History Department

History Degree Requirements

The following degree requirements are those reflected in the fall 2015 course catalog.


11 courses distributed as follows:

  • 2 courses in American history
  • 2 courses in European history
  • 3 courses in global history
  • 2 elective courses in history
  • HIST 300 Historiography
  • HIST 480 Senior Capstone Seminar

These 11 courses must include at least five 300- or 400-level courses. These will include HIST 300 Historiography and HIST 480 Senior Capstone Seminar. Students will choose three other 300- or 400-level courses.

History students are urged to acquire a strong background in foreign languages, especially if they intend to pursue graduate study. Specifically, the department recommends that such students take at least one course beyond what is stated in the college foreign language requirement. Many graduate programs require competency in two foreign languages in addition to English.

The department strongly recommends that students take HIST 300 Historiography during either their sophomore or junior year. In preparation for HIST 480 Senior Capstone Seminar, students interested in doing significant primary source research and producing a substantial paper are encouraged to take HIST 450 Advanced Research and Writing.

Senior Capstone Experience

For the capstone experience, history majors take HIST 480 Senior Capstone Seminar, which focuses on developing editing and public presentation skills and culminates in the presentation of their work at the department’s Senior Capstone Conference and the submission of a revised capstone paper. The grade for the senior capstone experience is based on the grades for the final draft of the capstone paper and for the Senior Capstone Conference presentation.


6 courses distributed as follows:

  • 1 course in American history
  • 1 course in European history
  • 2 courses selected from global history
  • 2 elective courses in history