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If You Want to Do More

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Now that you know what devices you have there are a number of other options depending on your need and comfort level. Very briefly lets review joining the hybrid class. 

Using a second monitor can allow you to keep seeing the online students and chat in your view while sharing your presentation. There should be a second monitor as well as an HDMI cable plugged into the dongle located on the podium or teaching table.

 Using Display setting which can be accessed using the search function you can adjust the layout of your monitors. Configuration is completely up to what works best for you as long as your mouse can move easily between the two monitors 

Why would I want to mess with that? Well, because if you don’t you may be forced to bend your brain in order to move between the monitors. Moving the numbered boxes to represent the actual physical locations of your monitors will change your life. Seriously, one of the first things I learned when I started working from my dining room table was this fact and my life was forever changed for the better. 

Using additional cameras can help you ensure your remote students are seeing all the classroom information, more importantly they can read the classroom information.  The webcams which will be found in each teaching space will allow you to focus on writing on boards. You will connect this camera to your laptop, it will not be integrated into the classroom computer. 

You can use your laptop camera to view on section of the board, then switch to your aux camera as it is setup to capture the rest of the board. That way as you move across in your lecture, your remote students can follow along. You can cycle through the attached cameras by using the small camera image in your thumbnail.  This will cycle through ALL cameras so if your laptop has a back facing camera it will be included in the cycle. 

You’ve got control of where the cameras point. If you are using spotlight or a student has you pinned, it can impact what they are seeing. 

You may want to use other equipment. If you’ve purchased a microphone or headset that you prefer you are free to use them. Additional equipment will not be provided because these are personal use items and cannot be shared among the staff.

If you are going to use them be sure and remember to mute first, trust me when I tell you sudden feedback in your headphones can cause blinding brain pain and may frighten you.

Utilize the students whenever possible, they can push buttons just as well anyone I’ve ever met. 

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