatever I’m doing here always seems to teach me something new.


Beyond possibility. Directing something as outstanding as AGS is a difficult job. He did that job better than anyone else could have.


Lyle Rupert was awesome. He did a great job making AGS like it was one big family. He always talked to us with respect even if we were being reprimanded which I truly appreciated. He was just all-around great.


He was good; he had bad jokes but other than that I liked him.


He really did good.


He did well.


He promoted a very constructive environment. The program was directed well.


Well. He employed helpful RAs and executed his job in a cheerful manner.


It was a good effort, all intentions were good, but I just don’t know how much effect he had on us. I can’t measure it.


Lyle got us hyped up during events and he was very encouraging in terms of friendships and participating in class.


Lyle looks good in shorts. I wouldn’t want anyone else as director.


I thought it was well organized.


I very rarely saw him, but he was always very enthusiastic.


He created a good environment.


He always talked positively and was respectful when addressing positive and negative sides of student behavior.


He was good.


I’m not sure how he promoted it. I’m sure he wanted it from all of us and tried to make a constructive environment for us. Myself personally never saw Lyle much except for onstage during required events so I don’t think he promoted it very well for me, but I do love L. Rupert.


Very well. He was funny, if he had rules he gave reasons to back them up and he was nice. His 4:10s on Ask the Director were good ideas as well.


I believe that Lyle did as good a job as he could have done. I have no problems.


Lyle did very well executing a community at AGS by promoting certain rewards for good behavior, and he also had us act like we were all basically family which helped me get along quicker and more efficiently with other people.


He did a great job because he was able to maintain us in the auditorium and reiterated messages for the different events and activities to remind us of what was going on.


I feel like Lyle made sure not to oppress us, and we took in what he’d say in order to promote a “constructive environment” more openly or readily. He was a great director.


Lyle did a very good job in promoting a constructive environment at AGS. He always ensured that the students were on top of things by making frequent announcements and always encouraging us to get involved in the plethora of activities.


Very well. Lyle was a great director.


Like the website stated, the Socratic method of learning was genuinely helpful in promoting a constructive environment. This applies to students who want to learn, rather than  feign ignorance during the movies/speakers.


Lyle did an excellent job and should be the director next year.   He has a very positive essence about him. He has a laid-back personality that makes him comfortable to be around but he is still assertive when it comes to rules.


The environment here at AGS was wonderful. The campus was always clean, the staff was always nice, and there wasn’t a single bad thing going around that I had to deal with. He kept us in a safe, open area, and cared about what went on.


Mr. Rupert did a very good job. I love the environment here at AGS.


Quite effectively. I do feel that a more strict discipline system could have improved conditions here at AGS. A system that would hold a person self-accountable and rigorously enforce the rules. I also think it is an individual’s choice (not) to participate in activities, so if he/she wanted to sleep during class or use a cell phone outside of his/her dorm, it is his/her problem/experience he/she is missing out on.


He did well in promoting such an environment, there was only perhaps constructive criticism, but there were also times when he spelled out the ways things had to be. I feel he was effective in his handling of AGS from the light in which I saw it as a student.


Very effectively, if we’re talking about the social environment. I liked being unplugged: this way we were forced to talk to each other and become better friends with each other.


He did an excellent job; he could control the crowd very well. However, there was a cult. Visitors were not allowed at the talent show but were at the choir/instrumental music concerts, AGS Idol, etc. My group had been working for weeks on our dance. I and my parents were very disappointed. There was plenty of room in the upper balcony. But otherwise he was a very good director.


Lyle was the very best director! Not only did he promote a constructive environment, but he made sure we all felt like a family.


Very well. Lyle was a great director.


He did everything as well as it could possibly occur. There is nothing bad to say.


Lyle brought the group together well and gave the atmosphere a very community oriented feeling. Basically Rupert brings the U N I T Y.


I think he did an ok job. He acted more like he was trying to make us like him than trying to promote a constructive environment.


Lyle did an excellent job creating a friendly environment in which we felt comfortable learning, speaking out and expressing ideas.


Lyle has done his job, well past my expectations.


Lyle promoted a pristine and very constructive environment at AGS. The environment was very positive (most of the time) and created a wonderful environment for us to thrive in for six weeks.


Very effectively due to all the events and social activities.


Very well. Felt safe at AGS and enjoyed his announcements.


Lyle was excellent at getting involved with everything going on. He really knows how to relate to kids.


Very well. Lyle always stressed a constructive environment.


Very effectively. I thought he did a wonderful job.


Well, I suppose. It wasn’t overt as powerful but he didn’t slack.


Very well. He was excellent at helping guide us these past six weeks.


Lyle is amazing with his corny jokes.


Mr. Rupert was an excellent Director because he was always happy to answer questions and was forthcoming with information. He was also quick to enforce rules, providing further proof that closed mindedness is not welcome here.


He promoted it very well and thoroughly. He also has a nice sense of humor.


He always encouraged us at required events and I truly felt safe with his reflections on the safety of the environment. 


Very effectively, the Director created a fun yet safe and organized environment that aided in learning and exploration of new things.


He was excellent. I could both trust and respect him, and I knew that he kept the rules both firm and fair.


Lyle Rupert created a laid back atmosphere and did not wave when it came to the rules and enforcing them.


Very effectively.


Lyle Rupert would have been a boon, if he had a better sense of humor (JK).


Mr. Rupert did a very good job at promoting a constructive environment. He tried to reinforce this message at almost every required event in front of all the students.


Pretty effectively. He managed to be an authority but still be a friend also. And yay for the jorts.


Pretty well. He kept control for the most part and did so in a positive manner.


He was pretty constructive. The only complaint would be the putting down of life at home (e.g. shallowness of friends, cell phones, internet).


He was perfect. He’s so nice and funny. A keeper for sure.


Lyle was fantastic. I don’t think anyone else could have done it better.


Lyle Rupert is 100% amazing! I loved him!


Constructive? Uh…I don’t think he did. He was kind of just a spokesman for AGS.


Very effectively. He was good to speak to all the students and he would answer questions with great details for our understanding.


He always was smiling, eager to teach or introduce someone that was going to teach us. He made the mood happy and light hearted.


Very efficiently. Like the shorts. Pepped up required events.


…I think Lyle Rupert did a good job, but I think a few changes could be made. I don’t like how sometimes he would “admonish” us when a speaker was present; it almost seemed like he was trying to shame us.


Lyle was awesome! Always fun and encouraging!


I had a great experience at AGS. I feel like the students created a community and most of the classes were very constructive.


Between mildly, moderately well and very well.


Lyle Rupert is a fantastic director. He does so much and conducts this phenomenal program amazingly.


Lyle was really good at encouraging AGS, but he has firm authority also.


He was very effective.


He did a very good job. He made sure all rules were enforced and that everyone was enjoying themselves.


Every activity he did was constructive. We always had something to do whether it be entertainment or educational. It caused our brains to be constantly going.


Lyle was a wonderful director. I’m really surprised nobody ever started calling him Uncle Rupert because he really made AGS feel like a family.


Lyle Rupert, I think, did a fine job as director. I wouldn’t know how else he could have done better.


Very well. He was amazing. He was active in student life as well as the classes. He kept everything running smoothly and maintained an air of fun yet still enforced stern rules.


Lyle did very well. I just wish he would have prevented the punishment of Raney dorm because of one person sleeping.


Lyle made the environment great when it came to terms of constructiveness. He made the environment really comfortable for me as well as all 399 other students.


He let us have freedom along with rules.


Very effectively.


He did a great job as far as I could tell. The mood was great for open and intelligent discussions.


Though I had little interaction with Lyle he seemed to do his job very well. My environment was very constructive.


He did a great job of organizing events. Absolutely loved the extended curfews!


Lyle did very well creating and promoting a collegiate constructive environment. Every day was well-organized, full of interesting activities and all the classes and facilities were done with a college campus feel.


I do not know about Lyle’s specific efforts, but I strongly believe that he is fair and has the students’ best interest in mind. Lyle was well regarded around campus.


He did pretty well. However, I haven’t seen him around very often, just once or twice every few weeks.


Rupert did a great job. AGS has an awesome community environment and there were activities every day.


He did a great job. I liked the fact that he did not promote the idea that faculty is entirely separate and had authoritative entity over the students.


He made sure that everyone cooperated together, and he was happy and interacted well with the students.


Very, every required event he would promote meeting new people and learning new things.


Lyle is an amazing director. He did everything I feel he should have done.


Incredibly effectively. He was great on stage. He talked well about the community. He got the students excited, and he went over the day-to-day subjects.


Very effectively. Lyle was very cool and respectful. When he was mentioning rules before every movie, he was always polite and reasonable – never condescending. He was a wonderful director. Plus his name is very cool.


Lyle promoted a constructive environment. He enforced the rules and made comments. He was always available if you needed him.


He was very effective. I loved how he interacted with the students during meal time and other events.


Very effectively. His corny jokes kept the mood lighthearted. He had a nice way of telling us when we did something wrong or right.


Lyle was a superb director and really helped to create a feeling of “family” among the AGS students.


Everything was amazing, overall.


He always brings energy and fun, even when he’s explaining and defending AGS rules. He’s always receptive to our needs and I think he does a great job as Director.


Lyle Rupert did a great job promoting a constructive environment. I can remember several occasions where Lyle approached my friends and me during free time to see how we were doing.


He made it very effective.  He told us what he wanted the community to be like. Without him AGS would not have been this good experience.


If I had to rate him; I’d give him a 5/5.


He was like a dad here. He had fun with us, joked around, and was social, but when it was important or a serious matter he had a firm hand. Breaking rules or disrespect was not tolerated.


Lyle did a great job of promoting a great environment. He was also very friendly and nice.


Mr. Rupert was a good and fun director. He had no problem making me feel welcome here.


Lyle Rupert created an environment at AGS that provided activities for anyone to participate in. Even someone not so outgoing could find themselves becoming a very outgoing person due to the community aspect of AGS that Lyle maintained.


Lyle did a great job. Yo.


Very effectively. I have no complaints. There was most always something to do, and I learned something new on a daily basis, from speakers, 4:10s and 6:10s, movies, etc.


He did a great job. He’s easy to approach and talk to, and he made the experience fun.


On a scale of 1 to 10, Lyle was a 10! He has been wonderful and encouraging through the entire AGS program.


He was great about it. I never once saw him when he wasn’t smiling.


Lyle Rupert did a good job of keeping an upbeat environment at AGS. He communicated well with everyone.


I never interacted much with Lyle Rupert but he seemed to effectively keep the environment positive. When people were writing offensive things with the chalk he talked to us about it and it stopped.


Lyle very effectively promoted a constructive environment at AGS. He encouraged us to be thinkers and was very encouraging throughout the program.


Very effectively. He stayed energetic until the very last day and for that I applaud him. We were all treated as mature individuals and I’m grateful to be shown such respect from an adult.


Well? I don’t understand the extent of the question.


Very well. Everything was great.


It was a good, realistic college experience with classes, free time, seminars.


Lyle was always considerate and he rewarded positivity and punished negativity, as any good director should do. He was authoritative but not tyrannical. Overall Lyle was great.


Very effectively, the entire program was great; he gave us ice cream and late curfews.




A constructive environment was very well promoted.


Very, he was always positive but firm.


His bad jokes made everyone feel better about our own…


Very effectively! Lyle Rupert did a great job maintaining order without being too authoritative.


Very effectively. Mr. Rupert was always super helpful, and even though he was an authority figure I never felt threatened or uncomfortable when he was around.


Mr. Rupert was very effective in promoting a constructive environment with his positive and happy demeanor.


Very effectively. I feel that the environment at AGS was extremely constructive.


I think he did a wonderful job of keeping AGS a safe and productive environment.


He enforced the sense of community that we should all get along which is the major topic throughout the program - to respect, love and try to understand each other.


Mr. Rupert is a wonderful Director. He made the entire program entertaining and the assemblies more fun, and he is a really good speaker.


Lyle did a great job as director. He kept things organized and fun as well.


Okay; l only saw him at the mandatory events and he gave the generic “be good” speeches.


Very effectively! Lyle is an amazing Director. He gets what needs to be done, done on time and efficiently.


He was okay…? I’m not sure how to answer that.


He was very good and treated us all as adults and kept everything in order.


The director promoted a very constructive environment at AGS.


Lyle was a boss. His enthusiasm was enjoyable; he was always friendly and helpful.


Very effectively! He did a fantastic job at making my AGS experience the best it could be.


Lyle Rupert was constantly positive and constructive in the general environment of AGS. His leadership and laissez-faire attitude was pertinent in the growth of a strong community.


He was not really the progenitor of the atmosphere, but he did play his part in harmony with the general atmosphere.


Lyle did everything he could to make life safe, fun, and life changing. I feel he was easy to talk to and easy to ask questions to.


Very!!! He and his short shorts helped create a fantastic environment I’ll never forget. Lyle did an amazing job.


I can’t really compare to previous years but in the six weeks I had, I believe he did more than his job to make sure AGS was valuable.


I believe he clearly and genuinely got his point across. I love his personality. It was authentic and I respect his authority.


I think he successfully created a united community of learning as corny as that sounds.




He got everyone pumped during speakers and required events. Lyle made sure everything was going well and that we did things that were fun and beneficial.


Very effective, got everyone together, rationalized rules very well.


I loved Lyle. He kept things under control very well.


I suppose it was effectively since my time here was spent in a constructive environment, but I really wasn’t aware of him unless he was announcing something at a required event. I feel like the teachers and RAs did most of the direct promoting.


Lyle was always very constructive. His announcements before required events were always on-point and entertaining.


Lyle was really great about keeping everything under control.


Very effectively. I thought he really stayed organized and on top of things while fostering a community spirit.


He was awesome.


The environment at AGS was very open and constructive.


Lyle did a good job. I felt safe and at “home” here at AGS. The rules were fair enough, and I had a great time at AGS.


The director did a great job fostering a positive vibe for AGS both in his little pseudo-speech things before events and speakers and in his general demeanor around campus. He was always upbeat and encouraging.


He provided many activities for us to occupy our time with sports, 4:10-6:10s and recreational activities.


I never interacted with Lyle, but overall the program was well organized, educational, and fun which is the result of his hard work.


I believe that Mr. Rupert was effective in promoting a constructive environment. Both the faculty and students were very supportive of everyone. At the same time; however, I felt that each teacher I had pushed me to be the best I could be. I never felt that the push was overly critical or a personal attack.


The Director did a fine job (although I wished he could have dressed a bit more professionally to give a better appearance of his authority). He was patient and willing to listen as well as humble. I will miss his jokes…maybe not.


Mr. Rupert did a great job. He was comical, yet assertive. I don’t really know what is meant by “promote a constructive environment”, but he did a great job and I love AGS.


Lyle strongly promoted a constructive environment at AGS. If we would take away the constructive atmosphere we would be punished.  We would also be rewarded; so, yes I feel that he did very well.


Did well. Kept things in line and let us know how things were going to go down personally.


Lyle did an exceptional job promoting a constructive environment here at AGS. And to make everything better, he interacted with us, and helped us all to interact with one another.


Mr. Rupert was very effective in encouraging us to have fun while respecting others and their property. Good job!


The environment at AGS was very constructive and allowed me to open up just a little bit more socially. The intellectual environment was very refreshing.


Mr. Rupert was excellent at promoting a constructive environment. I felt that every moment was filled with some activity that could have been pursued.


The AGS environment provided a unique and enriching experience. So I would say that Lyle did his job pretty well.


Lyle was great. He always seemed cheerful and excited to see us at any point on campus. Also at Staples’ events he was effective in delivering announcements in a friendly but stern manner.


The Director was positive in all his interactions with the students and created a very constructive and positive environment for all of us.


Pretty effectively. Things were organized and unchaotic, but it felt a little too strict.


The program as a whole was constructive and open and friendly so I assume he did a good job.


The environment was always an enjoyable one. Never was there too much restriction; I felt we were pretty independent and the staff was great. The Director was always nice and happy to help students in our endeavors.


Lyle you did an excellent job of making me and all of my peers feel welcome, even on the first day. I just wish that all my program directors were like you.


I believe he was an effective director, but at times overly restrictive as when he cut a story from the Literary Magazine. It was a little explicit, but only a little bit.


He made sure to interact with students and allow us to realize that he was there to help, but he also made people follow the rules.


I think he did a great job. He made a lot of diverse 4:10s and 6:10s and seemed like this happy and helpful guy. Good job, Lyle.


Very effectively, I think the first meeting was very important to the constructive environment of AGS.


He did an effective job. There was generally always something to do and always something to learn. I felt safe on campus…but at the same time I felt very caged.


AGS was a welcoming environment. Mr. Rupert was effective in promoting a welcome atmosphere. He was also good about compromising with the students’ needs and wants.


Extremely effectively! He was nice but at the same time he enforced all the rules to make sure that we were all safe.


Lyle was very effective. The atmosphere of AGS promotes creation, curiosity, and intellectual stimulations in a healthy and constructive way. The rules limit you but do not impose; there is a good balance.


There was definitely construction. But I am not going to say that this existed because he enforced things heavily, instead I believe he was well liked and related to everyone which in turn created respect for him and what he stands for as director of AGS. He is just a regular guy making things happen for regular people and that is what plays the big role.


Pretty well. I didn’t see him much, but as far as I know, everything was good.


Lyle was very happy and positive. Even when announcing bad news, he had a way of doing so lightheartedly and agreeably.


Pretty well! He was helpful when I needed a leave and if I had questions.


Lyle was respectful, welcoming and overall very successful at promoting a constructive environment.


Lyle, you are amazing. I love you!


He did wonderful. He’s there to solve problems, make things better, get us excited about everything, encourage us in so many ways…you can’t replace the man.


I liked how he handled the environment by keeping the students in check and yet rewarding them when it was appropriate or deserving (ice cream and late curfews).


Lyle is the best director ever. He did an outstanding job in public and in private.


He did so very effectively.


To be honest, I don’t know what he looks like. He’s a bigger figure behind the scene, so I guess it's the best to be invisible? So to that consideration, he did a good job as director.


He did a great job. Even though he has a dry sense of humor, he tried and did his best. I think he should have given us more nights with extended curfew.


He was very effective in keeping things organized and reminding students how to act when something disorderly may have happened.


Very effective. This is like no other environment I have ever been exposed to.


He kept track of everything and he knew exactly what was going on. He remained friendly to all staff and faculty and the students. Lyle always got things done that needed attention.


I believe Mr. Rupert made AGS fun for us all! Although his jokes at the beginning weren’t very funny (sorry Mr. Rupert)!!! He was always smiling and happy. So whenever I was down about something I’d look for Mr. Rupert to smile and say “hey” to me. I love AGS!!


Lyle was a fantastic director. He got things done in a fun and friendly way.


He did an absolute Grade - A job of giving us an environment to come together with people of different ideas and help strengthen our beliefs and thoughts and our own ideas.


Lyle did an excellent job. He’s great.


Lyle Rupert was pretty boss, although he tried to be “cool” and relate to us with his corny jokes, which fell short (I’m sure) of the intended purpose. However, as a director and administrator he fulfilled his duties with my satisfaction.


Very effectively in my opinion.


Lyle did an awesome job! I felt almost like I was at home. He classes were well developed and constructive to help me think outside the box. I like how we were basically forced to get to know each other.


Lyle was great! I think he did a good job with everything and he was super friendly.


Lyle Rupert was very constructive and positive all the time. He was always approachable and friendly, but firm and efficient with time. I’d say Lyle is the best AGS director ever. He listens to kids.


Very well. He kept relative control so the presentations weren’t in a state of uproar but let us be free. He also was very supportive of extracurricular activities (he was at the impromptu jazz band concert supporting us).


Very efficiently. I have no complaints.


The Director did an excellent job. The entire program was very effective in creating a constructive environment.


Lyle was ok but some of his jokes have to go.


I feel that the Director did a very good job at promoting a constructive environment at AGS.


Very well, the environment was a winner.


Lyle Rupert constructed an excellent environment very effectively.


Very well.


Lyle Rupert did a great job by having a great staff/curriculum.


Extremely effective. Lyle did an amazing, awesome, great job.


The director seemed hospitable and nice and open to suggestions. Although I am dissatisfied with the program entirely, I don’t see that as being his fault.


Lyle was awesome.


I believe that Lyle fully promoted a constructive environment here at AGS. I believe that his friendly nature drew the students in and made them feel more comfortable with being here.


We’ve become one big family!


The atmosphere was great overall.


Lyle has a fair and reasonable attitude, some of the rules and regulations have a few flaws that I hope will evolve in the future. Review the RAs' attitude towards their responsibilities. Focus on individuality a little more. Good Job!


I thought Lyle did an excellent job. He was always energetic and encouraging when he talked on stage. When I spoke to him personally he always wanted to listen and I could tell he cared about what I thought as a student.


He was able to be in control while not being authoritative so we didn’t seem oppressed and I liked that factor about him.


Lyle did a great job. Everything seemed well put together and organized.


Lyle really made the process go smoothly.


The Director promoted a constructive environment very well by speaking to us before each activity and speaker.


Lyle is a very conservative individual and I find him to be a very respectful and caring person, especially toward others. He really puts others before himself and he has created a very relaxed and “chilled” environment.


Well, everything was organized from the outside view and when things didn’t go as planned he improvised well.


Lyle Rupert (clap clap clap clap clap) did a great job directing AGS.


Fine. He didn’t really add or take away to the constructive environment. He was a novelty more or less. At least from what was made public to AGS.


He seemed to be the funny guy (kind of…) as well as the enforcer. He seemed to be a good leader – good “head guy”.


He was fantastic! He was funny and still serious and not exactly lenient but at the same time, he was.


He always encouraged a constructive environment every time we had a required event which was very frequent.


Lyle did an excellent job as Director. I have no criticism.


He did pretty good. Needs improvement. He is an amateur.


He did a very good job. I was satisfied with how open and easy it was to talk and make friends with everyone.


Very well I guess…I loved my overall experience at AGS and found it quite fulfilling and enriching, but I’m not sure exactly how much of that was a result of Lyle’s leadership. I’m assuming he was highly responsible.


Lyle effectively promoted a constructive environment.


He did his thing; everything went according to his plan! We all learned a lot and had tons of fun.


He did a really good job.


Very good. He made sure we did what we needed to.


I love Lyle Rupert! He is so awesome. He very effectively promoted a constructive environment at AGS.


I didn’t like how the environment seemed so tense. It seemed like I didn’t know a lot of the people here. I thought we should do more things as groups to get to know other people better. Like maybe on the first day go around campus as groups and just get to know people. I really like it here.


We didn’t see him around a lot, but he kept us informed and pumped up through announcements, special treats (ice cream) and late curfews.


The program was a wonderful experience and I feel very fortunate to have a director that cares so much about giving us the best possible leaning environment and experience possible.


Lyle promoted a great effort for a constructive environment even though I didn’t see him much; he still did a great job.


I didn’t really see Lyle much, but I do like that he extended our curfew.


I believe he did an excellent job that gave me opportunities to bond with over 400 students and RAs as well as receive the college experience.


Lyle was very effective in promoting a constructive environment at AGS.




Very effectively.


Very well. He helped create the sense of community among AGS students and faculty.


He did a good job. It’s hard to tell what all he did because there were so many people working under him and that’s who we saw most of the time.


There were plenty of activities at 4:10s and 6:10s to meet new people.


He performed his job well by keeping order and maintaining authority in most situations. However, sometimes he remained a little too conservative and limited the expression of some people. AGS is a place where expression in your field of study is encouraged, but when all the ELA students put their hard work into the Lit Mag, some of the best pieces were taken out that detracted from the entire Lit Mag.


I don’t know exactly how he did, but he did. I have learned so many new things and met so many new people; it has been a wonderful experience. Some of the things that I learned here, I would have never learned at school.


I never talked to him personally but he seems like an organized, efficient, rule-promoting leader.


He was nice and tried to get everyone involved in activities.


I think he did a great job at keeping everyone in line but still allowing us freedom to do things that we wanted to do. He seemed in touch with the students and enforced the rules in a kind and effective manner.


I felt Director Lyle Rupert promoted a very positive and constructive environment. He remained solid in his authority while at the same time tried to relate and provide us with an extremely beneficial environment.


Very effectively. He kept it orderly and safe while still allowing fun and freedom.


Lyle was a sweetheart. He understood our needs and desires and treated us fairly. Plus, he has a beautiful sense of humor. And, I love his shorts.


Decently. I only really saw him during events in Staples, so if he was trying to promote a constructive environment outside of announcements at the group events he failed.


Good use of classrooms and not putting people from the same town in the same class.


I think everything was excellent. If we were to have any problems with what was going on we had “Ask the Director” seminars and those were very beneficial.


Mr. Rupert promoted a constructive environment at AGS very successfully.


He was very well organized and did a good job at promoting an accepting environment for all students.


He did very well. AGS should always have a kind and genuine director. I honestly believe that Lyle is that kind of person.


He was funny and pretty charismatic and he had awesome shorts, but I felt like I was being treated like a child at summer camp rather than “one of Arkansas’ brightest” at a faux-college experience.


I never saw him much…he should definitely try to interact a little more with the AGS kids, but he did promote a constructive environment extremely effectively.


Very well.


Lyle is awesome!!


Very effectively. I love Lyle Rupert.


He is great! He was always assertive with his goals and messages and did a wonderful job helping us feel like a family.


I think Lyle was very responsive and promoted a very ideal and safe/productive environment here – very well.


Very, very, very well! He was effective at this. This feels like home!