A letter from the President

Welcome to the Hendrix College Web site for prospective Chinese students.

This is a great time for Chinese students to apply to Hendrix College. We are improving our already strong relationship with Chinese students by fostering a relationship with Heilongjiang University and introducing an Asian Studies minor as part of the College’s curriculum.

Hendrix College has a long history of attracting students from all over the world. International students enrich our campus life, allowing Hendrix students’ to learn about other cultures and form friendships with students from other lands.

Hendrix College is recognized as a leader in engaged liberal arts and sciences education. Our strong commitment to engaged learning defines the Hendrix experience. At Hendrix College, students work closely with different mentors who help shape their learning experiences and encourage them to think beyond the obvious and reach for excellence.

We strongly believe that Chinese students will find it easy to become a part of the Hendrix community. We believe that the school’s liberal arts and sciences curriculum will challenge students to become critical thinkers who are ready to face the challenges and seize the opportunities of the contemporary world.

I would like to extend a special invitation to Chinese students to join our community of scholars. I encourage you to get in touch with us and ask any questions you might have as you prepare to become a part of our learning community.

J. Timothy Cloyd, Ph.D.

Personalize Your Visit

  • Attend a class
  • Take a student-led campus walk
  • Learn more about financial aid
  • Meet with your admission counselor
  • Have lunch in the cafeteria
  • Meet with a professor and/or coach
  • Stay overnight with a student