Thank you, Donors!

The Worsham Leadership Giving Challenge, sponsored by Dr. Gordon Worsham of Dallas, Texas, provided $30,000 for 30 new $1,000 gifts to the Hendrix Annual Fund. Tim and Jeannine Lomax, former parents of College Station, Texas, issued the Lomax-Hoffman Challenge for the Hendrix Parent Fund, which provided $10,000 for 10 new $1,000 gifts. Through these generous challenges, the sponsors and the donors provided an impact of $80,000 to the Hendrix Annual Fund and the Hendrix Parent Fund for this fiscal year!

Thank you for supporting opportunities for our students to find their passions and become leaders who change the world.

Lomax-Hoffman Challenge
Mr. Matt Barker/Mrs. Patty Barker
Mr. David Brown II and Mrs. Nancy Brown
Mr. Ted Groat and Mrs. Deborah Groat
Mr. Curtis D. Howells and Mrs. Dianna K. Howells
Mr. Kevin D. Kemmerly and Dr. Shaun Kemmerly
Mr. David L. Kleinfelter and Mrs. Janet M. Kleinfelter
Ms. Margaret Land
Mr. William B. Lovvorn III and Mrs. Pamela K. Lovvorn
Mr. Robert J. Meek and Mrs. Patricia S. Meek
Dr. John W. Moon and Ms. Karen M. Szelinski
Dr. Doug Perschke and Ms. Paula Perschke
Mr. Thomas Radack and Mrs. Marissa Radack
Mr. DeWitt R. Rogers and Mrs. Claire Rogers
Mr. Lou Taylor and Dr. Janet F. Curry '77  

Worsham Leadership Giving Challenge
Dr. Sam R. Adkisson '47 and Mrs. Mary A. Adkisson
Mr. Gregory E. Alperin '98
Mr. Roberts A. Anderson '82 and Mrs. Karen S. Anderson '84
Dr. Robert F. Baker and Mrs. Mary M. Baker '62
Mr. Luke B. Duffield '91 and Mrs. Stephanie Duffield
Rev. Thomas M. English '56 and Mrs. Lillian English
Mr. David C. Garrett, Jr. and Mrs. Mary Lu Garrett
Ms. Laura G. Greer '91
Dr. Ben H. Harmon '82 and Mrs. Juli M. Harmon
Dr. and Mrs. R. Hal Hughes '87
Mr. Paul P. Jacquemet and Ms. Susan J. Weersing
The Honorable G. Larry Jegley '74 and Mrs. Angela S. Jegley '75
Mr. Jeff Johnson '88 and Mrs. Katherine Johnson '89
Dr. Ben F. Jordan '49 and Mrs. Marie T. Jordan
Mr. William S. Kennedy '57
Mr. Kevin J. Kiley and Mrs. Martha Ware Kiley
Mr. Benny M. Koontz '72
Dr. Garrett McAinsh and Mrs. Judy McAinsh
Rev. Mark McDonald and Mrs. Kelley McDonald
Richard G. Moreshedi, M.D. '04 and Mrs. Anna Parker Moreshedi '05
Mr. Michael A. Niggel '81 and Col. Toni A. Niggel
Mr. Timothy S. Pickering '91 and Mrs. Bethany Pickering
Mr. Jerry Pruden '75 and Mrs. Twyla Pruden
Mr. James F. Ritter and Ms. Andrea R. Calem
Mr. Richard O. Roever, Jr. and Mrs. Gay L. Roever
Dr. Stephen G. Routon '04 and Dr. Julie A. Routon '04
Mr. James Sawyer and Mrs. Laura Sawyer
Mr. Tucker Steinmetz '63
Prof. Timothy R. Tarvin '72
Mr. Hank Voegtle and Mrs. Mary Voegtle '72
Rev. Carol A. Walker '69
Dr. Linda Wells '62
Dr. Elaine Whitaker '62