International Student Summer Institute

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LBST 115: The American Way of Life ("American Ways")  

This credit-bearing course emulates a typical Hendrix class experience and seeks to develop critical reading, discussion, and essay writing skills and to provide foundational knowledge of American culture essential for success in all courses at Hendrix. It does so through an examination of several topics, including American history, multiculturalism, education and family, religion, and politics. The exploration of each topic will be facilitated by a member of the Hendrix College faculty with expertise in the area.

Students who complete this course will meet the following learning goals:

  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of American history, values, beliefs, and institutions.
  • Utilize a variety of study skills necessary for the liberal arts classroom.

English Language Courses

In these courses, students will gain the following skills:

Reading & Discussion

  • Demonstrate mastery of essential reading skills, including:
    • Reading closely for main ideas and supporting details, purpose and audience, tone, argumentation, inference, and understanding vocabulary in context.
    • Critical reading and analysis.
  • Demonstrate mastery of essential classroom participation skills, including:
    • Confidence and ease in everyday conversations and classroom discussions.
    • Paraphrasing readings, listening activities, and other people’s statements in concise and accurate spoken English.
    • Participation in formal discussions/debates using strategies such as clarification, restatement, polite interruption, polite agreement and disagreement, clear statement of belief or argument, and use of evidence to support an argument.
    • Leadership of a classroom discussion using thought-provoking questions and strategies for turn-taking, opinion-seeking, and interrupting a speaker.

Essay Writing

  • Demonstrate mastery of essential essay writing skills, including:
    • Organization of the essay: outlining, clear theses and topic sentences.
    • Coherence and unity in paragraphs, including clear transitions, sentence structure and grammar
    • Paraphrasing, summarization, and citation.

Cross-Cultural Communication

When learning another language, we instinctively rely on our base language and culture for translating our ideas and thoughts into the target language. We can therefore frequently find ourselves perplexed when misunderstandings in cross-cultural communication arise. In this course, students will study appropriate language and behavior in communication with Hendrix professors, roommates and friends, as well as members of the Conway community. For example, students will learn how to speak, act and write politely with professors, engage in small talk with strangers or a host family, and use slang with friends. In addition, students will explore ways to utilize tone of voice, as well as facial and body language, to effectively express his/her intentions in English.