International Student Summer Institute

Field Trips and Service Learning

Little Rock 2015In order to give students hands-on learning experiences to accompany classroom learning and to help them become active participants in the local community, the Summer Institute provides a variety of field trips and service learning projects. In the past, these have included:

Field Trips

  • Little Rock, Arkansas – Learn about American politics and the life of former Arkansas Governor and President of the United States, Bill Clinton, at the Clinton Museum, and reflect on the Civil Rights Movement at Central High School, site of a famous event in American Civil Rights history. You will also enjoy a delicious Southern meal in Little Rock's historic River Market, and have the chance to explore the downtown area! Guided by Dr. Peter Gess of the Hendrix Politics Department.
  • Cadron Settlement Park- Explore part of Arkansas' Historic Trails System along the Arkansas River while learning about the rich history behind them. Led by Dr. Hancock, you will participate in a day of experiential learning about the Trail of Tears and the long history of the Cadron Settlement Park.
  • Buddy Trips- Every Summer Institute student will be paired up with a Hendrix "buddy," or a fellow student that can help show them the ropes of life at Hendrix, serving as both a mentor and friend. Students will have the opportunity to embark on various "buddy trips" with their buddies and other summer students to nearby lakes and hiking areas, as well as participate in fun social mixer events.

Service Learning

  • Bethlehem House - Students experience an afternoon of service work and learning at Conway’s Bethlehem House, a homeless shelter. Students provide service by helping pack food at the facility, shared their culture through songs and dance, and learn about poverty in small group discussions with residents and volunteers at the shelter.
  • Soul Food Cafe- Students will help a local church run their "Soul Food Cafe" day, in which they provide free meals, clothing, groceries, and household essentials to Conway's homeless and financially disadvantaged. They will help serve food and drinks, and assist patrons with whatever they may need.

Soul Food Cafe