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Hendrix Club Scene: Culinary Club


I'm a senior from Denver, Colorado, and I currently am a co-president of the Hendrix Culinary Club.

My love of food started with my family. It was always a tradition for us to cook together, especially for big holidays. I knew that that was something I was going to miss when I came to college, so i was really looking forward to getting to try out my skills that I learned at home here.


I'm a general member of Culinary Club and next semester I will be the head of catering for Culinary Club, and basically all that entails is I will be in charge of creating menus for events that we cater. I will be in charge of doing the prep work and getting the food together and serving it at the events.

When I was a senior in high school and deciding what i wanted to do for college or with the rest of my life in general, one of the things that appealed to me was cooking school. Culinary Club offered me a great opportunity to still be able to cook in college and to also even be involved in catering in college. So I kind of got the best of both worlds and got to look at both aspects of cooking and just being in college.


The culinary club initially was designed for students to be able to cook when they came to college since most of the dorms aren't stocked. So the primary purpose is to feed people. We meet twice a month on Saturday nights when the cafeteria does not provide any food for students. We do a full five-dish meal. We all get together and cook in teams. We learn new skills. We try to mix up the ethnicities and just provide a home kitchen away from home.

The second purpose, that is pretty recent in the last couple of years, is to provide catering for other on-campus organizations. So we get hired by people like SOCO or the Multicultural and Diversity Committee to provide food for their events tailored to their specifications. That way we get experience cooking on a professional level, and interacting with other students on campus.


My favorite event that Culinary Club does or is involved with would have to be Toga. We make really great food, we make gyros we make tzatziki sauce and hummus and all the food's really good. It's the last party of the year so it's kind of like Culinary Clubs last little "hoorah" before the end of the year, so that would probably be my favorite.


We do a formal winter harvest meal for the admissions committee every year, for the Hayes Scholarship Dinner. Right now, I'm cooking ethnic food for the MBC block party including Indian food, some Mexican cookies and Thai noodles. So it's a whole mixture that we get to do.


My favorite part about Culinary Club would have to be the catering. Catering is a little more fast-paced and there's a bit of a time crunch. There's a little bit of pressure but it's a good amount of pressure. I love seeing how people react when you make the food for them. We usually get pretty good reviews, so It's nice to hear that your food's good and that people enjoy it. Catering would have to be the best part just because it's a little more fast-paced.


Last year we put on the Apartment Council crawfish boil. I had 180 pounds of live crawfish in my car, which was a definite new experience for me, but we pulled it off. We also cater for the Mardi Gras party and make our own king cake. We try to be as authentic as possible, and also get lots of judgment from the New Orleans homegrown people.