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The College provides Tuition Remission/Exchange as an educational benefit for employees and their dependents as recognition of its commitment to higher education. Benefits are provided at the discretion of the College and are subject to amendment or termination.

Initial Eligibility Criteria

For the purposes of the Tuition Remission/Exchange Program, initial eligibility is determined as follows: any active employee with a status of full-time or limited full-time, or an hourly employee who worked a minimum of 1,400 hours in the preceding year. (Part-time and temporary/seasonal employees are not eligible for tuition remission).

Remission Eligibility

Employees who meet the initial employee eligibility criteria above qualify for remission according to the following:

  • One course per semester for academic credit for eligible employees who have been employed for at least three months
  • Supervisor permission received and arrangements for a satisfactory alternate work schedule established to ensure a full eight-hour workday.
  • Office of Academic Affairs permission granted to ensure that class participation will not create a class space issue and that necessary prerequisites have been satisfied.
  • Registration process completed by employee.

Initial Dependent Eligibility Criteria

Employee's dependents are eligible for tuition remission according to the following schedule*:

  • For employees with under two years of service eligible dependents will receive a waiver of one-fourth of tuition.
  • For those with over two years but less than five years eligible dependents will receive a waiver of one-half of tuition.
  • After five years of service eligible dependents will receive a waiver of full tuition.

*Prior service credit awarded for employment at other institutions of higher education immediately prior to employment at Hendrix College. The applicability of equivalent professional experience will be determined by the President of the College on a case-by- case basis. Any prior service credit awarded can be used to satisfy the eligibility requirements.  

The appropriate waiver will be applied the semester immediately following the appropriate anniversary date. Example: A new employee is hired on May 2, 2007. On January 18, 2012, the employee’s son has met all of the admission requirements, and is approved for tuition waiver. For the first semester, one- half of the tuition would be waived. The full tuition will begin with the fall semester in August 2012.

Tuition Exchange

Hendrix College is a member of Tuition Exchange, Inc., an association of colleges and universities that subscribe to a program of reciprocal remission of tuition charges for children of the participating schools’ employees. Limited opportunities are available under this plan.  Tuition exchange policies and procedures are administered in the same manner as tuition remission at Hendrix College. However, the participating College administers acceptance and award amounts. (A student using Tuition Exchange is subject to the participating College’s entrance requirements and tuition remission policies.) Children of faculty members receive priority consideration for this program.

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Please see the employee handbook for the complete policy (starting on page 17).