Pre-Professional Programs and Specialized Advising

Public Health Program with UAMS

Hendrix and the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS) College of Public Health sponsor a 4+1 program for Hendrix students who would like to get a head start on a master's in public health.

Look to the Future

Students who have completed two years at Hendrix first apply for acceptance into the MPH program. Upon acceptance, students take up to five courses at UAMS which would count towards the Hendrix degree and co-count towards the MPH degree. These courses appear on the Hendrix transcript but are not included in the Hendrix GPA. The MPH courses can be taken during the academic year or in summer school. For example, a student could take 3 courses at Hendrix and one at UAMS (most MPH courses are taught in the evening or on weekends). Thus, students in this program are still full-time at Hendrix, must declare a major at Hendrix and will graduate with a BA. However, this program can reduce by one or two semesters the time needed to complete the MPH. Approved courses appear in off-campus courses.


For additional information, contact Andrew Schurko in the Biology Department.