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Assignments: Maximizing instructions field


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When creating a new Assignment, the Instructions field has a limit of 10,000 characters.  Frequently, you will copy/paste instructions into this field from a prepared document. Sometimes you will get a notice that you have exceeded the 10,000 character limit, when the content you've pasted is clearly less than 10,000 characters. If your original document has a lot of formatting, the Instructions field reads the formatting elements as additional characters which forces you over the limit.  While attaching your source document to the assignment partially addresses this issue, you can also paste the source content into a Notepad to clean up the formatting issues, then copy/paste from the Notepad into the Instructions field.  Making this formatting adjustment will only matter the first time you create a particular Assignment, since going forward you will be able to use your existing Assignments in any future courses.

1. Open the original source document with prepared Assignment instructions.

2. Attach document (recommended) and also copy/paste all into Instructions field to see if it exceeds 10,000 character limit.

3. If you are not used to using Notepad, you can Search your device for it or a similar Text Only type Application.

4. Paste your original content into the text-only application, such as Notepad.

5. Edit out excess spacing and select all to copy from Notepad.

6. Paste text-only content back into Assignment Instructions field.  Fix any hyperlinks and add back basic formatting as desired.  All content from original document now fits in the Assignment Instructions field.

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