Music Department

Pep Band

Hendrix College Pep Band

Dr. Gretchen Renshaw James, director
Dr. Kae Reed, drum line instructor
Dr. Stephen James, assistant

The Pep Band is open to students of all majors at Hendrix College. Its primary function is to support the Warrior Football Team by performing at home games. Meeting only during the Fall semester, rehearsals are on Fridays from 4:15-5:45 p.m., with additional rehearsals scheduled as needed. The Pep Band's repertoire includes a variety of classic and modern pop music along with the Hendrix Alma Mater and Fight Song.

For more information about the Pep Band, contact the director, Dr. Gretchen Renshaw James.

Check out the Hendrix College Pep Band on Facebook.

See below for audition information, including scheduling and excerpts to prepare.

Upcoming Events


Monday-Tuesday, August 26-27
Pep Band Auditions, by appointment
See below for further details about auditions.
Trieschmann, Music Studio 3

Tuesday, August 27, 4:15-5:45 p.m.
Opening meeting and first rehearsal
Staples Auditorium

Friday, August 30, 4:15-5:45 p.m.
Regular Friday Rehearsal
Staples Auditorium

Saturday, September 7, 6:00 p.m.
Home football game vs. Lyon
Young-Wise Memorial Stadium

Saturday, October 5, 6:00 p.m.
Home football game vs. Rhodes
Young-Wise Memorial Stadium

Saturday, October 19, 1:00 p.m.
Home football game vs. Centre
Young-Wise Memorial Stadium

Saturday, November 2, 1:00 p.m.
Home football game vs. Trinity
Young-Wise Memorial Stadium

Saturday, November 16, 1:00 p.m.
Home football game vs. Sewanee
Young-Wise Memorial Stadium


During the first week of classes in each Fall semester, auditions will be held for new members, returning members interested in a scholarship position, and all members of the drum line. Returning members who are wind players and who are not interested in a scholarship position do not need to perform an audition. The audition will be brief, and the repertoire will include excerpts selected from the music that is likely to be performed in that semester.

Special Note about the Drum Line
Based on the instruments owned by the Hendrix College Pep Band, we can accept the following number of drum line members:

2 - snare drum
1 - tom sextet
4 - bass drum
1 - crash cymbals

Drum line members should audition on the instrument they would most like to play. When there are more people auditioning for a particular instrument than the numbers indicated above, the spots for that instrument will go to those with the best auditions, while the other auditionees will be asked to play a different drum line instrument.

Scheduling Your Audition
1. Fill out the Pep Band Info Form.
2. Choose your audition time on the Pep Band Auditions Doodle Poll.
3. If you'd like to audition for a scholarship, fill out the Scholarship Audition Form and see below for full details about scholarships.

Audition Materials for New Members and the Drum Line
Click here to access the audition materials. You will be taken to a Google Drive folder. Then, click on the folder for your instrument to find the audition materials you should prepare. See below for further details.

• Winds: Prepare the Hendrix Fight Song and Alma Mater.

• Drum Line: Prepare the Drum Cadence and the Hendrix Fight Song.
***The 2019 Drum Cadence will be available by August 12.***

Scholarship Audition Materials
The scholarship audition will consist of performing your part to the Hendrix College Fight Song from memory. You can find your Fight Song part in this Google Drive folder.


There will be up to five Pep Band Scholarships offered each season. Each scholarship is worth $350 and is tied to a named position within the ensemble. Each scholarship recipient will serve as a leader within the Pep Band and assist the director in the management of the ensemble. The positions and their basic duties are outlined below. Please note that there may be occasions when the director will assign additional duties and/or duties will overlap between positions. Also, the director may decide to leave a scholarship position vacant. Due to the leadership responsibilities tied to the scholarship positions, only students who have completed at least one season with the Pep Band are eligible to audition for scholarship positions.

Drum Major
• Assist with conducting the band, lead warm ups, assist with the Pep Band music library

Director's Assistant
• Manage the Pep Band music library, manage the uniforms

Woodwind Section Leader
• Recipient must play a woodwind instrument
• Oversee the woodwind section, lead warm ups

Brass Section Leader
• Recipient must play a brass instrument
• Oversee the brass section, lead warm ups, take care of the Hendrix Pep Band brass instruments

Drum Line Leader
• Recipient must play a drum line instrument
• Oversee the drum line, lead warm ups, take care of the Hendrix Pep Band drum line instruments

Scholarships will be awarded based on an audition and brief personal statement. A student interested in auditioning for a scholarship should schedule an audition (see above for Doodle Poll link), fill out the Scholarship Audition Form (see above for link), and prepare his/her part to the Hendrix College Fight Song from memory (see above, under "Auditions"). Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on a combination of their musical abilities and leadership skills.


For complete details on Pep Band policies, see our current handbook.