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    New Mexico2

    Summer in the Southwest

    Eight students, led by professors, traveled to New Mexico to study the culture, environment, and history of the American Southwest. The group spent three weeks meeting with biologists, community activists, forest rangers, and writers in order to learn about the development and challenges of the region from a variety of perspectives. 

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    Johnson Space Center

    Blast Off

    Students Katherine Coughran '14 and Britton Jones '13 joined physics professor Dr. Todd Tinsley '98 and to see how scientific research has been used to further manned spaceflight. The students are pictured here with Johnson Space Center's Arthur Thomason '97 on the floor of the Mission Control Center. 

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    Lisa Leitz

    Dr. Lisa Leitz

    Sociology professor Dr. Lisa Leitz shares her passion for public service with Hendrix students by connecting courses to civic engagement.