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This article will cover the pieces and parts included in a hybrid classroom, we will cover Podium vs Teaching Table, extra monitor, extra webcam, projector and the Meeting Owl.

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Podium Vs Teaching Table

Classrooms feature either a podium or teaching table. These basically before the same tasks. Holding computers, notes and warnings about turning off the projector (don’t’ forget to turn off the projector) Do you part in keeping these surfaces clear, keeping everything clean and safe will be easier and accessibility of equipment will remain simple. 

Here we see a room with a teaching table, and another room with a podium.  You may notice in both images there is also the option of a tabletop podium. Many classrooms (though not all) have this removable podium 

These are a couple of options for table top arrangement. We see the classroom computer on the table in addition to the second monitor which we’ll cover in a moment. If available, you can also add the tabletop podium to hold your laptop or notes.

An extra monitor will be added to each room and you can easily use the HDMI cable to attach it to your laptop. Another addition will be the additional webcam. These cameras are axillary and you don't have to use them if you don't want to. They help cover the board if you are doing a lot of writing. Remember to switch between your available cameras you need to use the small camera with arrows on that you can find on your image at the bottom of the screen during the meeting. The camera is mounted on a flexible stand and attatched to a piece of furniture in the room. Repositioning this camera will take some muscle so don't be afraid to to give it a little juice. 

Projectors are the same as they've always been. You'll follow the same process as you have in the past except what you see on the projector screen is what is showing on the podium monitor. If you are sharing a presentation it will show on this screen and if you are not it will show the faces of your remote students. If your podium monitor is blank, be sure it has not been powered off by a previous user. 

And finally, the Meeting Owl. They should be powered on and ready to go, if they are not you may need to unplug and replug them. When they power on they will hoot and their eyes will flash. They are not haunted. 

The owls have a 360 degree camera and a microphone that listens everywhere, they also include speakers. The Owls will be bolted to their stools to help prevent accidental falls. 

The owls are set up in such a way as to be flexible for you and your teaching space, the cables are underneath a reusable Velcro strip so if you need to reposition the owl it's simple and safe. 

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