The Odyssey Program

Graduating with Distinction in Odyssey

Completing experiences in all six Odyssey categories is a remarkable achievement. Hendrix honors graduates who have accomplished this feat by considering them for Graduating with Distinction in Odyssey.  

On March 18, the Odyssey Office will determine which students meet the requirements for consideration. These seniors must already have completed all six categories at that time, or they may have five of the six categories completed. One experience-a course, project or activity-may be underway with an expected completion at the end of the semester.   

NOTE: Only students with 5 or more completed Odyssey credits on March 18 will be invited to apply for Graduation with Distinction in Odyssey. 

Qualifying seniors will be sent a link to an online application form for Graduation with Distinction in Odyssey. These applications are due by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 30. The Odyssey Director will review all applications and determine which applicants will receive the distinction designation. 

As part of the application process, the Odyssey Office will review students’ Project Completion Forms and other written materials related to completed projects. The Odyssey Office will determine the degree to which the candidates for Graduation with Distinction in Odyssey have fulfilled the learning goals of the Odyssey program. Once the decisions have been made, the names of the students will be sent to the Provost’s Office by its annual deadline for inclusion in Honors Day materials.